Mehndi is a form of body art, similar to a temporary tattoo, applied on the hands and feet for special ceremonies and festivals. It is popular in Hindu and Islamic cultures, especially in India, Pakistan, and other countries. It is considered auspicious and is symbolic of happiness, health, fertility, and good luck.

In fact, in India, there goes a saying that the darker a bride’s mehndi becomes, the more her husband and in-laws love her. Applying Mehendi has become a unique and essential part of all sorts of occasions and festivals for women. Do you want your mehndi to stand out the next time there is a family gathering? Read on to uncover some of the most stylish, unique latest mehndi designs for you !!

50+ Latest Mehndi Designs To Try In 2023:

Want to be unique and creative when it comes to your mehndi designs? We have compiled a selection of trendy and stylish henna designs for your hands. Read on to find out more.

1. Elegant Creative Mehndi Design:

This Mehendi design is simple to apply yet looks stunning. The beautiful pattern with floral motifs from the index finger to the little one looks very pretty. The leaves are highlighted with bolder strokes and add charm to the design. The dainty dotted trails extending from the floral motifs on the wrist look chic and make the design stand out.

  • Occasion: It can be adorned for any occasion as the design is neo-traditional.
  • Paired with: It can be paired with casual trendy outfits and a fashionable metallic bracelet to complete the look.

2. Intricate Floral Mehndi Design:

This design is unique with its enchanting floral blooms and intricate detailing. The beautiful floral motif dominating the centre is eye-catching with its neat detailing and shaded appearance. The unique swirls and leafy trails extending from it add elegance to the pattern. Each finger has a unique design with lacy patterns, swirls, and twirls, lending it a breathtaking appearance.

  • Occasion: It is suitable for ceremonies like pre-wedding functions and festivals like Eid and Diwali.
  • Paired with: It is best paired with Indowestern outfits such as palazzos, skirts, and shararas. An eye-catching middle finger and a heavy bangle will complete your look.

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3. Latest Trendy Mehendi Design:

We love the pairing of symmetrical mosaic design with traditional curves and floral motifs! The shaded floral patterns accentuating the leaves look exceptionally captivating. The neat detailing and careful spacing between the way lend an edgy look to the design. The lacy pattern on the wrist ending with a silhouetted floral pattern looks sharp and sophisticated. Each fingertip has a unique design, giving it a modern outlook.

  • Occasion: This design is suitable for elaborate functions like weddings and festivals like Dussehra, Teej, and Diwali.
  • Paired with: It looks best when teamed up with ethnic outfits like lehengas and sarees. Heavy ethnic jewellery like metallic chokers and statement long chains will add oomph to your entire look and make heads turn your way for sure !!

4. Traditional Mehendi Design:

This mehndi design features floral motifs, lacy patterns, and beautiful geometric patterns. The design on both hands is different, adding charm to the look. The clever use of bold strokes for the leaves and the beautiful play of spacing and different patterns adjacent to each other look exquisite. This design is quite simple to draw and is suitable for beginners too.

  • Occasion: It can be adorned for festivals like Ramzan, Diwali, Dussehra, etc.
  • Paired with: It can be paired with traditional outfits like salwar kameez and long skirts with modern jewellery.

5. Latest Stylish Mehndi Design:

This is an intricate and extravagant design for those who love the simplicity and want to stand out. Dominated by circular floral motifs and jaalidar lacy patterns, it looks elegant and stylish too. The spacing around the central floral trail draws attention to and emphasizes the beauty of each little detail of the design. The intricate swirls and twirls, along with the play of light and dark strokes, lend a unique touch to this Mehendi pattern.

  • Occasion: Adorn your hands with this exquisite design at weddings and family gatherings.
  • Paired with: Glam it up with heavy lehengas and sarees and enjoy the compliments flowing your way !!

6. Floral Mehendi Design:

This is quite cute and easy to do elegant latest mehndi designs. This can be possible and done with everyone. This is entirely in trend, given the beautiful flower started at the corner near the thumb and later extended to the fingers in the form of intricate detail and designs. Some exquisite shapes and floral patterns are added to make the design more attractive. This design is ideal for girls who don’t like elaborate or extravagant designs.

