Many people love to put mehndi that is simple yet looks stunning. The little details in the design make the complete look gorgeous. So the bail mehndi design is also the perfect fit for girls and women. Each design is easy to apply and has simple lines and curves.

Latest and Attractive Bail Mehndi Designs:

Take a look at a few nice collections of bail mehndi patterns.

1. Side Arm Bail Mehndi Design:

The latest in the mehndi design scene is the side arm style. Here the bail mehndi design is applied only on the side of the arm, reaching up to the tip of the thumb and the index finger. The design is simple and delicate. Young girls especially love this one.

2. Palm Bail Mehndi:

A bridal mehndi design needs to be intricate and gorgeous. This bridal mehndi bail design is very simple but gorgeous. The palm of the bride is filled with curves and lines that ultimately give a pretty look. If you are ok with a simple and catchy look for your mehndi, then this one design will be yours.

3. Bail Design in The Center:

Get this really simple mehndi bail design in the centre of your hand. The top of the hand and the middle finger is delicately decorated with the design. You can also incorporate colour in the design with glitter or stones. Office-going women can prefer this design for their office functions or parties too.

4. Arabic Bail Designs:

Another excellent and easy mehndi bail design hand can be done in the Arabic style. These designs are very simple yet look delicate and beautiful. This example of the Arabic design is filled with dots and lines. To design this type of design, we need a proper mehndi artist who needs an eye on work. It gives a nice look for fairer hands.

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5. Pakistani Bail Designs:

A great inspiration for the mehndi design bail style is the Pakistani version. This gorgeous rose flower theme design looks stunning on the hand. The leaves and flowers are done intricately yet look very simple. This one gives proper attention to your friends or relatives too.

6. African Bail Designs for Leg:

The African mehndi designs are another excellent example of bail mehndi. The design on the feet looks very simple and elegant. The lines and rustic village print are very evident in the simple mehndi bail design.

7. Mango Motif Mehndi Design:

An easy mehndi bail design includes a little flower and a mango motif. The mango design has curves that look good, so it is chosen in the bail design. Try out these intricate designs on your feet or hand. Get this design on any other special occasion.

8. Peacock Bail Mehndi:

The bail mehndi designs 2022 saw a rise in the use of the peacock design. The peacock design is widely used in India as it symbolises pride and love. The peacock feathers are mainly used on the arm or the foot.

9. Latest Designs for Girls:

Here are the latest designs in bail mehndi for girls. These incorporate the fingers and the rings worn too. So this design makes space for the ring that needs to be worn. The intricate details around the other fingers are beautiful.

Bail mehndi designs can be done on the arm, legs or fingers. The simple designs can be taken from Pakistan, Punjab, Africa and even Arabic countries.


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