It is that time of the year again. 2021 is about to end real soon, and it is high time that you should be well-equipped with a good number of rangoli designs which might be suitable for the coming year. You can’t just repeat the same things. Hence you have to think of something new, which is a hectic job. For your assistance, we have arranged a list of the top 9 rangoli designs for the new year which will be best for 2022.

9 Simple Happy New Year Muggulu(Kolam) Designs 2022:

Here are some of the new rangoli designs for this year 2022 which use a number of techniques like dots, flowers, colors, and fonts. They are simple and easy to create at home with a little practice.

1. Peacock Happy New Year 2022 Rangoli Design:

This is yet another amazing peacock design which is further beautified with flowers. Here, a peacock is done first using ground rice, and then another one is done facing the previous one. This is absolutely a wonderful rangoli which will be the best of new years.

2. The Seven Circle Rangoli for New Year 2022:

This rangoli design sports a seven circular design which is surrounded by flowers. In the first place, a circle is drawn in the centre with the help of ground powder and then surrounding that circle six similar circles are done. This is one of the best rangoli designs ever.

3. The Floral New Year Rangoli Designs for 2022:

This beautiful floral rangoli will be perfect for the commencement ceremonies of the coming year. Here, flowers a done using a ground powder which is drawn on dark brown background. This particular brown background makes the rangoli design look more alluring.

4. The Duck Rangoli Design for New Year 2022:

This rangoli design exhibits the face of a duck in the front. Torn flowers are used to adorn this rangoli design. It works great for an outdoor rangoli design and will be ideal for this coming new year.

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5. 2022 Simple Rangoli Designs for New Year:

Among the many rangoli designs for the new year, this is the simplest one. The rangoli sports a four-sided design pattern where the end of the design is decorated with circular drawings. Anyone will easily fall in love with this beautiful design. It will be a great choice for decorating your floors with this awesome rangoli design during the new year.

6. The Traditional New Year Rangoli Designs:

It is always better to go the traditional way. The rangoli design displays a semi-circular pattern which is further detailed with straight white lies and other small designs which make the rangoli look alluring.

7. The Floral Rangoli for New Year 2022:

This is yet another floral rangoli design. In this motif, the center floral pattern is surrounded by many small flowers done with ground rice. This intricate floral rangoli will be perfect for the coming occasions of the new year.

8. The Colorful New Year Rangoli 2022:

This new year rangoli exhibits a circular pattern filled with contrasting colours which is the main reason behind the allure of this design

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9. The Traditional Peacock Design for New Year:

In the first place, we have this awesome traditional peacock design which will look amazing on marble or mosaic flooring. Here, the whole design is first drawn with a white material which highlights the design. After that, blue, yellow and black ground rice colors are used to beautify the design. Furthermore, the white colour is again used to detail the peacock’s neck

There are unique designs of happy new year rangoli that you can try for 2022.

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