  • Occasion: Try this style for a simple festival time.
  • Suitable Place: This design is only good on the back of the hand.
  • Suitable Accessories: Wear lovely rings and bracelets to suit this well.

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7. Peacock Mehandi Pattern:

This is great beauty and design loved by all. The peacock design as such is beautiful and intense. The whole of arms is embellished with a beautiful peacock pattern combined with a few more exquisite patterns. The details are pretty intrinsic. It is continuing to hand and is drool-worthy. Every woman quite prefers this henna mehndi design’s latest image.

  • Suitable Place: Wear it in your arms for the best look.
  • Occasion: This style is good and suited to wear during celebrations.
  • Suitable Accessories: Try this with lovely bangles to wear.

8. Mehendi Designs For Back And Front Sides Of Hand:

Fantastic mehndi design for the back and front sides of the hand; the floral patterns are more prominent in small details. The centre of the leading flower has been filled with the net, while the peacock-style extensions are used to expand the design. The pattern is further extended towards the fingers. The akin style has been adopted for the backside. The Mehandi design is simple; even an amateur can make this design. One does not need a professional to do this latest mehndi image; it is simple and elegant.

  • Suitable Accessories: To make it fancy, glitter and ornamental instruments can also be used. Add on lovely finger rings.
  • Suitable Place: This design is to be placed in the back and front of the hand.
  • Occasion: Wear this during the festival.

9. Different Floral Mehandi Design:

This full hands mehndi design photo is best for those who like moderate mehndi designs. This is not too huge and fancy but not too simple too. The floral arrangements are made in a circle and round at the hand’s middle. This is super elegant and gorgeous and looks good on many women. But preferably, this should be tried by fair skin women.

  • Occasion: This gorgeous design is perfect for family functions, wedding parties, and holiday gatherings.
  • Body Placement: Place them on the back of the hand and the fingers.
  • Suitable Clothes: Wear them with a long churidar to make the look.

10. Latest Mehndi Designs With Rhinestones:

This latest beautiful mehndi design is everything to look for. This is quite elegant and stylish too. This is best for women who love intricate details, glitter, and glam. They have pretty intense and complex patterns. One can see that they are drawn with care. You can see tiny flowers in the alternate corner of the borderline. The same way is featured on the top of the fingers. In between, women are seen on the legs part. Adding the rhinestones in the mid of each flower makes this design more appealing. Selection of this lovely pattern for the embellishment of your hands would be a good decision.

  • Suitable Place: This should be great for leg placement.
  • Suitable Occasion: Wear this design during weddings.

11. Classical Mehendi Designs:

Now, this is quite a design, isn’t it? This is the best choice for women who want to create a fuller design without complication. Cute floral patterns are combined near fingers with lovely intricate prints that make the design appear fuller. These best latest mehndi designs can be chosen for the bridal hands, but in this case, you have to add some more similar extensions to cover the top part of the arm’s skin. The use of glitter in different places can enhance its attraction.

  • Suitable Place: This can be done on the back or front of your hands as you wish.
  • Suitable Accessories: Wear a nice finger ring and a thin bracelet with this style.
  • Occasion: Any celebration is good to go to try this out.

12. New Mehndi Design For Bridal Hands:

Here is another example of a breathtaking mehndi design for bridal hands. Small details and complex patterns create this unique design. The design, extended to the wrist, has been finished with a beautiful flower and three leaves. Tiny dotting flowers in different places are enough to make the design full of attraction. It is a much-complicated design, so it needs professionalism in freehand mehndi art. Try this new and latest mehndi design style only with a mehndi expert or professional so that the intricate details are preserved well within.

  • Suitable Place: This is best done by hand only.
  • Suitable Clothes: This is done with the wedding outfit for the best look.
  • Occasion: This is good for wedding ceremony design.

13. Cool Mehendi Design for The Wrist:

This is the pretty latest design of Mehendi and is relatively easy to draw on the wrist. You don’t need to get the services of a mehndi artist to create it. Start by drawing lines initially, then make semi-circle patterns and design them as your preferred shapes. Don’t forget to give your design a finishing touch by applying three dots in a sequence at starting and ending points. To maintain the uniqueness of design, keep your hand open.

