Mehndi is quite popular among Indian women of all ages, and its popularity has grown globally. Though special occasions warrant elaborate designs, many prefer simple and stylish ones irrespective of the event. This article presents some of the best R letter mehndi designs that look exceptional for a traditional function or a cocktail party. Read on to know more!

10 R Letter Mehndi Designs:

We have presented you with a list of stylish and simple mehndi designs of the alphabet S, which look stunning. You can add some extra elements per your preference, giving it a personal touch.

1. Detailed R Alphabet Mehndi Design:

This mehndi design of alphabet R looks pretty detailed. One part of the alphabet is flowers and thin lines with hook patterns. The lines look stylish, and a simple alphabet is enough to stand out. You can either place this letter inside an elaborate design or the letter all by itself.

2. Expressive R Letter Tattoo Mehndi Design:

This mehndi design of the R letter looks pretty attractive and unique. One side of the alphabet is done in dark lines, and the other is in small and pretty leaves. The only disadvantage of this design is that the leaf design seems to fade quicker than the darker part. This design appears feminine and looks good anywhere on your body.

3. R Tattoo Mehndi Design With A Small Heart:

Hearts are part and parcel of body art, whether temporary or permanent. This R letter Mehendi design uses a combination of thick and thin lines with two little heats placed above and beneath the alphabet. This design might mean something personal to the wearer, their name, or someone they love.

4. Bold R Name Mehndi Tattoo:

If you are a fan of bold patterns for your mehndi designs, this R letter mehndi design can be an excellent choice. The letter R is done pretty thickly with a flower in the centre. The attachment of leaf vines on either side of the letter R enhances the beauty of the design. The uniqueness of this design is that hearts are present instead of leaves on the vine.

5. Simple R Name Mehndi Design:

This simple R letter mehndi design is a perfect choice for people who prefer subtle patterns represented boldly. Though the letter R might look simple, adding dots on either side of the alphabet makes a difference. A heart at the bottom of the alphabet adds a personal touch to the art.

6. Mehndi Design With Hidden Letter R:

7. R Letter In Mehndi Design With A Crown:

We all are kings and queens in our lives, and this tattoo can be a perfect way to remind ourselves. Unfortunately, this R letter mehndi design with a crown on top of the letter looks regal at best. Therefore, this design has no additional elements, making the crown and the letter R the focus. But if you wish, you can add extra details to this simple design.

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8. Beautiful R Mehndi Design Tattoo:

This design is perfect if you are looking for an R letter mehndi that looks incredibly feminine. The alphabet is written in sleek lines. The floral patterns around the letter further enhance the beauty, adding a feminine touch. Though the design looks perfect all by itself, you can add additional elements to make it into an elaborate design.

9. Stylish R Letter Mehndi Design:

Are you looking for an R naam ki mehndi design? If yes, this pattern fits the bill perfectly. Half the part of the letter is done in leaves, whereas the other side is done in bold lines that complement each other. The look of the design is elevated further with the addition of different patterns in the single alphabet. You can use this design by itself or elaborate on it as per your preference.

10. R Letter Couples Mehndi Design:

Suppose you are looking for a couple’s mehndi tattoos. In that case, this R and S mehndi design is a perfect choice, especially if your names start with these alphabets. The entire structure is done in sleek lines, and the addition of hearts gives it a personal touch. Another speciality of this pattern is the upper part of the letter R looks like a heart.

The R letter mehndi designs mentioned in this article won’t take up too much space and can give you a candid and striking appearance without going through the pain. Furthermore, you can add extra elements to the design if you wish to bring a unique touch. Finally, don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!


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