Colouring hands and legs with henna paste or applying Mehandi is famous in India, Pakistan, and many Arabian and Asian countries. It is a part of our culture and tradition too. Ladies adorn themselves with artistic mehndi designs for occasions like marriage, parties or even wear them to the office. Different types of mehndi are available these days like red henna, black henna, Mehandi with stones, embellishments etc.

Artist: Drashti Velani

Various colour hues are also used to decorate the Mehandi designs or keep them traditional. Hands look amazing with mehndi designs, a fast-catching trend in foreign countries that are too popularized as temporary tattoo designs.

Traditional Designer Mehndi Designs:

We will look into the top 15 designer mehndi designs for hands with pictures.

1. Bridal Designer Mehandi:

Artist: Mehndibyhayat

Must for an Indian wedding, is designing full hands and legs with stunning designer mehndi designs and patterns. There is a separate Mehandi ceremony as part of the wedding tradition. This bridal mehndi has the creation of a bride and the groom on the palms and intricate designs all over the hands. This is a purely traditional design for an Indian bride in North India. With the lovely red or maroon bangles to match the dark colour of henna, the bride is perfect in all aspects.

2. Geometric Designer Mehndi:

Geometrical designs have specific symmetry and crisp patterns that are eye-catching and beautiful. This geometric designer Mehandi has triangular and diamond patterns on the palms filling it fully. The designs have triangles and inverted triangles with linear patterns completing the geometric design. They are patterned so beautifully that this geometric designer Mehandi is very much in fashion as it also goes with western wear.

3. Traditional Floral Mehndi Design:

Artist: Akshi Gada

The most striking design is the traditional small flowers mehndi design. The way that highlights the design is the spacing out in this design. The pattern on the backhand has an intricate design. The exact beauty of this design lies with the main motif in the centre. The wrist has a bajuband way like a bangle. Further, the fingers are also fully designed with leaves.

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4. Intricate Designer Mehendi:

Artist: Akshi Gada

These full-hand intricate detailed designer Mehendi are very much high in designer elements. The design is made keeping the minutest details, and the design and the work speak for themselves. The design can have floral and leaf motifs with beautiful extensions that complete the mehndi design. This is perfect for any bride because of the Mehandi’s intricate, extensive designs.

5. Arabic Style Designer Mehndi Designs:

Artist: Drashti Velani

Stunning is the word for these beautiful Arabic designers, Mehandi designs. One can be just struck at the beautiful art form this has. Arabic mehendi designs have become so popular that they are preferred for their varied designs and motifs. The various floral, peacock and vine motifs with extensive dots, lines and patterns complete this fabulous mehndi design.

6. Traditional Motifs Designs:

Artist: Prachi Doshi

As the title suggests, the design has a traditional look. The design, pattern and Swastik used. The intricate details are measured and made for the same uniform finish and symmetry. This is such a beautiful and patient work of art.

7. Rajasthani Designer Mehandi:

Artist: Akshi Gada

This design is trendy among brides. It is very intricate and time-consuming. But the result is worth all the time and effort as the Mehandi is mesmerizingly beautiful. This designer mehndi design can be what a bride wants to look like a perfect damsel on her special day.

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8. Peacock Motif Designer Mehndi:

Peacock is the most beautiful and graceful bird and has been inspiring Mehandi artists all over the world. It is the most loved motif, too, as the design gets highlighted beautifully on the palm. Peacock has been inspiring mehndi and tattoo artists all over the world. The design is finished with intricate designs to complete the central motif. This is one stunning exquisite design.

9. Bangle Style Designer Mehndi Designs:

The central circular design with intricate designs on the wrist in the bangle style is the highlight of this design. This is one designer mehndi that can be flaunted irrespective of the occasion. The bangle style is unique and very exquisite too. The additional design on the wrists and fingers makes it look modern yet hints at ethnicity. This style has gained a lot of popularity in recent times.

10. Rich Floral Designer Mehendi:

Source: Juvy Mehndi

This is one beautiful rich mehndi design and purely designer look and feel. Stunning, rich and heavy worked intricate floral and leaf motifs all over the hands done so that it doesn’t look messy but amazingly beautiful. The patterns are made to have a mix of thin and thick lines and patterns. This one is also perfect for a bride as for other festive occasions. One can never be wrong with floral mehndi patterns done with so much patience and intricacy.

11. Beautiful Designer Mehndi Design:

Artist: Ushma Panchal

This is one beautiful Mehandi design depicting the much-loved pattern. The stunning floral is just a motif but is all over the hands and palms. This is not a usual theme for Mehandi but very unique in itself.

12. Heart-Shaped Designer Mehandi:

Who doesn’t love a heart as a Mehandi design? Heart-shaped mehndi designs look lovely on hands, with the two half hearts drawn on each hand, completing the heart in perfect symmetry. This doesn’t look stuffed and looks very neat. This particular design has multiple hearts, heart in heart designs, but has ideal balance across the hand, making this design a super hit among women.

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13. Differently Beautiful Designer Mehndi:

Mirror reflection mehndi designs are trendy, but mehndi designs that are entirely different on both hands look gorgeous. This is the one designer Mehandi for women who want to experiment with designs and who love Mehandi. One hand has been designed up to mid-arm in this particular design, while the other has only been designed for the wrist. Beautifully designed in both hands with great designer effects, these look great. This looks wonderful and has a charm of its own.

14. Name Designer Mehendi:

Artist: Akshi Gada

Lovely patterns entwined in a single path imprinted on the front of the hands with lovely intricate designs on the fingers look beautiful. These entwined single path designer mehndi look attractive and suitable for any occasion. This can be purely abstract design or can be Arabic-themed designer design.

15. Baby Shower Mehndi Designs:

Artist: Priyanka

This is a different version of the mehndi design. This can be done on hand. This is a beautiful baby and mother pattern. This is not so much mainstream but has a different designer outlook to the modern-day mehndi designs.


The mehndi designs are specific to the extent that there are different features: bridal, festive, religious, traditional, modern, classy, contemporary, etc. The motifs and designs can run to any length of imagination, and one can go to any extent with the size of the design in one’s arms and legs. Keeping it traditional yet modern makes these designer mehndi designs stand out.


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