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25 Luminous Diwali Rangoli Designs with Lamps and Colours

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First, you  know about the Diwali festivals, this is the one of the biggest festivals celebrated wildly across the countries in India is the festival of lights, the Diwali. This is one festival that has a myriad of reason behind it. While some celebrate Diwali to congratulate Lord Lakshmi on her marriage to Lord Vishnu, the other part, the Jain’s celebrate them to celebrate the auspicious moment when Buddha finally attained nirvana. In the Bengali tradition, the Goddess Kali is worshiped.

Another part of them tells the story of the mighty Lord Rama coming back to his house after 14 years of life spent in the forest. No matter what the celebration is for, the countries are beautifully decorated as this 4 day festival continues with merrymaking. The food prepared is lavish and so are the sweets and present distributed. Amongst these the crazy firecrackers and the beautiful home designs get a special mention. Rangoli designs for Diwali is an artwork form done by the women folk mainly that incorporate colors or flowers to make designs and decors.

Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Latest Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2018 with Pictures:

Here are the 25  easy rangoli designs for Diwali with images. Try these Diwali rangoli photo designs at your home, you will get the best appreciation from the others.

1. The Flower and Lamp Rangoli:

The Flower and Lamp Rangoli

This is a classic artwork humble yet beautiful where on a checkered four square base a beautiful brightly colored floral design has been drawn. The pictures painted are with bright colors of smooth grass green, midnight black and shades of orange and red. There is an arrangement for five lamps in between to create a beautiful scenario.

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2. The Triangular Heart:

The triangular heart

This is a easy rangoli design for diwali and as they say, Diwali is the grand festival of lights, here is another lamp show on a base of humble rangoli design. The base has been set by the twisted rope shows while forming the triangle and the hearts while the rangoli colors fill them. The candles are placed within the design beautifully.

3. The Semi Halves:

The semi halves

This Diwali rangoli image is wonderfully abstract design ready for the evening light show is this semi heart circles where the smaller halves in reddish hue make a flower. The bigger ones of the whitish color adorn the surrounding. The rangoli rice or the colored rice of green color is in the middle and the red ones surround the hemisphere. With the lamps lit well in a darkened area this glittering flowers and daisies would glisten creating a heavenly look.

4. The Giant Flower:

The giant flower

Here is one huge flower for your front yard to beautiful and gigantic to be plucked. This is one of the big flower rangoli designs for Diwali and stretched rangoli designs covering the entire yard where a simple flower without complication has been created through rangoli colors. There is a mixture of orange, maroon, and white in alternate petals with lamps in between.

5. Beautiful Rangoli design for diwali:

Beautiful Rangoli design for diwali

This is one of the beautiful rangoli designs for Diwali. The rangoli design has been overpowered by the beautiful lamp light that lights up the area bright and fine. The lamps resemble heart shape while the circle in the center of the patterns is further accentuated by subsidiary designs on the outlines and sides.

6. Simple Peacock Rangoli for Diwali:

Simple Peacock Rangoli for Diwali

This is the best rangoli for Diwali. The peacock is a majestic bird its gem of a tail bloomed in pride and prejudice. Here in this peacock rangoli design for Diwali, a simple peacock pattern with the beautiful colour combination of blue and orange and green. In the rangoli design, the white dots and dotted flowers and lamps have been enhancing this peacock rangoli design.

7. Perched Peacock:

Perched peacock

We all consider peacock as one of the most beautiful birds to be around. Being the national bird to India it is only suitable that we incorporate in our rangoli design whilst decorating the house. Here is one such rangoli design where the beauty of the tail is impeccably portrayed.

8. The Circle Light Show:

The circle light show

Here is yet another wonder straight from the Diwali grounds where amongst the lit lamps placed in a circle is a beautifully designed pattern. The center showcases floral while the surrounding is of a red lined pattern.

9. The Cool Blue:

The cool blue

This is an easy rangoli foe diwali. While all this time the night light show was showcased here is a great idea for a front porch design for the day when in a cool icy blue shade along with white on the exterior a beautiful floral design has been created.

10. Abstract Beauty:

A rangoli design can even look worthwhile with an abstract design made up in a colorful way filled with lights and lamps. The mix of vibrant colors here a fiery red and a shimmering lite and dark blue and yellow and green, a floral pattern has been created by the lamp structure.