  • Body Placement: This is good on the wrist only.
  • Occasion: One does not need any exceptional experience for this style.

14. Latest Mehndi Designs For Wedding Ceremonies:

This is a super cute latest Mehandi image to beautify the hands for wedding ceremonies, Eid festivals, and other occasions. It is filled with quite intricate designs and is filled around with hands. The patterns are intricate, with round peacocks and lovely cone designs with flowers. Simple flowers and leaves are arranged in a sequence to cover the central part of the palm and fingers while the sides are kept open. With this fantastic design on your hands, you will surely draw the attention of others.

  • Occasion: This is good for wedding ceremonies or any festivities.
  • Body Placement: This is good on the fore of the hands.
  • Suitable Accessories: Wear a nice fancy big ring to add elegance.

15. Elegant Mehandi Design For The Brides:

Elegant mehndi design for the brides who like fuller and more intricate designs. This design fills the hands, but you can see a single meaningful pattern. The remaining design is filled with spirals and geometry. A bride and groom are carved and designed in between the palm, and then details go on to arms and fingers. The small leaf pattern on the fingers of the right hand makes this design too cute. It is a complicated design, requiring a lot of patience and practice. You should be a Mehendi art professional to make it. Otherwise, take the services of a mehndi artist.

  • Occasion: This is suited for weddings only.
  • Body Placement: it is best on forehands and palms only.

16. Nice Mehndi Design For Girls:

Here are lovely mehndi designs’ latest images for the college girls to celebrate farewell parties, functional week and such events. It is a very simple design, so you don’t need to be a mehndi expert to draw it. The semi-circle patterns with beautiful motifs are featured in the plans, extending from the wrist to the ring finger and little finger. The remaining part of the hand is kept bald. The addition of silver or golden rhinestones in the mid of each flower will surely increase its attractiveness in case you like it. Such designs are trendy among college girls because they are less time-consuming.

  • Occasion: Any college fest or event is good to go.
  • Suitable Accessories: Wear a nice ring to enhance beauty.
  • Body Suitable Placement: The back of the hand is good to go for this style.

17. New Back Hand Arabic Mehandi Designs:

Now, doesn’t it look elegant and pretty? Look at the latest mehndi pattern for the backhand design for college girls. It is simple and unique further, and the dark design dramatically enhances the beauty. The design has covered a noticeable portion of the hand and arm’s skin. No shading hand has been used in it, but the thickness variation in the lines makes it eye-catching. The design ends with two attached spirals in Arabic mehndi style. Don’t miss this lovely design if you want to wow your college friends and cousins.

  • Occasion: no particular need for an event for this design is required.
  • Body Placement: This is good to go on the fore or backhand as you wish.

18. New Large Flowers Mehandi Design:

In this latest mehndi hand design, a large flower is featured on the hand from the arm side to the top. One can see flowers with tiny dots and leaf patterns at the end. The intricate details are further drawn around flowers to add to the look. The design doesn’t include any intricate detailing. Simple flowers and leaves are arranged successively to complete the large floral pattern. Some leaves are filled in Arabic, while many tiny dots are applied to the design to make it more beautiful. Is celebrating the closest function with this cute flower, not a good idea?

  • Occasion: This is good to go to festivals.
  • Body Placement: Arms are good to go with this style.

19. Beautiful New Wrist Mehndi Designs:

This is an amazing wrist mehndi design one can come across. This is quite simple and elegant, and easy to do. It may be the first choice of college girls who don’t have much time to draw out complicated designs. All you need to do is just spend a few minutes of your precious time decorating your hands with this modish pattern and collect the inspirations from friends and colleagues. Don’t forget to paint your nails with your favourite nail polish to flaunt the mehndi design.

  • Occasion: This is good to try for casual days.
  • Body Placement: The wrist is the right place for this style.

20. New Mehendi Designs For EID:

Eid is a significant festival for all Muslims in the country. They celebrate with grandeur, and this design is all that enhances the other celebration and beauty. This backhand design has covered a tiny portion of the skin while the remaining is kept open. In this design, the fingers pattern and the large flower at the starting point are most noticeable. It is perfect for Eid festivals, family functions and formal gatherings. The wrist is further decorated to add to the look.

