Every year on the 15th of January Pongal celebration occurred, Pongal is a unique harvest festival. People like to decorate their homes and area with Pongal kolam designs. People love to go on a picnic with family to bite sugarcane and share stories with family members. Every year Pongal kolam designs competition is held for young and old people. Women get a chance to explore their art through this competition.

Best Pongal Kolam Designs with Pictures 2024:

Here are the top 15 Pongal kolam rangoli designs step by step, with images you can try on Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal and Mattu Pongal. These are freehanded and most attractive rangoli kolam designs for the Pongal festival.

1. Colorful Pongal Kolam:

2. Simple Pongal Kolam 2024:

3. Traditional Kolam for Pongal:

4. Floral Pongal Kolam 2024:

5. Peacock Pattern for Pongal:

6. Mattu Pongal Kolam Rangoli Design:

This is the simple way to design Pongal kolam in season; this small but cute rangoli design is best suited for Mattu Pongal rangoli kolam. Mainly in the village, you will get this type of design with a beautiful white coloured outline with mixed red colour.

7. Pot Rangoli Pongal Kolam Design:

This is a small Pongal kolam rangoli design with dots that have been done using 64 dots in rangoli. This is rangoli’s unique, attractive kolam pot design, which is the best Pongal season option. Only white-coloured sand is used to fill the dots; if you need it, you can mix different coloured ones too. Get this design to celebrate your Pongal season.

8. Dots Pongal Kolam Design:

Sometimes family members like to design a rangoli together, so Pongal dot kolam will be an excellent choice to make creativity during Pongal season. Six pots and middle flower simple Pongal kolangal with dots can utilise good family time together onboard. In front of your house, you can try this white-dotted art.

9. Big Pongal Design:

We can try simple kolam rangoli on the floor but big rangoli during Pongal season is a little hard to design. Pongal Pulli kolam’s step-by-step design can be made together with family members or friends. Four pots and mixed colours can give an attractive look on the doorstep and help your friend or relative.

10. Happy Pongal Design:

Easy Pongal kolam with dots gives a flattering look to someone who enters your house. Next-to-door pot design with the quote “Happy Pongal” can express your wishes to the receiver. Try this design with the help of mixed coloured too.

11. Indian Pongal Kolam Rangoli Design:

Powerful culture mirror is the India and Pongal designs are more and trendier day by day. Women especially know how to make a creative design on the latest Pongal pot kolam seasonal rangolis. This design presents devotion towards occasion, mixed dark-coloured give attention with appreciation. Try this design to make a special day on Pongal.

12. Welcome Pongal Rangoli Design:

Pongal comes with good luck and the beginning of the festive harvest season. Get your Pongal kolam with dots pictures rangoli to explore prosperity always. This art is a welcome greeting to everyone. This type of rangoli is the beginning of new good thoughts in our life. Try this pot design of Pongal rangoli design.

13. Margazi Kolam Rangoli:

This is sandupolli kolam of rangoli which is old fashioned and famous on polar occasions. This is 13-5 Pongal kolam with dots. Three-star and three flowers give an attractive look to the design. Different coloured with unique way of patterns can provide a charming touch for rangoli.

14. Pongal Kolangal Rangoli:

This is the festival type of Pongal kolam rangoli design which is best for occasion day. Lotus flowers and pots can bring a special touch to function. In this unique Pongal design, a total of six pots are designed circular and lotus are placed near them. Bold coloured were used for this design. As per people’s needs, anyone can create using different colours too.

15. Happy Pongal 2024:


The Festival comes once a year, giving us more energy to live with family and friends. Because of the Pongal function, people come together and enjoy that moment. Kolam rangoli design is part of this function. Try your unique idea to make a happy home with this rangoli style.


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