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90 Simple Mehndi Designs for Beginners That are Easy to Try In 2019

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Mehndi (Lawsonia inermis) is a small local shrub whose leaves are used for making henna. In many rural areas people believe in grinding the fresh leaves in-between the grinding stones along with some oil. Though city people basically opt for dried leaves and ground them into a paste. Both the process of mehendi gives out a rusty-red pigment which finally turns to dark chocolate in color is suitable for making beautiful patterns on the palms and feet. Mehndi paste can be used on head hairs too as it works as a dye for coloring them giving them an extra condition and glossy look. One can feel the cooling property of the mehndi when applied in palms or feet plus natural mehandi has no side effects on the skin.

simple and easy mehndi designs

Mehandi is very popular thing in the regions of sub continent for a very long time and the women as well as girls use this on weddings or any other popular event. In Hindu festivals, mehendi is usually drawn on the palm, back of the hand and on feet, basically in those areas where the design will be clear due to contrast with the lighter skin on these surfaces.

Traditional indian mehndi designs are representations of the sun on the palm, which generally includes flowers leaves or a circular motif, in this context, is intended to represent the hands and feet. Mehendi or Henna is a paste that is bought in a cone shaped tube and is made into designs for men and women. These cones can be prepared at home by simply making a paste of grounded dry henna along with water. Many people believe that storing it for longer time gives more colors. So after storing it for few hours or overnight, pack it in a cone and cut the tip of this cone.

Mehndi is applied on hands, palms, legs and shoulder to beautify the body. Now day’s mehendi designers are also available like Arabic, Pakistani and Rajasthani, Marwari and many more according to their knowledge of the art. All of them are named after geographies. Though the mehndi designs might look similar but only with a close look one can identify the difference in the designs. Like in Arabic style mehandi, designs are generally incorporates comprising big floral motifs and does not cover the entire hand, but if you see an Indian designs, they use smaller and finer floral motifs covering the entire hand. Indian designs also often include animal drawings like elephant or a peacock.

Easy Mehndi Designs for Beginners

Mehndi paste is usually kept for rest around 4-6 hours. Many believe in keeping it over night so that it can give a darker color in short period if time. It is applied on the skin using a plastic cone or a paint brush. After 15–20 minutes, the paste starts to dry and they start to crack away, and during this time, a mixture of lemon juice and white sugar can be applied over the henna design to re moisten the mehandi paste so that the henna still stain darker. One can avoid this part by re-coating the design again with mehendi as sugar and lemon syrup makes the palms stickier creating other possible problems. The mehndi is worn three to six hours, or sometimes kept overnight and then removed by simply with the fingers. When first removed, the henna design is pale to dark orange in color and gradually darkens the color within the next 24 to 72 hours. This final reddish brown color can stay on hands or feet from one to three weeks depending on the quality and type of henna paste applied.

Simple And Easy Mehndi Designs for Beginners With Pictures:

Following are few simple & easy mehndi designs which an amateur person can make it by herself!!

1. Simple Mehndi Designs For Youngsters:

Simple Mehndi Designs

Now a day’s applying mehendi is becoming a part of trend where no reason is required. Many societies or school- colleges have started keeping mehandi designing competitions. This type of events helps the youngsters to showcase their creativity and enhance them further. Simple mehndi designs are getting popular day-by-day. Mehendi is one of the most important elements to beautify girls or women hands and feet.

2. Simple Flowers Mehendi Designs:

Simple Mehndi Designs 2

Since kids also love to try mehndi on their little palms, the above picture is suitable for them. Its not that full and is easy to create with many simple flowers. Or else let them apply a design of their choice! This is one of the excellent and simple mehndi designs for ever which is very suitable for all festivals.

3. Small Flowers Mehandi Design:

Simple Mehndi Designs 3

Sometimes it gets very difficult to apply mehandi on the front of the hand. So you should feel free to design your mehndi according to your comfort zone. Like in this picture, the design is not starting from the fingers. The design is started with creating small simple flower and the design ended in the wrist portion.

4. Simple Long Arm Length Mehndi Design:

For having a simple yet long arm-length mehendi design one can use flower motifs. You can use a number of flowers to fill your hands. Include few leaves and dots to make the design complete. Start your design with half flowers then gradually make few complete flowers. One can even shade the flowers and leaves to give a little more dramatic look.

5. Both Sides Back Hand Mehndi Designs:

it is one of the simple mehendi designs which can make every girls hand beautiful. If one is not that fond of flowers, they can try having few criss-cross line designs.  In the above design, the finger tips are the main focus. So keeping the palm area free fingers are used for fulfill the design.