  • Occasion: Eid festival is good to go here.
  • Body Placement: The back of the hand or front of the writing as you wish is good to place the design.

21. Latest Shaded Mehndi Design:

In the past few years, mehndi artists have introduced shading techniques to make mehndi designs more attractive. The shaded mehndi style is gaining popularity day by day. Here you can observe an illustration of the shaded mehndi design. The shade is filled with different intricate designs with circles filled inside the outline. The design looks gorgeous and eye-catching. The shading can be done in a different colour to enhance its attractiveness. Otherwise, black is also perfect for this purpose.

  • Occasion: You can select it to decorate your hands for Eid festivals, parties, and wedding ceremonies.
  • Body Placement: Draw this in arms to enhance the look.

22. Latest Mehndi for Cocktail Of Leaves and Floral Patterns:

Well done; a fantastic cocktail of leaves and floral patterns can be observed here. This latest simple mehndi design requires no shading and is done through thin lines only. It is a fantastic piece of art and relatively easy to do. The borderlines of all flowers and leaves are made in the same thickness and consistency. It is an ideal design for girls fascinated by floral mehndi designs but doesn’t experience it.

  • Occasion: Try this out for any celebrations.
  • Body Placement: The back of the hand is an excellent place to try the design.
  • Suitable Accessories: Place a thin bracelet and ring to add a look.

23. Latest Grand Mehendi for Bride’s Hands and Feet:

It is a set of elaborate mehndi patterns specially designed for ornamenting the bride’s hands and feet. These types of latest designs are intricate and elaborate. The latest bridal mehndi design is filled with motifs, floral patterns, spirals, and rounds. The skin is mostly covered and elegant. The hands and legs till arms and feet are covered. However, it requires extra patience and practice and professionalism. To upgrade the attraction of this beautiful design, you can add a bit of glitter or rhinestones in the middle of each flower.

  • Occasion: This is good to go for the wedding bride.
  • Body Placement: On all hands and feet is an excellent place to try the design.

24. Latest Floral Round Mehandi Design:

Check out this Mehendi design for hand latest unique floral design. The cute large flowers are very prominent among the open spaces. It is in the form of the newest circle-round design. The latest Intricate pattern is used to emphasize the fingertips that look great. The overall mehndi design is simple and doesn’t require more professionalism. All you need is some patience to draw intricate patterns. The wrist is further decorated to add a look.

  • Occasion: This ever-green pattern is equally suitable for Eid, family functions, parties and wedding ceremonies; even it can be traced on the bride’s hands with glitter and other mehndi decorative material.
  • Body Placement: This is good on the back of the hand portion only.
  • Suitable Accessories: Add a nice ring to enhance the look.

25. Trendy Perfect Mehendi For Modern Brides:

This latest mehndi design for hands is an exclusive mehndi design according to the latest trends and is perfect for the modern bride. It has been created in the Arabic style. It is started with large triangle shapes around the wrist and finishes with a cute line on the giant finger. The design starts from the wrist and comes to the little finger. A connection through dots and round flower patterns is made to other fingers too. One can further customize it to other fingers if one wants to.

  • Suitable Occasion: This is good for wedding festivities.
  • Suitable Place: The back of the hand is the perfect place to place the mehndi.

26. Flowers On The Palm Mehndi Designs:

This rather beautifully exquisite design is the raging preference among the new mehndi designs of the season and year. This is crazily beautiful given the floral patterns in between doing around with spiral patterns on fingers. One needs to start from the bottom of your palm and draw free-flowing circular lines with cute dots. Cover your fingers the same way, leaving your palm without any design. Once dry, make floral patterns on your palm as you wish, and you can also include leaves and details on the bud. Let your creativity unleash with this design which is so easy to make.

  • Suitable Dress: Any dress can perfectly suit this mehndi when going outside parties.
  • Occasion: Wear this for the wedding festivities of your friend.
  • Body Placement: It is good on the front of the palm and hand.

27. Floral Stones and Pattern Mehandi:

This is quite a delicate and elegant design, given the way it is made with thin lines. This is great for those who love Mehendi Ideal for ceremonies like engagement or marriage; this new design uses bright stones on every turning corner of the Mehandi. This gives the design a very glittery vibe and dazzles the onlookers. You can further add rhinestones and glitters to make it look more dazzling. Start by making very basic lines and circles and fill them with patterns you like. Let it dry when done, and wash it off. After completing this process, place the stones on the places you want to highlight. Make sure one stone stays on your ring finger to draw attention to your newly received gift.

