Mehndi is one of the things women love to adorn for every festival and special occasion like marriage. But not many of us prefer extensive designs. So if you want to combine the beauty of single letter patterns without making them permanent, this article’s M letter mehendi designs are the perfect solution. Let us go through this article for some of these patterns before you finalize one for yourself.

Top 10 M Letter Mehndi Designs:

The list of M letter mehndi designs can be beneficial in deciding what pattern you want to get done on your body.

1. Bridal Mehndi Design With Letter M:

Suppose you are a bride and want to incorporate the letter M into your mehendi. In that case, this design can be an excellent option. This design combines the simplicity of the letter M in the center. At the same time, detailed and extensive patterns surround the alphabet beautifully. The unique thing about this design is that brides and anyone can get this design done for special occasions.

2. Double-Line Letter M Mehndi Design:

This M letter mehndi design has multiple lines forming the alphabet M. The top area of the letter has an element that looks like a heart on one side and like a strawberry on another side. This design seems abundant and doesn’t need any other details added to it unless you want to.

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3. Slender M Letter Tattoo Mehndi Design:

This M letter mehndi design is everything you want that represents simplicity with style. The alphabet M is done in simple lines except for the start of the letter, which has a heart and the side of the alphabet has a cross line with different hearts. The curves added to the alphabet make the letter even more special.

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4. M Letter Mehndi Tattoo With Hearts:

This M letter mehndi design is similar to the one before, except it has fewer curves and more hearts around the letter. In addition, the hearts have two dots added on top, which look like flying birds. Although this design looks beautiful, you can add hearts or other elements per your preference, giving the design a personal touch.

5. Mehndi Design Of Alphabet M With Florals:

This M letter mehndi design perfectly combines floral motifs, leaf motifs, and simple lines, all in one. Each element beautifully blends without making the design too flashy. One side of the letter M has leaves and beautiful roses, and the other has just the roses. The central area of the letter M has just one rose. There is also a cute little heart at the corner, which gives this simple design a special meaning.

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6. Pretty M Alphabet Mehndi Design:

If you are a fan of hearts in your henna designs but wish them to be inconspicuous, this M letter tattoo can be an ideal choice. The alphabet M starts with stylish curves with straight lines in between, ending with a heart that merges with the alphabet gracefully. Although there is no need to add elements, it is always a personal choice.

7. Cute M Letter Mehndi Design:

Sometimes small things are enough to express tons of emotions. For example, this M letter mehndi design has the alphabet m in a simple line. Just adding a shape similar to a heart highlights the letter gorgeously. Although these simple elements are enough for this design, you can add details of your choice to add to the beauty of this design.

8. Intricate Mehndi Tattoo Of Letter M:

Suppose you are a fan of florals and would like to incorporate them into your henna design. In that case, this M letter mehndi design is the perfect option. The unique feature of this design is that the letter M’s formation depends entirely on the floral motifs binding each other beautifully. This design looks good and can also be added to an extensive design.

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9. Attractive Mehndi Design M Letter:

This M letter mehndi design is done with a cursive letter and looks pretty simple. However, adding one dotted line and another straight line crossing each other makes it look stylish. At the same time, the hearts on the top and bottom of the alphabet add a personal touch to this design.

10. Lovely M Letter Mehndi:

Hearts are part and parcel of mehndi designs, whether small or big. This M letter is written in bold lines and surrounded by a thick-lined heart, then a thin-lined heart is added, giving it a double-lined effect. Finally, the outer pipe is added with tiny dots beautifying the design. You can decide on the size of this design as per your choice.


If you are a fan of simple Mehendi designs but not something flashy, the M letter mehndi designs mentioned in this article will help you immensely. It is best to go through these designs before getting one on your body. These Single letter mehndi designs look beautiful anywhere on your body, and you can make additions as you please. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!


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