6. Easy Mehndi Designs For Girls:

easy mehndi designs

Avoiding the flower patterns you can simply elaborate different sizes and patterns of leaves in your mehndi design. The above mehandi design showcases the leaves as its main element. Fully covered and shaded leaves are making this simple and elegant design so girly yet so traditional.

7. Semi Circular Mehandi Design Simple:

This design is simple as neither there is any flower, leaves or any bird’s motif. Plain lines with semi-circular borders makes this design look complicated. This type of mehandi designs compliments the wedding hand jewelleries.

8. Beautiful Flower Simple Mehandi Design:

simple mehandi designs

This is another simple yet gorgeous design. You can see how the flower motifs are used in the centre of the palm to create this beautiful design. The fingers are left clean which gives the hand look more modern. This design is suitable for simple and small occasions.

9. Singular Strokes Mehndi Designs:

Here big designs are used then after they are darkened. These patters are then filled up with singular strokes making it more artistic. For such designs it is best to leave the fingers cleans as filling up them might look a bit complex.

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10. Simple Mehndi Design For Beginners:

simple mehendi design

Here is again one simple and easiest mehendi design one can ever get the flower can be hard to draw but this question mark design is very much easy for every one. Just with few question mark signs, this design looks complete and gives you a decent look. You can elaborate your question marks by adding few dots.

11. Traditional Easy Flower Mehndi Designs:

esay flower mehndi design

This traditional flower mehandi design simple and very easy to make. In the back palm portion a big flower is created which is then finely detailed with either minute patterns or they are kept simply shaded. In such designs fingers are filled up with simple mehandi design which can compliment the palm designs.

12. Big Flowers Mehandi Designs:

Avoiding the center, these big flowers when applied angularly gives a funky look. The flower should be clean in its design and allow its petals to be shaded. You can use question mark sign and dots to detail your design.

13. Cute Mehandi Designs For Wedding:

You can leave your back side free from the design if you have other Jewellery to wear on those parts. In Indian wedding generally girls are loaded with heavy jewelries too, which sometimes makes little messy. So better avoid applying mehendi on those parts where you have planned to wear jewelries.

14. Simple Indian Mehndi Designs:

Simple Indian mehndi design

If you are planning for getting a simple mehendi design which can go easily with your heavy outfit, this design is very appropriate for solving such issues. You can see how beautifully flowers are created in this mehndi design.

15. Simple Circular Mehendi Designs:

simple circular mehndi design

If you are a working girl and have to go office with clean hands you can simply use these kinds of girly designs. Keeping the back full clean just apply this simple circular motifs on the fingers. This design will work well if you want to give yourself a trendy look.

16. Easy Lotus Mehndi Designs:

easy lotus mehndi design

Other than simple flowers, lotus is quite simple to make. And when this lotus motif is shaded further, it gives a more traditional look. In this above simple mehndi design, lotus and mango leaves are very beautifully used to give a complete simple look.

17. Different Mehandi Designs For Hands:

In this picture, leaving the regular pattern a different form has been applied. The mehendi design covers the palm but had been connected with finger with just by thumb and small finger. Darkening the borders of the three-leaf designs had made this design look more glamorous.

18. Sun Floral Mehandi Designs For Hands:

You can simply keep your palm portion clean from the mehendi to create more contrast on your palm mehendi.  You can use simple dots and big sun-flower designs to fill up your hands. And, you can shade the flowers or fill them up completely as filling up the flower can change the entire look of the design.

19. Different Colors Mehandi Designs:

You can use black mehndi too for adding more details and contrast in your design. Finger tips have been fully covered with s-shaped dots and the nails are painted matching to the outfit.

20. Simple Glitter Mehndi Designs:

Simple Glitter Mehandi Designss

If you think that your mehandi design isn’t giving you a desired satisfaction, you can glam it up with using temporary glittering-glue. Just be specific about not applying extra glitter on your simple design as it sometimes overlooks the design too.

21. Cool Zigzag Mehndi Patterns:

This design is for those girls who are bad in making flower and leaves. In this design, circles are joined with each other to create a chain like effect. Fingers are used for zigzag patterns which is complementing the design too. Just few betel-nut leaves have been used in the lower portion.

22. Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs:

simple arabic mehndi design

For a girl who love flowers and doesn’t know exactly how to use them in your mehendi design can take a great clue from this above picture. Small lotus has been created in an opposite direction of each other. Keeping the hands almost clear, the flower gives a sweet and sober look.

