Mehendi has come up as one of the traditional as well as trendy elements which are being followed in this fashion era. Well, undoubtedly, the trend and the craze of wearing Mehendi is increasing day by day. You can consider it as a form of art which is being displayed at the various body parts. It helps not only to enhance the charm and beauty of the body but also invoke the festive mood. Many people have come forward to show their creative and innovative art. There are several published booklets of various Mehndi designs for girls. You may also find soft copies of the designs by paying a nominal amount of subscription.

Mehndi is the traditional art of henna painting in India and the Middle East. It is also written as Mehandi, mehendi, mehndi, henna, al-henna, and a myriad other names and spellings. In Indian mehendi, a person applies designs traditionally to a woman’s hands and feet, particularly for auspicious occasions. In recent times, United States henna artists have come to denote the art with the term “Henna Body Art.” All of these words describe the same timeless art form, body painting for festive occasions.

Latest and Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Girls with Photos:

This article will help you to guide through the latest mehndi designs for girls in present day’s trend. It helps you to go through several mehndi designs for women suiting across various occasions.

1. Floral Mehndi Designs for Girl:

This is one of the most gorgeous yet simple mehndi designs for girls which will mesmerise everyone’s heart. It has a half floral and lines pattern starting from the index finger and extended until the wrist. While the snowflake designs are aridly placed on the empty space of the palm, fingers have a net pattern design. This is a girlish mehndi design well-liked by most of the young girls and women across for all occasions.

  • Design Specification: It is one of the latest inclusions made in the Mehendi designs for the girls. The net pattern designs created on the fingers are clear enough, which enhances the beauty of the hand.
  • Suitable for: Best suited as elegant design for almost every occasion.
  • Design Placements: Palm looks great for placement of this design
  • Ornaments/Outfits: You can wear a wristwatch, a simple bracelet or some bangles; it will help you to enhance the overall beauty of the Mehendi design.

2. Back Hand Girls Mehndi Design:

This is a simple yet pretty mehendi design which depicts a peacock feather. The long feather has been decorated with floral and leaf pattern which starts from the index finger and extended until the wrist. All the other fingers have a simple dotted pattern to make it look similar, and this is one of the easy shaded mehndi designs for festivals.

  • Design Specification: The peacock art is done in the midsection, and no doubt looks fantastic. Even the dotted ones made on the edges of the fingers seem quite trendy.
  • Suitable for: This is the best mehndi design for girls during wedding functions or any festive occasion.
  • Design Placements: Back portion of the hand looks great for this design due to the elegance it carries
  • Ornaments/Outfits: You should wear some gorgeous finger rings on the bare fingers where no designs are being done. It will enhance the look further.

3. The Aztec Wonder Mehendi Design for Girl:

The mehndi pattern doesn’t matter, as long as it embraces the hand gracefully. The fingers form a perfect triangle Aztec which continues as a borderline to the front, and posterior of the intricate flawless midsection, the small floral pattern in the centre and a hanging pine tree leaf on the design is just appealing.

  • Design Specification: The entire Mehendi design is a concept of geometric shapes. You can consider it to be a perfect use of the forms, which will help you to gather good reviews.
  • Suitable for: College or social functions can suit best for this beautiful mehndi design for girls.
  • Design Placements: Full hand looks perfect placement due to the intricate design involved here.
  • Ornaments/Outfits: It will go with you wearing any casual dress. At the same time, you do not have to be specific regarding your accessories. A simple bracelet or ring would also increase the look here.

4. Latest Mehndi Designs for Girls:

This is one of the unique henna arts which will be good for the engagement ceremony. This mehndi design for women has a big heart-shaped on the palm and is decorated inside with floral pattern; the comic presentation includes a key and clock entangled within a heart with clock mechanisms in between the fingers are given with a beaded chain design.

  • Design Specification: This design has got a heart, lock with a key in it. Specifically designed for the engagement party, you can say the key marks the entry to unlock the particular person’s heart.
  • Suitable for: Engagement ceremony or as Roka ceremony looks great for this design.
  • Design Placements: Full hand needs to be spaced out for this design
  • Ornaments/Outfits: You need to be well dressed for your special day. You need to look gorgeous, but at the same time, the comfort level is to be maintained. A large bracelet can add a great look for this design.

