Any special occasion in Indian and many of the neighbouring countries’ households is incomplete without mehendi. Its popularity has spread across western countries, called henna, and is used for engraving a temporary tattoo. This article gives you a glimpse into the rich and unique Pakistani mehndi designs.

Pakistani mehendi designs represent art, culture, celebration, and tradition, just like in India. But there is a drastic difference in the styles of Indian and Pakistani mehendi designs. The designs used for mehendi in Pakistan combine Arabic and Indian techniques.

Although there is a difference in the patterns, Every Pakistani bride adorns these beautiful designs for their special day, deeming them auspicious. The significance of mehendi is deep-rooted in Indian and Pakistani cultures, which naturally add beauty to the bride. Let us go through the Pakistani mehendi designs that are suitable for all occasions.

20+ Best Pakistani Mehndi Designs:

We present you with some of the best Pakistani mehendi designs representing the culture and adding beauty to the bride on her special day.

1. Beautiful Pakistani Fancy Mehndi Designs:

This Pakistani mehendi design has it all, a dome, meshwork, and leaf motifs that are incredibly delicate and intricate. Although the design might look time-consuming, the result makes it all worth it. The details and precision of the design make the wearer represent style going hand in hand with tradition.

2. Simple Mandala Pakistani Mehndi Ke Design:

Mandala art has been gaining popularity, and the mehendi designs are no exception. This mandala art Pakistani mehendi design is a perfect option for those who love to opt for minimalistic designs. The centre of your hand’s back has a giant mandala, and the fingertips have a beautiful intricate design. Although it looks simple, this design seems exceptional.

3. Simple Pakistani Easy Mehndi Design:

This is yet another backhand Pakistani design for those who love elegant designs. The design has two bold floral motifs surrounded by swirls in a lighter shade. This design is interlinked to the fingers with thin and delicate wines elevating the design’s beauty exceptionally.

4. Small Joint Diamond Pakistani Henna Designs:

Who doesn’t love mehendi designs that look like jewellery? Yes! This Pakistani mehendi design depicts the beauty of jewellery incorporated into henna designs. Small diamond-shaped motifs are interlinked with thin lines, culminating in a broad structure similar to a bracelet. This design has intricate patterns and can be adorned for any special occasion.

5. Half-Moon Ring Pakistani Design:

This is another perfect example of a jewellery design that looks similar to a hand harness. Although the procedure is relatively simple, its significance is much more important for the wearer. The middle finger has the link to the half-moon bracelet line, whereas the top of the other fingers has small moon motifs creating a beautiful look.

6. Semi-Circle New Pakistani Mehndi Design:

This Pakistani mehendi design doesn’t cover your entire hand. This is a perfect option for small occasions since it is an ideal combination of trendiness and tradition in equal amounts. Floral motifs are created by filling up your area’s background, whereas other parts of your hand are left clean, elevating the pattern.

7. Intricate Pakistani Mehndi Designs:

This is a perfect option if you are looking for an elaborate and intricate Pakistani Mehendi design for your special day. This design is filled with floral and leaf motifs in different ways, along with an assortment of designs. Brides or people attending a wedding usually prefer these types of plans.

8. Detailed Pakistani Henna Design:

This is yet another example of mandala art incorporated into Pakistani mehendi designs. If you observe the two mandalas on both, the palms have different patterns making the design stand out beautifully. The tips of your fingers have simple criss-cross patterns which help elevate the mandala further.

9. Marvelous Pakistani Bridal Mehendi Design:

If you are a fan of intricate and elaborate patterns for your mehendi, this design is a perfect choice. The curvy dome at the back of your hand has small patterns combined with black and white checkers. The fingertips also have similar ways, which h leave space between them, making the design stand out. It is best to seek a professional mehendi artist to get this design drawn.

10. Bold Pakisthani Dulhan Mehendi Design:

This is a perfect example of traditional Pakistani mehendi designs with many intricate and complicated patterns. Although it requires a lot of patience to get it done and might seem tedious, the result looks exceptional. Some areas of the wearer’s hand are kept clean, further highlighting the design. Without the spacing in between, there is a chance for the plan to look overcrowded.

11. Pakistani Mehendi Design With Beautiful Roses:

Floral motifs have been an integral part of bridal mehendi designs irrespective of the country and style. Bold outlines of the rose flowers look beautiful, along with peacock motifs and an assortment of patterns all over the hand, making it a traditional option for brides on their special day.

12. Single Mid Strand Mehendi Design:

This Mehendi work is mainly a variety of Arabic styles used. The entire length, along with the floral and peacock prints, needs to be appropriately maintained; otherwise, the art’s beauty may seem distorted. Although it may seem simple, these designs are filled with intricate detailing, which adds to the beauty.