23. Beautiful Mehandi Design For All Occasions:

This is one of the simplest yet the most beautiful mehandi design. The hand is kept clean by just including few different sized flowers. Flowers are very finely detailed with shading the petals too. The fingers are used for heavy mehndi design with few criss-cross and half flower motifs. Dots have been used to define the borders clearer.

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24. Mehandi Designs For Office Parties:

easy mehendi designs

You can follow the same patterns in your mehandi design similarly as shown in the above picture. Only a part of the fingers are used and rest fingers and palm is left clean. Such funky designs are suitable for some office party as they can work as an accessory too. But be careful in filling up the motifs and shading them. Don’t forget to add small details like the dots.

25. Islamic Simple Mehndi Designs:

This mehendi design might give you a thought that it is very hard to make but if you take a closer look its very simple design. Straight lines, few criss-cross, boxes, semi-circular designs and few dots. This is a simple yet elegant design which covers the whole palm. You can even shade few boxes and circular motifs which will help in making the design look perfectly fully.

26. Petals Of The Lotus Mehndi Designs:

Use of few big flowers like lotus with many petals in the center of the palm is also a great idea. With this kind of designs there’s no need of filling up the finger portions. You can shade the petals of the lotus too for further detailing.

27. Shading Flower Mehndi Designs:

simple flower mehndi design

We have generally seen that the mehendi designs start with the index finger. But for a change you can also start your own design from the middle finger as shown in the above picture. Here similar flower motifs are used but they differ in there sizes. Starting from the tip of middle finger the flower size gradually increases towards the wrist. Shading the flower and drawing few empty circles completes this design.

28. Cute Finger Mehendi Designs:

cute finger mehndi designs

One can also apply mehandi based on their cloths design. In the above picture, the mehendi design is quite complementary with the cloth design. Dots have been used to connect the finger designs with the palm.

For adding more emphasis on the design, you can decorate your mehendi design along with few colorful sparkles or stones. Keep in mind to match these sparkles or colored stones according to your days outfit. It will enhance the mehandi design moreover it will work as a glittery ornament keeping your hands free from the bangles.

29. Heavy Mehndi Design Strokes:

For creating such easy though heavy design one must be careful about the mehendi strokes. The mehandi cone should a small pin like incision on its top so that the strokes can be extremely thin. With the help of thinner strokes even a simple mehendi design can look glamorous. In the above picture, leaves are the main focus of the design. Smaller leaves are always the best option for detaining the fingers. And for a clear differentiation of each design, double outline has been used.

30. Simple Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Simple Bridal Mehandi Designs

If its your own wedding and you want to go for full traditional way, you can use circular big palm designs to complete your traditional look. Fingers are half filled with simple mehndi design with few flower incision inside it.

31. Linear Mehandi Designs:

Linear MEHNDI Design

Designs of this type can be a part of the list of simple mehendi designs but the fact is that they are actually proper borders when you want to make heavy designs such as bridal designs. Sometimes you can also use these designs as bands and only do a variety of these one after the other leaving little spaces in the middle of two to make them look like ribbons stuck on the palm and behind. They look very trendy if you want to go for work the next day and want your palm to be absolutely clean as they can be done only on the top side too.

32. Traditional Gujarati Easy Mehndi Patterns:

Traditional Flower Petals MEHNDI

These are the easy mehandi designs which can be done for any occasion and also can be used as extensions to already made designs. The flower petals like we do during rangolis can look good as independent designs too if done in the middle of your palm as it can cover almost the whole of it. Circular flowers with round petals are some of the other simple designs which are done all the time and simply serve the ‘shagun’ purpose when you are running out of time but mehndi needs to be done as well.

33. Rich Floral And Peacock Mehndi Designs:

Rich Floral MEHNDI Designs

The absolute bridal collection includes rich mehndi designs such as these. The most beautiful mehndi designs have the same patterns of flowers and nets and dots to leave no gap on the hands. These designs can also be done on the top of your feet and also towards the elbow because you do not want just palm designs on your big day right? There are very less chances that these designs can go wrong but just make sure the nozzle of the mehndi cone is not cut too big because we only need thin strands for more intricacy.

34. Diagonal Floral Mehndi Designs:

Diagonal Floral MEHNDI Patterns

These are the easiest of all beautiful designs of mehndi because you do not need much complication to do these. Such designs are specially for those who love to keep it clean and would only like a band design on the palm as well as the top of your hands. These are diagonal designs which can start from your wrist and on till the middle finger or maybe your ring finger. The rest of the fingers can be left as it is for the cleanest design or you can decorate them with dots and just color the tips of the fingers.