5. Pakistani Mehndi Designs for Marriage for Girls:

Indian weddings at its best will often see the bride adorned with Mehandi in their hands flaunting their designs. It has a combination of red and black colour mehendi with floral and paisleys pattern, and the petals have given a red colour shading inside to highlight the design. The extension from the palms to the forehand is quite contrasting.

  • Design Specification: This is one of the gorgeous colourful Mehendi which has got both the floral and paisley pattern in it. The entire design is properly decorated with colour and glitters.
  • Suitable for: Bridal wedding look is best for this henna design.
  • Design Placements: Full hand, backhand can suit best for this design.
  • Ornaments/Outfits: This design is sufficient, and you do not have to worry much about the accessories.

6. Arm Mehendi Design for Girls:

This is a sporadic pattern with stars from the shoulder and extended until the elbow. This design includes floral and paisleys pattern highlighting with dots, white colour stones have been placed in the centre of the flowers, which is just flawless. This design will be suitable for sleeveless kurtas or tops.

  • Design Specification: It is a form of a tattoo. You can consider it to be a trendy floral and paisley blend. Even the design is designed correctly with some stones and glitters at the appropriate places.
  • Suitable for: This can be used either for a casual look or simple family or wedding functions where you can enhance your body with this design art.
  • Design Placements: Arm is the best place for this design.
  • Ornaments/Outfits: You need to wear a sleeveless dress, kurta or top when you have this design done so that the Mehendi could be seen appropriately. An armlet can also be placed to enhance the look.

7. Golden Glitter Girl Mehandi Designs:

If anyone has a light golden colour skin complexion, then feel free to flaunt this style of mehendi art, which incorporates the soft golden beads into pretty floral patterns that swish and sweep their way up to the top in a diagonal trend. Anyone can change the colour combination based on the outfits that match.

  • Design Specification: This design can be considered as the sexiest one; it will give a magnificent look. The golden glitter undoubtedly has got its uniqueness.
  • Suitable for: This can be best suited for wedding functions
  • Design Placements: Feet is the best place for this mehndi design.
  • Ornaments/Outfits: If it is your wedding day, then you should wear Lehenga. Otherwise, if you are on holiday time, you should wear short dresses or pants.

8. Peacock Mehendi Design for Girls:

This palm Mehandi design with a peacock as its centre of attraction is best suited for girls. It is accompanied by a floral, and leaf pattern gives a very patriotic vibe. It starts from the index finger and extends until the palm, and other fingers are given a simpler dotted design just to make it look elegant.

  • Design Specification: This Mehendi design is quite preferable for young girls. It has got a simple and good outlook. It is not even a time-consuming design. The small dotted design made near the finger regions has got its elegance.
  • Suitable for: Suits almost every occasion or purpose.
  • Design Placements: Palm is the best placement for this simple design of mehndi for girls.
  • Ornaments/Outfits: You should wear some pretty accessories around your hands to increase the stylish look.

9. Body Art Mehndi for Girls:

For all those who think mehendi is only limited to the hands and legs, this is a body art form made with Mehandi that starts with a subtle, beautiful peacock in the back with the feathers depicting a floral and leaf pattern. Intricate peacock patterns require skilled hands and are not for beginners, but with little practice, it can be done.

  • Design Specification: This Mehendi design requires patience and skill to have it skillfully done. Only an expert can make this design is a beautiful manner. You do not have to read or say much about this design, and the picture makes its grand look artistic.
  • Suitable for: This beautiful girl mehndi design as body art is suitable for a wedding or anniversary party.
  • Design Placements: Full hand, both for the back and the front portion, Back neck region suits best for this mehndi design as a form of body art.
  • Ornaments/Outfits: You need to wear it with a backless dress so that the entire peacock is clearly visible.

10. Incredible Eid Mehandi for Girls:

Women with glowing skin can simply apply this design by leaving space in between the design. Simple yet parted curves on the hands filling with dark coloured leaves and pointing edges out, small flowery shapes peep from the leaves look adorable and fingers are covered with tiny roses and leaf patterns.