  • Suitable Place: This is good on both hands.
  • Suitable Occasion: Wear it for wedding ceremonies.

28. The Bride And Groom’s Latest Mehendi Designs:

Given the year and season of weddings, here is another design to look at your best. You need to be on your top appearance with everything to stand out. This latest Mehandi will take your perfection game a notch higher. Highly intricate, you will need the aid of professionals, but once done, you will see choosing this design was the right decision on your part. The art of the bride and groom will further elevate the look and hence look more elegant.

  • Body Placement: This is suited only to hands, back or front.
  • Suitable Accessories: Wear bangles and rings for added elegance.
  • Occasion: This suits only wedding day brides.

29. Dark Mehndi Design For Two Hands:

This latest model, the Mehandi design, is a crazy and dark design. It is unique and is well dark to suit only lighter skin tones. A unique design for two hands; the right-hand design started with a lovely geometric pattern from between. It is extended to the forefinger and other fingers. The tips of the thumb, small finger and ring finger are filled in the same style. The left-hand design pattern is entirely different. One side of the palm and wrist is adorned with a circle and round design, while square patterns are printed on the other hand. Excellent extensions are kept from the centre of each finger and thumb. Pairs of dots are used to give the empty place a filling touch.

  • Body Placement: This is best for the back of the hands only.
  • Occasion: It is the best design for holiday parties and family gatherings.
  • Suitable Accessories: Wear fancy big rings as shown in the picture to look grand.

30. Peacock Mehandi For Legs:

This is another popular peacock mehndi design, this time for legs. Now all of us know we love art and peacock designs. This is your answer when you want to do something with your legs whilst wearing a knee-length traditional ghagra skirt. Look at how embellished and elegant this pattern is, and the details are hard to match. Undoubtedly, you will win everyone’s praise with this stunning latest Mehandi design.

  • Suitable Occasion: This is a great design to go for at wedding times.
  • Suitable Place: Feet and legs are an excellent choice to opt-out of here.

31. Central Round Mehandi:

This one’s a twist to the usual latest single design Mehandi. This is made with circles from between hands and designed with leaf, flowers and patterns. The same way is drawn on each finger, thus subtly pushing all the attention to the centre of your hand. This is great and easy to do, quite pretty and adds to look further. This can be quickly done and replicated by anyone.

  • Suitable Occasion: It can be used for small traditional family gatherings and by girls who love to do their own Mehandi.
  • Suitable Place: This can be done on the back or front of hands.

32. Latest Rose Mehandi Designs:

An uncommon and recent find among new mehndi designs, this one has brown-coloured roses that cover your hands with intricate henna. There are always women who love the simplicity and do not go for many trends, glam and glitter. The front palm is left empty, and the other fingers have the exact copy of the floral pattern drawn on your wrist. This latest design is perfect and easy for occasions like Eid. This is great to do and does not require any help.

  • Suitable Occasion: You can simply try this out or can try it during festivals.
  • Suitable Place: Try this on the back or front of the hand.

33. Full Hand Bridal Mehndi Design For Wedding:

This is another yet full-filled bridal design. Tried and tested by many this year, the essence of this new design lies in its simple yet well-knit pattern. Both hands elegantly boast of the same henna combination, which is ideal for brides during their Mehandi and Sangeet ceremonies. It is all filled with leaf, floral, spiral and geometric patterns. You can efficiently write and also hide the name of your husband in the intricate network of patterns. Bright red nail polish will add more charm to the design and should not be missed.

  • Suitable Occasion: This is a must-go for weddings.
  • Suitable Place: This should be placed in front of the hands.

34. New Arabic Peacock Feet Mehndi:

Talk of professionalism and perfection, and this design will be the winner. Such beauty isn’t it. this is all filled with intricate details, designs and patterns. It is a peacock in the front heel of the girl and its feathers from the rest of the way up to the knee. The latest Mehandi design latest trend is ideal for brides who love the henna in their bodies to show their ‘soon-to-be-married status. All of us love this, given the way it intensifies the look with the art. The lower part of the pattern, extending to the tip of the nail, is a basic design, which can be topped off with creativity from the back of the head.