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35. Floral Bands Mehandi Design:

Floral MEHNDI Bands

These are more like tattoos and less like rich mehndi designs. And, also these are some of the best mehndi designs for those who love to keep it trendy. These are like single, vertical bands or rakhis which may have a line of three or more flowers differing in sizes. Rather than using these as mehndi designs, you can use them to make henna tattoos on your back or below the neck maybe. Other than that these designs can also be used for fingers and wrists in the best possible way when you want to keep it neat with some stylish patterns here and there.

36. Simple Leaves And Flowers Mehendi Design:

Leaves and Flowers MEHNDI

Not only are feathers good as tattoo designs when combined with floral patterns, they are also some of the most beautiful mehndi designs. These are probably Iranian designs of henna art and are now loved by people all over. These are rich as well as trendy and uncommon and so you can definitely try one of these this wedding season. These can be big or small depending on your choice and the flowers can be more artistic or more realistic as per your choice again. Leaves make softer designs and thus the perfect designs for the new bride.

37. Mehndi Doodles Art:

Mehndi Doodles

Rich designs and also forming some of the most simple mehandi designs, these look good on any occasion. This is simply like doodling at the back of your notebook when you find the college lectures very boring but have to stay in the class. You can fill whole of your hands with these beautiful designs or can just put these to fill gaps between different designs made on your hands. These mehendi designs will also look super pretty on your feet and you can definitely try them for your wedding or do it for someone who is getting married this season.

38. Beautiful Asian Mehandi Designs:

Asian MEHNDI Designs

These designs have been rated as some of the best mehandi designs simple for all occasions. These are rich and comparatively simple because the richness overlooks the intricacy. What makes these designs even more beautiful is the fact that some parts of these designs are darkened by filling up gaps and the other parts are just simple doodling which turns gorgeous. When your mehndi dries up, the effect of orange and dark maroon looks amazing because there are shades all over the hand. These are good parts for bridal designs as well but it is always good to try such designs only if you have good hands at it.

39. Circular Mehendi Patterns:

Circular Mehndi DESIGN

This is one of the most simple mehandi designs with a rangoli type circle on the middle of your palm and then just doing whatever doodling you like within it. You can also make very small petals round the outer circumference of the outermost circle for an elaborate look. Such circular mehndi designs have layers which means there is a smaller circle within each circle till you reach a point where you find the circle is small enough to darken. This mehndi art can also be used as a design to be made on top of your hands or on top of your feet if you are the bride to be.

40. Isolated Mehndi Design:

Isolated Mehndi Designs

These are probably Pakistani mehndi designs which are extensively used for wedding purposes to decorate the hands and feet of the bride. Mostly seen in Muslim weddings, these independent designs are some of the best mehandi designs and have conical looks. You can start from below the wrists and then move towards the tip of your fingers. Just make sure and see carefully that these designs do not reach the tip of your fingers completely just like the diagonal floral designs. These may just reach a little above the part of the finger where you wear the ring. These mehendi designs look the best on top of the hands.

41. Abstract Floral Mehendi Design:

Abstract Floral MEHNDI Designs

Some of the most superb designs also called as the ‘base designs’ because these are the same designs which are made in the beginning when the artist starts from one corner of your palm. Once such a mehndi pattern is done, half the palm is already covered and you also have shaded portions in these designs. They look very pretty and automatically form the base of other extending designs if you want. These can also be done on the top of your hands and serve as some of the most common designs of mehandi. They look simple but once they are done they are bound to look gorgeous in the dark green color as well as in the mehendi orange color.

42. Colorful Mehandi Design For Marriage:

Colorful Mehandi DESIGN

When it is your special day and even the best mehendi designs are looking shabby to you, you can try something new. Try out any of the most beautiful mehndi designs and the enhance parts of the designs with different colors or body paints. Tell the mehandi designer about your choice and let them do the rest of the customization. Just make sure you do not put too much color because that may outshine the richness and beauty of the authentic mehandi but a hue more of brightness does no harm for sure.

43. Ultimate Bridal Mehndi Design:

Ultimate Bridal Designs

The richest of all, these ethnic, seamless floral mehandi patterns look the best during big functions. The designing is so rich that there is not a single gap in between any of the patterns. These look immensely gorgeous and are usually used as the full hand mehndi designs. These are some of the most beautiful mehendi designs and can impress any bride who wants it the most special way. The fun is that after the color comes out when you have dried your hands, no one even can find a mistake because the designing is so rich and because you do not know which design to look at here.