  • Design Specification: The design is specially designed for people who prefer to have clear art done. Undoubtedly, it is a praiseworthy one. Especially, the finger art made is adorable in the real sense.
  • Suitable for: This new girl mehndi design is best for family gatherings, parties or any special occasion.
  • Design Placements: Back portion of the hand suits best here
  • Ornaments/Outfits: This design has got no specific requirement and goes well with almost everything. However, ethnic dresses are preferred for this design.

11. Dark Mehndi Design for Girls:

Another most attractive and latest mehndi designs for girls that adorn the hands and feet this season is for bold shapes that bring out a contrast effect to the skin and mehendi. A thick border with excellent patterns patching the shapes makes it resemble like a jewellery piece. Bold full Mehandi coloured veils are curving and covering the backhand.

  • Design Specification: This Mehendi design comes in a set; both for the hand and the legs. The bold designs are appealing as well as look quite trendy.
  • Suitable for: Wedding functions suits best for this girlish mehndi design/
  • Design Placements: Full hand both for the back and the front portion, legs are best-suited here
  • Ornaments/Outfits: The design itself looks like a jewellery piece covering almost the full hand and leg portion, and so you do not have to think much about the accessories.

12. Beautiful Rose Henna Designs for Girl:

Floral designs are mostly apt mehndi designs among women. When roses glow on the hands, it brings a strong intricacy to the henna art. The roses are shaded with smooth Mehendi strokes stacked with dark filled leaves, and spiral branches combine to make exquisite mehndi designs for girls and the rose is always a favourite flower for everyone.

  • Design Specification: This design is a total floral concept. You will love it when the Mehendi is removed, as the red colour will create an illusion of a real flower.
  • Suitable for: This beautiful mehndi design for girls is best for an engagement or marriage party.
  • Design Placements: This mehndi design can cover the portion of the hand from the wrist until the elbows.
  • Ornaments/Outfits: You should wear a thin bracelet as the design is it self elegant and grabs attention.

13. Sexy Back Mehndi Design for Girl:

A sexy back mehndi design for girls not only adds beauty on the hands and legs but also decorates the open back for girls. Women with bold attire can design their back with mehendi art beaded dots bordered on the floral and leaf designs etch out the pattern on the back. A deep back neck dress can be worn with this design to make it look stunning.

  • Design Specification: This decorative art is mainly for the neck portion. It no doubt gives a sexy look as well as sports a bold appearance. Anyone who makes use of this design will look stunning.
  • Suitable for: This mehndi design can suit all parties.
  • Design placements: Back portion beneath the neck will be great for this design.
  • Ornaments/Outfits: You should wear a backless or a low back dress so that the design is visible.

14. Stunning Shaded Mehndi Design:

Shaded mehendi designs are some of the latest eye captivating patterns loved by girls to adorn their hands and legs. Shading given to leaf and paisleys is just naturally made leaving behind an impression of real nature prints, some designs veils covering the main part of the hands and legs are the abstract leaves filled with mehendi.

  • Design Specification: This design is a quite bold and straightforward one. It gives an eye-catching look. This design is quite commonly preferred by those people who have a love for nature.
  • Suitable for: This mehndi suits best for the kitty parties or any festive occasions.
  • Design Placements: Leg is the best placement for this design.
  • Ornaments/Outfits: You should wear footwear made of transparent material so that the design does not get hidden.

15. Jewellery Easy Mehndi Design for Girl:

Elegant outstanding veils make captivating mehndi designs on hands. Simple looking, though fantastic designs of wavy lines followed with circles making a floral veil on the back of the hand and wrist. Simple curves and dots can fill the mehndi design. Most probably such mehndi designs cover less part of the wrist and middle three fingers.

  • Design Specification: This Mehendi appears as if you are wearing jewellery on your hand. It completely looks like a bracelet which you have worn led from a finger to the wrist portion.
  • Suitable for: Any festive occasion will be suitable here, and this can also be used as a mehndi design for a small girl.
  • Design Placements: Back portion of the hand is the best placement for this design.
  • Ornaments/Outfits: It even goes well even with casual attire.

