Mehndi designs are available in various designs, including mango designs, leaf designs, peacock designs, etc. However, all Tikki mehndi design is considered the origin of the mehndi designs. No doubt the design is quite traditional, but the girls and ladies still like it as they give simple yet elegant designs to carry.

Stylish and Beautiful Gol Tikka Mehndi Designs with Pictures:

Here is an adorable tikka mehndi design collection that may capture your heart at a single sight.

1. Back Floral Mehndi:

One of the popular gol tikka mehndi designs is the one that forms the pattern of a flower. The design is made by combining various dots of different sizes. The fingertips are also given a similar look. This kind of mehndi is preferred by those young girls who love to make a design in a simple way but catchy look.

2. Tikka in Arabic Style Mehndi:

Gol tikki mehndi designs give a wonderful pattern when made with the touch of Arabic designs. The mehndi is similar to the wrapping creeper plant in different shapes and forming habits.

3. Mehndi Payal Design for Legs:

Want to have a payal charm design on your legs! Mehndi tikki designs would surely give you the best one. The mehndi contains the charm of a big flower in the centre with a jingle designed around the feet.

4. Eye Shape Mehndi Design:

A unique mehndi design tikki pattern made with the help of several dark tikkas is given an eye shape to make it lovelier. The design is made with various patterns combined to form a floral-like design.

5. Rajasthani Bridal Mehndi:

Rajasthani mehndi tikka designs are quite trendy among the brides as they give tiny and hand full designs. Made with thin cones and linings, the hands, palms, and fingers are filled with similar designs to give a glamorous look. It helps to attract attention while on wedding ceremony.

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6. Engagement Mehndi Design:

A design that can be used in the engagement ceremonies is made using mehndi tikka, giving shapes like a round flower, peacock and a bracelet. The mehndi gives an elementary design with similar fingertips. This design is a classic pattern which gives a finishing look with proper structure.

7. Traditional Mehndi Design:

Want to give a traditional look to your hands! Here is a pattern made with a combination of flowers and stripes making a net design. The design provides a shaded colour effect to the hands. This one is a little dark and thick in design, which is preferred for traditional functions.

8. Black with Red Colored Mehndi Design:

Black and red give glorious mehndi tikka designs 2020. The mehndi is applied using two colors: black to make borders, red to fill minute designs and dark areas. These kinds of designs are in upcoming trends these days.

9. Mehndi Jewelry Design:

Girls are now using tikka mehndi designs to make jewellery designs on their hands. A similar design is made on the back side of the hand, with a circular flower as a bracelet and various dotted flower rings connected to it.

Popular mehndi tikka designs carried out these days are bracelet-style tikka designs, round Arabic black mehndi, floral designs, criss-cross designs, leafy tikka style designs, and circular eid tikka designs, and many more. While making such designs for brides, glitters are added to the design to make it more delightful.


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