44. Easy Mehndi Designs For Kids:

easy mehndi designs for kids

Sometimes you are confused on how you should expand and camouflage the basic mehndi design you have already made on your hands. The solutions for such a problem are the simple mehandi designs such as the one in the given picture. These are block designs with broad motifs and no difficulty at all. You can just stretch them along with whatever main design you have made and make the whole thing look very beautiful. No matter how expert you are a mehendi designing, designs such as these can be excelled by anyone.

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45. Back Spiral Circular Mehandi Design:

Spiral Circular Designs

Talking about the list of easy mehendi designs these would top the list. These are nothing but flowers and leaves forming blocks and spiraled circles filling whatever gaps are there. When you know intricate and rich mehandi designs are just not your cup of tea, these pretty mehndi designs are which can actually save your day with an ace letter for you. Just make flowers in a zig-zag pattern and then leaves on each alternate corner. When you are completely done just make spirals in circular forms which seem to be protruding from each corner and you are done!

46. Simple Dots And Lines Mehndi Arts:

Dots and Lines

These are some of the best mehandi designs mainly because they are simple as well as rich and also intricate looking. The main camouflaging of these mehndi designs are with the help of petal patterns, dots and lines. You just need to make wavy mehendi designs and then decorate them with lines and big and small dots and rounds. The only things to be kept in mind are the proportions of these designs. Also, you must make sure that you are not over-doing any of these patterns out of shape because the simplest of designs can go wrong because we feel they are too easy to pay attention but henna art is something which needs attention no matter the level of difficulty is.

47. The Unique Ring Mehandi Patterns:

The Ring Pattern

This is a simple and easy mehndi pattern which is the most suitable for the central portion of your palm. You just have to make an even ring circle and then do the borders nicely and carefully. The inside will be a gap which you will have to do later. Then you have to do the rest of the designs of mehandi on the fingers and on top of the hand and then again start filling the gaps. Once you are completely done you need to come back to the ring and start doing designs inside the center of the ring to fill it up nicely. This is mainly a Rajasthani style of mehendi designing which looks very pretty.

48. Peacock Mehendi Designs On Back Hand:

Peacock Designs

Talk about a rangoli or a traditional cloth embroidery or even a mehndi design, peacocks form the best mehendi designs of all. Here are some of the very beautiful peacock patterns which you can use as base designs for your mehandi. You can also use these as assortments and additions to the already done base designs. Since these are long ones, these are most suitable to be drawn below the wrist till the inner side of the elbow and such other portions.

49. Cute Mandala Mehendi Designs:

Mandala Designs

You must have heard the term ‘mandala’ while searching for rangoli designs, but these also make some of the most beautiful mehandi designs. These can be long or short but talking specifically about this type they are always vertical. It is always better to use them as bands and borders, these are a little difficult than the rest. The tip to make these mehndi designs beautifully is to take down the design on a paper and then draw the same with an orange sketch pen on your palm. Once you are done with the sketching part you can start with the actual mehendi designing with the henna cone. Make sure you have covered all the lines you had made with your sketch pens otherwise it will look bad.

50. Rajasthani Bridal Mehandi Designs:

Rajasthani Bridal Mehandi

The best mehandi designs out of all these are mainly used for bridal purposes. They look rich and gorgeous and also need expert hands to complete them. If you have still promised your best friend that you will do the mehendi for her it is always good to be safe and try all the possible tricks. For this you have take down the design and practice it a few times before starting with the main work. Now take a new orange or brown sketch pen which has a pointed tip and do the whole mehandi design on the palms of your friend. When you are finally done you can start the overdoing with henna to cover the lines made with the pen.

51. Simple Thread Type Mehndi Design:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 51

Well there is no escaping the beauty of Mehndi these days. To start off with your creativity, try this simple mehndi. After you master the baby steps with these simple mehndi designs and you will soon find yourself getting hold of the trickiest henna arts. This one in particular is very easy to draw. Just follow the outline and cover the inner details as your creativity works. You can showcase this mehndi for further experimentation to your friends and ask for their opinion. The three fingers are left without a design. Only the pinky finger has an extension of the simple mehndi in the palm, making it less time consuming to make the design.

52. Inner Floral Pattern Mehendi:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 52

To avoid too complicated a flower pattern, you can focus on easy mehndi designs like these one. It is not only appealing to the eye, but also easy to make an outline. The inner floral pattern is a thick henna pattern. It is so traditionally made and will go for all occasions. The fingers all have the same design, further simplifying your task. You can just place your focus on the palm, and to make it look neat with the spacing and outline. That should do the trick.