16. Floral Chain Bracelet Mehendi Design:

The chain structure Mehendi art is considered to be one of the trendiest designs which are being opted for by girls and women. The floral impressions look awesome, which spreads all around the fingers and the specific portions of the hand. It is one of the most sought after designs in the latest mehndi designs for girls due to the intricate lines and designs within it.

  • Design Specification: This Mehendi design has been considered to be quite an attractive one. Even the entire display is quite impressive, and if you have done this art even once, you would wish to get it done every time.
  • Suitable for: This suits best for the engagement ceremony.
  • Design Placements: Back portion of the hand is a suitable place for this design.
  • Ornaments/Outfits: You should wear one or two-finger ring, as it can complement the Mehendi design.

17. Dotted Peacock Mehendi Design:

The peacocks are shown facing opposite directions. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent design. However, both thick and thin lines need to be done correctly so that proper visual effects can be seen. This is also preferred as mehndi design for the small girl as it is simple yet cute and enhances the look of the hand.

  • Design Specification: This Mehendi design is mainly for young girls. It has both the funky design with the traditional art in it. Even the designs made at the fingers are unique and creative.
  • Suitable for: This design is suited and best for all occasions.
  • Design Placements: Palm is the right place for this mehndi design.
  • Ornaments/Outfits: It will look good with ethnic wear or party dress.

18. Simple Feet Mehendi Design for Girl:

A flower with two peacocks at both the edges, this Mehendi has got simplicity in it without any compromise in the outlook. The cones need to cut sharply here so that the design does not become clumsy entirely. However, fair skin toned people can prefer this over others due to the nature of the design. This is one of the simple designs of mehndi for girls.

  • Design Specification: You will find this design in almost every girl’s selection list. It is simple and can be quickly made. Hence, you do not have to give much of your time to get this art done.
  • Suitable for: This is best for all the family functions or any festive occasions.
  • Design Placements: Feet is the right place for this design.
  • Ornaments/Outfits: You should wear an anklet, it will make the design look trendy and stylish.

19. Mehendi Neck Tattoo Design for Girl:

A simple floral Mehendi design tattoo has been in trend in this era. You will find most of the girls wearing this girlish Mehendi design look trendier and better than the rest. You can even have this drawn both on your arms or feet. This will enhance your back and make it stand out from the crowd while wearing deep neck blouses with sarees or dresses.

  • Design Specification: It gives a fresh appearance when it is done. It is quite preferably opted for by almost all girls.
  • Suitable for: Any party with friends is a well-suited occasion for this design.
  • Design Placements: This design should only be placed in the back
  • Ornaments/Outfits: Wear a golden chain around your neck with casual wear. A dress displaying this design should be worn, else; the beauty of this art will be hidden.

20. Blooming Rose Mehendi Design for Girl:

Adorable among an entire lot of designs being made available for girls mehndi. The rose flower looks quite impressive. The finger portions are left bare so that the palm receives the maximum attention. However, you should keep two separate cones for the work, if you wish to get the design nicely done.

  • Design Specification: This design can be considered as the best mixture of creativity and uniqueness. The Mehendi work, when brilliantly done, will make you feel the real beauty.
  • Suitable for: Festive occasions are best suited for this grand mehndi design
  • Design Placements: Palm is well-suited due to the intricate details in this mehndi design
  • Ornaments/Outfits: You should wear some finger rings and bracelets in the wrist to enhance the beauty of this mehendi art.

Additional Tips:

You need to make sure from your end that you are wearing a Mehendi of your choice. It will make you look beautiful on the day as you can be comfortable and satisfied with your own choice. At the same time, let the Mehendi be given appropriate time to dry before you are ready to remove it so that it displays a good colour. Many chemicals or solutions are present in the markets which guarantee better colour tone from the mehendi, but it is better if you do not go for that. Use natural methods like applying sugar water for enhancing the colour of the mehndi design.

The mehndi designs for girls are nowadays being made available at various websites or even at the stores. Hence, you can find a good option to choose from for the best mehndi design for girls and select one. Hope you find this article beneficial to know about the various new girl mehndi design trending in the present-day fashion market. Do let us know your reviews and feedbacks. We look forward to your responses.


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