Bombay-style mehndi designs, also known as Mumbai mehndi, are a popular form of henna art originating from the vibrant city of Mumbai, India. These designs are characterized by their intricate patterns, bold lines, and contemporary motifs. Bombay style mehndi incorporates a fusion of traditional Indian and modern elements, resulting in unique and eye-catching designs. This style is favoured by brides and henna enthusiasts for its versatility and ability to blend traditional aesthetics with contemporary trends.

Bombay Mehndi Designs With Pictures:

Below are some of the famous Bombay style mehndi designs with photos which are suitable for all types of occasions and wedding parties with all types of dresses.

1. Heart Shape Bombay Mehndi:

This simple Bombay Mehandi design is a mix of contemporary and traditional.

2. Color Bombay Mehendi Designs For Girls:

This is a Bombay motif pattern with the use of florals at places. The use of glitter makes it all the more attractive and is a perfect party-style Mehndi art. You can simply rock with this style of colourful Mehndi design.

3. Back Hand Bombay Mehndi Design:

This backhand Mehndi design can wear for all your occasions and functions.

4. Bridal Bombay Mehndi Designs:

This is a beautiful figure of “dulha-Dulhan” mehndi design and is perfect for a to-be bride. A symbol of love and affection togetherness.

5. Bombay Mehandi Design For Legs:

This Bombay-style leg mehndi design is very simple and beautiful.

6. Peacock Feather Bombay Mehndi Design:

This design is especially for simple mehndi lovers. This is very much in demand for family functions with simple attire.

7. Thick Dark Bombay Mehndi Design:

This Bombay-style mehndi design is Simply the beautiful creativity of the artist. A motif pattern unique in itself and with so much of intricacies involved. This mehendi design may be suited for long hands as the pattern has various spacing.

8. Bombay Mehandi Design For Hands:

This beautiful mehndi pattern is for a to-be bride in a wedding ceremony. The work of mesh with florals is beautifully portrayed, making it so attractive with the intricate designs filled in.

9. Traditional Bombay Mehendi Design:

This mehndi pattern is just so traditional and attractive. Since there is enough space between the patterns on the wrist area and the patterns on the fingertips, that enhances the beauty of the pattern itself.

10. Latest Bombay Style Back Hand Mehndi:


In conclusion, Bombay-style mehndi designs offer a beautiful fusion of traditional and modern elements, capturing the essence of Mumbai’s vibrant spirit. With their intricate patterns and bold lines, these designs have gained popularity among henna enthusiasts and brides looking for unique and eye-catching artistry. Embracing both cultural heritage and contemporary trends, Bombay-style mehndi designs are a testament to the enduring beauty and creativity of Indian henna art.


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