53.  Unusual Arabic Spirals Mehandi Design:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 53

This isn’t exactly the most girly pattern you will come across, but it sure does look appealing to the eye because of its uniqueness. The design does not really have any basic motif like that of a flower or leaf. It has spirals mostly doing the job of making your hand look elegant with the henna on it. The design is not complicated at all. In fact, it is one of the designs that your kid and you can both pull off together.

54. Floral Pattern Rain Drops Easy Mehandi Design:


This is a gorgeous mehndi design for beginners. You can see for yourself how the floral pattern brings all the attention to your palm so beautifully. The fingers and wrist have more of a leafy pattern, which gives a different trendy approach to the mehndi. It is most suited for occasions like Rakhi or Eid or even small family gatherings. The best idea for this design to stand out would be to first work on the spacing and how much attention to details you want to give beforehand.

55. One Sided Mehndi Pattern:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 55

This is a very artistic approach to the usual floral design that you have been seeing so far. It is different in the essence that all the motifs are only focused on one side, and not just for the fingers, but also for the palm. The design is very beautiful and easy to outline if you get the basic idea. Start off with the first flower on your palm, and then keep spacing evenly and continue drawing more. Let it dry and then add the inner details if you like.

56. Easy Classic Mehendi Arabian Design:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 56

For this simple henna design, you need to keep the center of the palm clean, so focus on how the spacing is to be adjusted. Next, place the spirals and on the end add a dot. Fill up your fingers with this classic pattern. Next your palm, choose the opposite corner of the thumb and repeat. The simple space that you placed can indeed change the whole dynamic of how the mehndi turns out like.

57. Simple Medal Henna Design For Feet:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 57

A zigzag pattern has been used on the toe spirally, while the other fingers of the feet have a different design to work with. This simple mehandi design does need a little more time given that you need to take care of the fingers to not overlap each other’s designs by accidental touching. The continuation of the thumb henna, on the feet has a single motif that looks like a feather. You can keep that outline in mind when drawing and that will do you justice.

58. Easy To Experiment Mehndi Design:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 58

When you are looking for simple mehndi designs images, this one is one of the simplest in the lot. It is just as easy to make as it looks. While you might think a design that simple won’t garner any praise at all, you also need to remember that the scope of experimentation with the mehndi is a lot. You can add stones, glitters, use a different colored mehndi to complement the design. Why let go of all that fun and waste time on a harder to master henna art?

59. Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids:

simple mehndi designs for kids

This one is a rather design and suitable for kids since it covers most of the palm with little henna. That takes care of the henna spreading everywhere because of negligence. The borders need to be done carefully. After that you just need to fill in the henna well. Once done, let it dry and do the fingers if your kid is patient. You can also try this mehndi design for yourself if you have a small family gather for a pre festival or a small home puja ceremony. You will completely fit into the traditional form with the mehndi without even trying too hard.

60. Mehndi Design For Heels:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 60

Leaves or butterfly, whatever the pattern looks like to you, if you are in for the ride, give this one a go. Not only will it draw attention to your recently pedicure treated feet, but also gather curiosity about your shoes. Of course it is inevitable that the mehndi in itself looks so easy to make and so gorgeous. You can easily try this on if you have barely half an hour to sit down. The best part of this design is that you don’t have to sit around in a place all day. You can carry on with your activities independently.

61. Circular Flowers Arabic Easy Mehndi:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 61

It is one of the most easy mehandi designs on the list with just a circle with motifs of different sizes doing the rounds on your hands. Doesn’t it still look great though? You can always show your creativity and add more content to what you make for the pattern on your circle. However, the basic idea is to make the same circle with different circumferences as you go down the line towards your wrist. You can both start from your palm, and then reach down, or from your finger, as you will.

62. Rakhi Mehendi Design:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 62

Needless to say, this one looks perfect for the day of rakhi, since the circles look like just the deal. It can easily be created to look perfect on the hands of both kids and adults alike. The range can be more than the number of flowers; it really is up to you. The rest of the palm can be decorated with other motifs that complement that design.

63. Beautiful Easy Single Hand Mehndi:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 63

Sometimes applying henna on both hands all by yourself can be a tedious task and hence needs to be well supervised. This one on the contrary, speaking literally, is perfect for situations where you need to hold the dupatta or pallu and hence one hand is covered. The whole idea is to start with flowers and move up your design as you go. Do remember to link all the motifs together using a common line or another common motif like done here. Unleash your creativity and see to it that a good result comes out of it.