  • Suitable Place: This should be placed on feet and legs only.
  • Suitable Occasion: Try this out for wedding times for the bride.

35. Watch Floral Mehandi Design:

You can start to beautify your design to reach this wonderful Mehandi pattern in no time. This is simple. All the elegance and beauty began with the practice from the hand’s middle and extended to corners and sides. The spiral and round patterns are made here and go to the middle finger. Ideal for Eid or low-key marriages, the design covers neither much neither of the hand nor too less. A central flower is designed, and then it is extended like a tower, hence the name. With this design, you are bound to garner the admiration of the guests.

  • Suitable Place: This is great on any side of the hand.
  • Suitable Occasion: Try this out for Ramzan or similar festivals.

36. Latest Circular Bridal Mehandi:

This one is for you for those who do not want fuller designs. This is done in circular patterns and is among the latest mehndi designs for brides. Prints are made with the help of three circles, making them look fun and geometrically symmetric. The plan does require a lot of practice, and you need to take the aid of some professional to make the circles look perfect.

  • Body Placement: The back of the hand is an excellent place to try this design.
  • Occasion: try this out for festival celebrations.
  • Suitable Accessories: Wear lovely bangles and rings as shown to add beauty.

37. Latest Lotus Mehandi Designs:

For those who love lotus flowers, this is for you. This is unique and ideal, best for festivals and religious functions where lotus is considered a sign of purity. There is not much to this pattern, and a small tip for this design would be to start with the central palm design first and then carry on with the rest as per your preference. Those who are a novice in mehndi also can try this design out. This is easy to do and does not require much effort.

  • Suitable Place: The front of the hand best suits this design.
  • Suitable Occasion: Festivals are a good occasion for this.

38. The Modern Leaf Mehndi:

This is for those who want a simple mehndi yet, which is cute, floral, and beautiful. Not only does it look gorgeous, but it is equally easy to make and perfect for girls short on time. This latest Mehendi design is also ideal for school students, who are not allowed to put on intricate designs as per the norms. All fingers have leaf patterns from a designed half-flower near the thumb. The thumb itself is decorated with a flower petal with leaves on top.

  • Suitable Place: The back of the hand is a good place for this style.
  • Suitable Occasion: This aesthetic design can be drawn simply or for normal occasions.

39. Western Attire Back Mehndi Designs:

If you are getting married wearing a beautiful off-shoulder gown the Christian way, this Mehndi will help uphold the traditional ethnic feel on your big day. While many of us heard designs on hands and feet and arms, ever imagined doing a beautiful structure on shoulders? An ideal setup for your shoulder is easy to draw and won’t test too much of your patience. However, one would quickly need the help of someone else to make the flowers since your hands won’t reach that far for the precision required to draw the petals perfectly.

  • Suitable Occasion: wedding occasions are a fantastic event to try this out.
  • Suitable Place: This should be tried on shoulders for eye-catchy sight.

40. Two-Hand Peacock Feather Design:

This should do the trick if you are not impressed by intricate and extravagant designs. This is for those who love simplicity but love mehndi too. This endorses a simple and bright design. Both hands repeat the same pattern, making this latest Mehandi design easier to work with. The peacock feathers here are drawn to cover the palms of both hands, while the other extending leafy patterns take care to complete the design to give it an overall simple, sober look.

  • Body Placement: This is good on the front or back of hands.
  • Occasion: Wear this for festivals or casual events.
  • Suitable Accessories: An excellent massive ring is ideal for this design.

41. Full Flower Designs:

This is the best option for girls who do not want to try huge designs and work too hard but make cute floral ones. This one will be a blessing if you do not have much patience. As easy to make as it looks, it contains flowers, and no other intricate design is used. The flowers and fingers are filled here with henna, and voila, you have your design ready to flaunt!

  • Suitable Occasion: Try this for any normal day as you wish.
  • Suitable Place: The front of your hands is an excellent choice to try this one out.