13. Pakistani Mehendi With Bracelet Design:

This beautiful mandala art mehendi design with intricate patterns at the back of your hand is done exceptionally well. The fingers also have swirling patterns leaving out your fingernails. Another unique feature of this design is the broad pattern on the wrist that looks similar to a bracelet. These types of plans look exceptional for any special occasion.

14. Beautiful Pakistani Mehndi Design:

For a mehendi design to stand out, you don’t have to fill out your hand completely. Look at this design’s intricate and stylish patterns that look similar to a piece of jewellery. Covering the wrist and fingers, this design seems nothing less than a beautiful ornament. Although it may look tedious, this design has a beautiful result.

15. Simple Pakistani Mehndi Design:

If you want to highlight your fingers and leave the palm area elegant and straightforward, this design is the one for you. The fingers have unique and stylish patterns that add to the wearer’s beauty. The rose and butterfly on the palm have thin and bold outlines with light and thin line fillers. Kids and teens usually prefer these designs.

16. Spiral Pakistani Mehndi Design:

These are very easy to do; a mehendi design with very thick spiral motif work. You can do these easily with Pakistani mehndi design photos or opt to get these done by professional experts. These are done on the fingers, and you can make other motif patterns for the rest of the hands and do these for your party. These simple mehndi designs are also very teamed up with lehengas and other ghagra cholis or even Anarkali suits.

17. Heart Shape Pakistani Mehandi Designs:

These are heart-shaped leaves in Pakistani mehndi style. You can try these as an easier type of design that you can do with your friends. This can also do at a girl’s night party. You may get these Mehandi designs quickly on your hands. This type of Mehandi design is also suitable for other body positions. These are also good when teamed with any zaree work or embroidery lehengas. One does not need ample skill to replicate the same and is perfect for teaming up for simple parties.

18. Single Leaf Pakistani Mehndi Designs for Wrist:

This is a beginner’s mehendi work done in Pakistani heavy motif format. You can try these stylish designs at home as an attempt at Pakistani mehndi designs for Eid. This can also be something that you can do at a girl’s night party. These simple type patterns are also stylish to wear for a kitty party.

19. Mesh Pakistani Mehandi Designs:

This is a very stylish mesh and spiral henna Pakistani design. You can try wearing these for your family occasions. These are also quite trendy and cute to flaunt. You can also use Rhinestones along with a complete mehndi design. One can even choose to use these as Pakistani Dulhan mehndi designs for those who wish to look simple yet regal with cute decorations.

20. Floral and Peacock Pakistani Mehandi Design:

This is a floral and peacock Mehandi design with detailed work in the Pakistani style. These are pretty stylish to wear for a party or get-together. You can wear this modern art with your lehengas and other ghagra cholis. If you want to do these even for leisure, they suit you best as they are not heavy or do not flaunt much.

21. Abstract Design in Pakistani Mehndi’s:

Abstract designs in mehndi art are rarely seen and are mainly made by ladies who want to design with mehndi to suit their outfits or decorate their hands. Red and black abstract motifs that make blocks of flowers, leaves and spiral lines make the design look eye-catching. Such designs are not full hand covering, leaving space for the skin; the design highlights the main portion of the hand. The abstract pattern’s best thing is that it does not need to bring a perfect shape to the image drawn. A cartoonish structure to the pattern can even make the design look attractive. Even freshers in mehndi art can create brilliant designs with abstract patterns.

22. Eid Special Pakistani Design:

Eid is a special day for the most significant population in Pakistan. On the day of Eid, women and men dress up in their best, and when women are dressed, mehndi brings a spark to their beauty. Special Eid mehndi designs are unique. Simple patches of ornamental designs hit when highlighted on the hands. The backhand Pakistani Eid mehndi’s designs look amazing in their hand bracelet style black mehndi.

23. Simple Shaded Pakistani Mehndi Design:

Pakistani mehndi photos look amazing when the brides love to look back on the marriage albums. Shaded mehndi designs are one most beautiful designs the Pakistani mehndi diaries bring us. The motifs are filled with shades of thin and light lines that make a dark image of the motif. The entire mehndi looks fantastic when the colour of the mehndi turns into its original red colour. Such shaded mehndi designs look awesome on floral and leave on the hands. Preferable, the roses look fantastic in the flowers. Bold outlines make them look amazing.

24. Decorated Finger Mehndi Design:

Pakistani bridal mehndi designs have got their beauty and elegance. Nowadays, women are looking for designs where the entire hand is left empty with the finger beautifully designed. Even the floral work done at the corners seems quite trendy. This new type of latest Pakistani mehndi design best suits those who believe in elegance and look over intensity.

Final Thoughts:

Pakistani mehendi designs beautifully amalgam certain aspects of Indian and Arabic designs. The main feature of Pakistani mehendi designs is black-coloured mehendi with red-coloured mehendi internally. It comes in different patterns that can be painted on hands and legs, enhancing the wearer’s beauty.


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