64. Remarkable Palm Mehandi Design:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 64

This simple mehandi design is so gorgeous despite the use of so little motif and design. It mostly has a basic outline of half bud of a flower patterns. To begin, start off with the bud in half and then make the spirals surrounding it. To give it a more dramatic look, you can always make petal like waves instead of the spirals shown here. Both will look equally gorgeous. In fact, if you so wish you can try both out on different occasions and see how it goes.

65. Geometrical Mehendi Design:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 65

Despite how hard it looks like, this mehndi is easy to make once you understand how it works. Make the criss cross overlapping lines first. Don’t treat the rhombus the way it looks, but instead treat the whole thing as a network of lines first. Let it dry a little until your next move. After this, darken the borders of ones you plan on leaving empty alternatively and add fish like scales to the rest. Lo and behold your new design is ready.

66. Round Motif Easy Mehndi:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 66

If you are bored of the usual floral patterns that you have been drawing, this motif has to do the trick for you. Look at how beautiful the design looks. Keep your focus on your palm, since the fingers don’t really have too much of details to them. The ultimate goal is to make the overall design look perfect. Try making the circle as round as possible and that your job is half done. This one occupies primer place in the list of the perfect and easy mehendi designs with smart pattern which is totally matched for

67. Elaborate Flower Mehandi Design:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 67

The mehndi is mostly designed with singular strokes, which is what gives it the appearance of no broken lines. This is an important step to make the design look as flawless as possible. After all, when the pattern is more spaced, finding faults become easier. Your focus should remain on your palm motif and you will end up perfecting the henna.

68. Bold Peacock Mehndi Easy Design For Wrist:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 68

Who said all peacock patterns are limited and meant for intricate designs? This one will prove you wrong. From your feet to your wrist and even shoulders or back, depending on the outfit you are wearing for the occasion, you can make the motif work anywhere. The design is so versatile yet sophisticated, that it will look perfect by the end.

69. Palm Traditional Simple Mehandi Designs:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 69

If you want to leave the front of your palm empty, then this style has to do the trick for you. This mehndi design is not only beautifully created, but also has the easiest of lines and patterns do draw. You just need to check for which line meets which end and so on. You will end up with the most gorgeous looking mehndi in no time!

70. Modern Easy Mehendi Design:


In case floral patterns aren’t really your thing, surprise everyone with this beautiful mehndi. It is easy to make and makes use of mostly lines and spirals. Practice a few times in a rough sheet to make the perfect spaced spirals on the fingers. This will make the final outcome even better.

71. Easy Indian Mehndi Design:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 71

Be careful with your mehndi cone for this one since a single miss in precision could mean a lot of mistakes and this might end up making the design look untidy., The outline has to be perfect to bring out the best of this henna art. Keep your focus and patience and that will make things even simpler for you.

72. Flowers And Leaves Mehendi Design:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 72

If you really like making those floral patterns but are running short on time, this ideal design for you will take care of your fetish. Just make sure the spacing of the flowers on both sides of the leaves are done correctly.

73. Single Palm Henna Art:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 73

There is only the palm that you need to focus on since the fingers are just the henna covered on a whole. If the circular motif on your palm is perfect, it will seal the deal and make everyone’s praise come your way soon enough. It is one the best days back simple and easy mehndi designs for all types of events.

74. Feet Pattern Easy Mehndi Designs:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 74

This easy mehandi design one should be a piece of cake for you if you know how to hold the cone well and keep the henna flow even. In the big picture, this will go perfectly with a traditional attire and high heels to accentuate the design.

75. Opposite Motif Pattern Easy Mehndi Designs:

Simple And Easy Mehandi Designs 75

As you can see, for this cool and easy mehndi design the same pattern has been inverted and drawn again. So once you draw the pattern it should be easier for you the second time around. You will be left with the cleanest design if your henna cone cooperates.

76. Side Palm and Back Mehendi:


This kind of easy mehndi design is carried out on the palm but half side. While the rest is carried out on the back side. The traditional design in the palm and the floral design on the back give it a marvelous look. Such designs are trendy for small functions.

77. Simple Colorful Bridal Mehendi:


This mehendi design is mostly seen on brides hands for engagement functions. The simple design is given a colorful texture to increase its charm. The floral design with leaves and wine branches give a glamorous look both to hands and legs. You can also you the color combinations that match with your outfit. Also different colored stones and floral printed diamonds can be used to decorate the mehendi.

78. Simple Heart Back Hand Design:


This design is a mixture of flowers, heart and traditional design. The mehendi is beautifully carried on the back side of the hand where the heart comes in the Center. You can also add a name in the center of the heart.