42. The Science Mehndi Design:

For those who want something funky, quirky and crazy, this is for you. This design has all cells, DNA and tissues criss-cross in the design form. It looks like ribbon patterns and is relatively easy to do yourself. You can make it all by yourself whenever you get the chance to beautify your palm. All you need is some time to sit on it, which is a beautiful result you can see.

  • Suitable Occasion: Try this for any tiny occasion in the family.
  • Suitable Place: While this is good on hands, you can try it on your feet too.

43. High Rise Butterfly Mehandi Design:

There is no limit to how creative you can get with your Mehndi. This is just elegant, simple and artistic thought which is kept in action. This design expels simplicity all the way. It is exquisite, with just a butterfly covering the hand skin near your elbow joint. To top it off, two tiny flowers signify how much you paid attention to the details while drawing the insect. Brilliant, isn’t it? If you want further information, you can always add rhinestones or patterns.

  • Suitable Occasion: This is just a simple design to try out.
  • Suitable Place: Arms is an excellent option to try. One can also place this on the shoulder or neck.

44. Square Mehandi Designs:

Geometry is always best with mehndi. The designs are unlimited absolutely and can be done quickly. This is a new mehndi design with all big, small, and intricate designs. However, it looks beautiful and if you are patient, go for it since you will be satisfied with your outcome after creating this modish design.

  • Suitable Occasion: The patterns cover most of your palms and can be ideal for marriage parties or big festivals like Eid, Diwali or Bhai Duj.
  • Suitable Place: This is good on the front of hand or back of writing only.
  • Accessories: Try this with a huge bracelet and ring to add beauty.

45. Symmetric Floral Feet Mehandi Designs:

Who does not love intricate and beautiful leaf designs? Issuing all attention to your hands and neglecting your feet, this design is one of the most beautiful we have ever done on our feet. After checking out this latest mehndi design, that will most certainly change. So simple yet eye-catching, this design is pure perfection and a new hit among brides of all ages. Even if you are not a bride, you can try this on yourself for family gatherings and events to be the talk of the function. This is filled with floral, circle and leaf patterns and will surely make your day.

  • Suitable Occasion: Wedding festivities are an excellent choice to try this beauty.
  • Suitable Place: Place this on your feet to style it up.

46. New Arabic Stone Embellishment Latest Mehndi Designs:

Arabic designs are always evergreen and beautiful. They are filled with glitter and glam. Gorgeously covered with stones and patterns, your hands and feet will be drawing all the attention with this new Arabic Mehndi design. It is not meant for you to design all by yourself, owing to the intricacy. Try this with professional help; you can start by outlining and then creatively filling up the inner patterns. After all, no one will press a pause on your experimentation session when they see the good coming out of it.

  • Suitable Occasion: Try this for significant festivals or weddings.
  • Suitable Place: Try this to place on your feet to look grand.
  • Accessories: Wear anklets to add to the look.

47. Finger Pattern Mehendi Design:

How excellent is this latest design for your fingers? There are times when we are bored and want to try out something quirky and new. This is a finger mehndi design. It is so simple and elegant. Begin with making two closely placed straight lines with equally spaced dots within. Leave some space and make the same lines with dots again. Cover the centre space with round spirals until complete. Make many small ones converge with each other. This gives the pattern a finishing touch and makes it look sequentially unique. This is elegant and beautiful at the same time.

  • Body Placement: Draw them on your fingers only.
  • Suitable Accessories: Wear lovely rings to add to the beauty.
  • Occasion: This can be done just like that on normal days too.

48. Heart-Shaped Latest Mehendi Designs:

This is a new style. Mehandi is the right fit for brides planning on wearing a full-sleeved dress for their wedding. This is made with a heart design on two hands, symbolizing two hearts merging in wedlock. Of course, you might feel the space for experimenting with your Henna is limited, but this design will prove you wrong. Add more rhinestones or stones to work on the elegance of the design if you like it that way.

  • Suitable Place: Wear it on your palms to look good.
  • Suitable Occasion: Wedding ceremonies are an excellent choice to try this look.

