Rangoli is an Indian traditional colourful way of expressing happiness and joy in a silent manner. This traditional colourful design drawn on the floor is a creative artwork in which many ladies have practised the art thoroughly well. One such occasion for expressing joy is the Indian Republic day, defining peace and happiness which falls on January 26th everywhere. To know some interesting Republic day rangoli designs, this article would be of great help with Republic day rangoli images.

9 Creative Rangoli Designs for 26th January 2024:

Here is the list of the 9 best rangoli for Republic day. to try these rangoli designs get the best appreciation in your house and school.

1. Happy Republic Day Written Flag:

India is represented by its tricolour flag which has definitely created utmost importance among the society. To bring in the value of the flag, designers can decorate their house by showcasing their calligraphy skills with this rangoli design for republic day which has the flag as the main theme of Happy Republic Day quotes.

2. Peacock Design Republic Rangoli:

Peacock which is an Indian National bird symbolizes peace, joy, and happiness. In Order to signify peace by implementing the Indian Constitution on Republic day, ladies at home can paint their house entrance with a peacock rangoli design.

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3. Dove Image Republic Rangoli:

The dove symbolizes Purity, peace, and love. Republic Day signifies peace and joy, one can decorate their house with Republic day special rangoli with an image of a flying dove along with the Indian flag and a simple line design.

4. Tricolour Republic Rangoli:

A simple line diagram can make wonders when it comes to the 26 January Rangoli design. Republic day kolam design can be made simple and beautiful by using the Indian flag colour as the theme. The Indian flag has three main colours Green, White and Orange. This tricolour is used in decorating the Rangoli along with dark blue which symbolizes the Chakra.

5. Joined Hands Rangoli:

Next to decorating the Republic Rangoli’s design with dove and peacock images, one can also use hand images. A welcome hand image can also be a symbol of portraying thankfulness and humbleness. The hands holding India can be apt is the theme for Republic day drawing competition pictures.

6. Freedom Fighters Rangoli:

Republic day is celebrated only because of Indian freedom fighters who gave their complete thought and soul to achieving Freedom for India. To pay tribute to great people, one can decorate their house by drawing freedom fighters’ images as a rangoli design. This theme design is also popular in the rangoli competition.

7. 26th January Rangoli:

It is one national holiday in India, in order to give importance to the date and the month, people can design their house entrance with rangoli drawings and mention the day and the month on the Rangoli design.

8. India Map Outlines Rangoli:

People who like to draw a huge rangoli on Republic day, this Rangoli pattern could be the ideal choice. This rangoli pattern has India Map as the main theme which is coloured using the tricolour powder along with a dove image.

9. Unified Indian Rangoli:

Unity in Diversity is the most important Designing theme of the Republic day Rangoli designs. The unification of people which is brought out in a simple rangoli design can definitely be an apt decorating idea during Republic day.

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As one can say, every day is a peaceful and joyful day. But in order to remember the importance of gaining this peace and joy, as a citizen of India people should take important days into account and pay respect to the freedom fighters. One such day is definitely Republic day!


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