79. Simple Diamond Wrist Band Design:’


Want to have a bracelet type look with henna designs.  Go for such designs drawn on the back of the hand. The diamond shaped design gives it a simple but eye catching look. The simple dots drawn connecting the diamonds gives it a chain looks with small pearls.  The curvy leaves and design add to its beauty.

80. Dark Floral Design:


This dark floral design made on the back of the hand looks very elegant. It is made by making flower designs with lovely curvy Vine branches and leaves. Such design is widely carried for small occasions or also for the mehendi lovers it is a routine design to give the hand a floral finger bracelet look.

81. Simple Henna Shoulder Tattoo:


The henna tattoo designs have become popular these days. They are usually carried on functions, parties or weddings. They are tattooed at such place which would be visible even though you wear a beautiful blouse or designer dress. Generally such tattoos are often opted on the shoulder, back or waist. They are beautifully carried with Vine branches design, floral designs or traditional mehendi.

82. Amazing Foot Tattoo:

simple foot mehndi design

The legs get a delicate look when henna designs are tattooed on them. The beautiful mango designs on it with cine branches give it a feminine and delicacy. Such tattoos are carried on designer dresses which make your feet visible.

83. Heart Henna Tattoo Designs:

heart henna tatoo

The feet generally give a graceful glance to the henna designs. They can be made similar to Vine branches climbing the legs. This design literally stills the heart o F any one. The lovable hearts with different shapes are given wings to give an angel look. The wearer of such design has the signs of freedom, love and eternity.

84. Floral Back Mehendi Design:


This henna mehendi design catches the attraction of the viewer just in one look. A big flower with several curvy branches and small floral pattern looks seductive on designer wear for any couple functions or marriage.  It can also be designed with colors to give a different look.

85. Simple Leaves Mehendi Design:


The leaves and Vine branches have always attracted the newly wedded brides to give a simple and unique look. It also is a symbol that the bride is dedicated towards the new relationship and is ready for the new surprises. This design also gives a wrist finger band. It carries all the grace a new bride should have in its curvy design.

86. Arabic and Traditional Mehendi:


This is a unique design combining both Arabic and traditional mehendi designs. The outer mehendi is made thick and the inner filling is made with traditional designs. The lovely mango design looks sophisticated with curvy branches filled with various designs and dots. Such design symbolizes the fresh start of a new life with happiness.

87. Paisley Back Hand Design:


This lovely design is inspired by the Paisley mehendi designs. It decorates the back hand of any girl giving it a unique look. A combination of branches made of spiral design and side floral designs give it a marvelous look. It is usually carried as a fashionable mehendi design on trendy traditional outfits.

88. Back Hand Stone Mehendi Design:


This design gives you a glance of the traditional tribal design. This design can also be called a shield mehendi design. It is given a branch type of look with several small leaves coming out of the branches. To make it more attractive white stones are used which give a dew drop look. This mehendi design simply means protection.

89. Peacock Feather Design Mehendi:


This Arabic mehendi design has gained popularity among the brides who want to have thick mehendi giving fabulous look and color. Some also use black mehendi to make such designs. The design is given a peacock feather look which forms a wrist bracelet and a ring with netted finger. The peacock is a symbol of purity, love, care and faith and so is the meaning of such design.

90. Trendy Double Color Mehendi:


A mehendi design with dual colors look amazing when carried on weddings as well as some religious functions. The Arabic Design is made with black mehendi and normal henna mehendi. The outer shapes or the long Vine branches are made out of the black mehendi. The fillings with various designs are done with the henna mehendi. You can also carry the design vice versa. The floral design in the middle and the circular design on the back look catchy.

Mehandi is something which is not only a part of natural make-up but also good for the skin. The women are likely to get attracted towards the mehendi designs. The trendy designs such as Indian Mehendi design, Arabic Mehendi design, Pakistani Mehendi design, In do-Arabic Mehendi design, Moroccan design, Glitter Mehendi, Mughlai Mehendi etc. have a great influence on the brides or the girls while selecting the design. The Bridal Mehendi is generally given a touch of the traditional mehendi fillings to make it more cozy and attractive. Still some brides prefer Arabic designs which are thick and give dark color look.

Mehendi designs are always in demand as the craze of having it will never get lower. Some even carry them as temporary tattoo designs. We need this for almost all occasions and we are always confused about the most beautiful mehendi designs so now you can choose any of these from the list. and make yourself mad with the different designs and select the best that suits you to go in fashion these seasons.

These simple & easy mehndi designs use a very artistic approach on the usual henna arts with a twist, so you can astonish everyone, taking them by surprise.


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