49. Bangle Replacement Mehandi Design:

Ever heard of this new design? This is a new bangle replacement design made to be kept instead of them. They are intricate and made from wrist to arm, only leaving the palm. When you have time to prepare for a traditional ceremony, you can skip the bangles you wear every time and instead wear this mehndi. Start by drawing the basic outline to know how many patterns you can make in the hand space you have decided to use. Next, draw straight lines with triangular uphill as many as you like, as long as it does not look too clumsy. After this step, fill in the triangles with new designs according to your preference. That’s all there is to this gorgeous-looking Mehandi.

  • Suitable Place: This style is an excellent option from wrist to arms.
  • Suitable Occasion: Any festivities are good to go for this style.

50. The Flower, Leaf And Dream Catcher Mehandi Designs:

Isn’t this latest designer mehndi pattern so neat and ideal for occasions requiring you to work through your Mehandi in a hurry? It is one of the most chosen Mehandi designs of this year so far. This is well-known and popular for those who love flowers and floral designs. It can be quickly done yourself. Begin with the large flower on the thumb side of your hand. You can make leaves if you have time or leave the flower secluded. The next step would be to deck up your last three fingers will alternative designs. Leaving the best for last, that dream catcher in the first finger is so beautifully done.

  • Occasion: Wear this style for lovely ceremonies or celebrations.
  • Placement: Wear it on the back of your hand for the look.
  • Suitable Accessories: Wear a stone ring to add to the look.

51. Latest Free Hand Mehandi Designs:

Here is another exploration of the artist’s creative abilities. All the beauty has been inked well in simplicity. The most prominent part of this backhand design is a lovely simple flower pattern extended with two large motifs. The same motifs can be further used to beautify the fingers. These latest Indian mehndi designs are very simple mehndi designs. You can create it with a little grip on the freehand Mehandi art.

  • Suitable Place: This is best behind the hand.
  • Suitable Occasion: This can be worn just like that as one’s wishes.

52. Wonderful Bridal Mehndi Design:

Look at this mehndi design image’s latest excellent bridal mehndi design that has covered a large portion of the arm and legs. This design is perfect if your wedding gown is sleeveless or with quarter sleeves. This powerful Mehendi art has bride and groom drawn on it and floral patterns. One can also combine fine-looking motifs to create this modish design. This design’s beauty and attraction can help attract the crowd’s attention at your wedding.

  • Suitable Occasion: This is to be done on the bride for the wedding.
  • Suitable Place: Full hands and legs are best suited to this style.

53. New Latest Mehndi Designs For Feet:

This latest mehndi design image is quite a simple yet elegant and classy design. This is cute and super trendy. The patterns are of the circle and crisscrossed for attraction. It isn’t complicated so you can draw it quickly. It is not only suitable for the bride, but you can also use it to embellish your feet for family functions and parties. Its beauty can be enhanced by adding glitter and other Mehendi decorative material.

  • Body Placement: One can place this on the feet and legs.
  • Occasion: One can draw just like that or for festivities.

54. Trendy Mehandi Designs For Both Hands:

This latest mehndi design is for those who are always ready to adopt the latest and trendy ideas. The design is filled with intricate details and elegance. There are patterns everywhere, drawn with more information and clarity. While there is a circle, on the one hand, there are other patterns on the other. The tips of eight fingers are kept bald to create a unique touch.

  • Body Placement: The fore or back of the hands best suits this.
  • Occasion: An excellent design for Eid, parties and functions.

Additional Tips:

The latest mehndi designs never end because every time, these are remodelled with innovative thoughts. All the functions and parties are attracted to the latest Mehandi designs only. Here are a few tips on mehndi designs.

  • Mehndi is better kept for at least 6 – 8 hours for better texture and colour. If you remove it fast, you are not supposed to wash it.
  • Do not wash off mehndi; just remove it and let it be for a while on your hands.
  • Apply coconut oil and keep sugar syrup dabbed with cotton. This will help enhance colour.
  • Make sure to keep mehndi at least one day or one and a half-day before an event.


The preference for mehndi designs is ever-changing according to the latest trends. Honestly, every mehndi design can be tweaked and customized according to the occasion and outfit required. The Mehendi designs above are among the most trending and unique patterns that cater to all age groups and occasions. We hope you liked the mehndi designs we have compiled for you and will save them in your gallery to flaunt them off in the next event!! Do let us know which one you loved the most!


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