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11. Plain Jane:

Plain Jane

This simple rangoli for diwali design shows how one not only needs vibrant colors to be beautiful but also requires sophisticated look through simplicity. The outer rims are of a plush violet while the inner circles have a darker shade. The lamps on the outer side give a good feel.

12. The Yellow Sunflower:

The yellow sunflower

This is the one of the rangoli pic for diwali. Here you can catch the women folk at work preparing the decor for the eve. This is a bright yellow sunflower with a beautiful wild flower in the middle. The sides are being adorned by dull mauve on the sides.

13. Glitter Works:

Glitter works

While all rangolis are colored and beautiful, here is a pretty little glitter show of bright subtle colors like the gold and coral red shades. The inner circle is more beautiful with an icy blue circle. On a backdrop of white marble, these glitters look marvelous.

14. The Peacock in Glory:

The peacock in glory

Wouldn’t your front yard look heavenly if a beautiful Diwali special rangoli design like this is etched on the front? Here is once again the national bird of our culture looking wild in colors of vibrant notions. The peacock majestic and beautiful looks gold in this golden hue with orange and blue shades making up the plumes of the feather.

15. The Star Lit Pattern:

The star lit pattern

This is the easy and small rangoli designs for Diwali. Here is another beautiful star pattern made of the most beautiful flower petals with lamps in between to make the pattern look beautiful and precious.

16. Basic Rangoli Designs for Diwali:

This is one of the most basic simple kolam designs for Diwali that you can easily try at your home. As you can see, this is a new rangoli design for diwali work is very simple but the choice of colours has made it unique. If you want to make it more elegant, place lighted diyas at the center as well as the corners of the design.

17. Semi Circle Diwali Rangoli:

It is an outstanding design that you can make at the gateway of your home or living room. The semi-circular shape makes the entire art one-of-its-kind. Furthermore, the use of the colours red, bright yellow, green, blue, pink and white has created a visual treat. Place diyas along the semi-circular lines and get rid of darkness in this diwali.

18. Wonderful Diwali Rangoli:

Here is another wonderful rangoli that would give your home an exceptional look. The large circular shape, the traditional rangoli designs for Diwali, the combination of colours each and everything will fit the joy and celebration of the festival occasion. In addition, lighted Divya placed along the outer line of the rangoli will create the perfect magic of the festival.

19. Diya’s Rangoli Design:

Now, this is an ideal of freehand Diwali rangoli design that even an amateur can make without putting many efforts. Just have a close look at the picture and you will understand that this rangoli is made of some beautiful patterns. The use of colour is very limited here but the lighted diyas have turned it into a great one.

20. Attractive Divya Rangoli Design:

This attractive latest rangoli designs for Diwali with divya is made of quite a few different shapes and patterns. The red-yellow-green combo has given it’s a completely new dimension. As you can see, there is a small divya at the center of the entire creation, which makes it more suitable for Diwali. If you wish, you can place a real divya over it and make it more meaningful.

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21. Diwali Wishes Rangoli Design:

Decorate your home with this exclusive Diwali kolam design and achieve lots of appreciations from your friends and family. The easy yet striking patterns, the lively colours and the compact drawing have made it stand apart from others. The heart-shaped Diyas and the ‘Happy Diwali’ wish are perfect to set the mood for the festival.

22. Colourful Floral Rangoli Design:

This wonderful Diwali flower rangoli design made on the floor of your living room can certainly make your festival more refreshing and enjoyable. The design consists of flowers, petals and leaves. However, you can pick your own colours and give it a newer look. Make sure that you write ‘Shubh Deepawali’ with colours to add a personal touch to your creation.

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23. Divya Rangoli of Flower Petals:

Now here comes a new rangoli design for Diwali festival that is completely made of flower petals. The flowers are chosen very carefully to match the spirit of the festivity, while the design is created so neatly that it makes the celebration more joyous. Moreover, four Diyas at four corners of the rangoli add greatly to the context.

24. Bright And Colourful Rangoli:

This bright and colourful rangoli is just right for a spiritual festival with the Sanskrit ‘Om’ at its center. On the flip side, those wonderful divas depicted on the outer ring make it a great home decoration idea for diwali. The choice of colour is truly awesome here. The combination of red and black has made the art unique.

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25. Amazing Diwali Rangoli Design:

The only word that can be used for this exclusive creation is ‘amazing’! It features a lady with a lighted divya in her hand, which is an ideal representation of diwali. The precise design, the dazzling background, the vivid borderline and above all, the exceptional concept are enough to make it a super hit for this festival.

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