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25 Best Pakistani Mehndi Designs With Images

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Pakistani mehndi designs are very popular. These mehandi designs are tried out not only in the Indian ceremonies or other cultural functions but also for other variety of family and or occasional functions. You can also do these easily on your hands and also on various positions of the body. These are also considered to be very heavy and have heavier motif works than other forms of henna arts. You can do various fashionable formats with these.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

There is the mango, peacock or the other dot motifs and the mesh and chain works that are quite popular and are often seen on the Pakistani women. If you have a function to attend to or a kitty party that you want to go to, then you can book these sessions from reputed artists who do these types of art works. You can also get these their design works from which you can choose which designs you would like to do on yourself.

Beautiful Pakistani Mehndi Designs With Pictures:

Below are the top 25 types of Pakistani Mehandi Designs With photos that you should definitely try out and flaunt for your parties and other family occasions.

1. Intricate Pakistani Mehndi Designs For Hands And Legs:

Pakistani Mehandi 4

These are thick Pakistani motifs and you can do these like it has been shown in the image above on your hands and legs. You can also do these on your back. You should book sessions from a parlour reputed in these types of fashionable bridal designs. Then you can sport these in your parties or your engagement party. You can also wear these with your salwar kameez of heavy sarees. You can also team these with your zaree work anarkali suits. These are also good for your kitty parties or a girls night out.

2. Floral Pakistani Mehandi Designs:

Pakistani Mehandi 2

This is a floral Pakistani mehandi design that has very heavy designs. You can extend these as well to as much you are comfortable to sport. These can be extended till the elbows or even till the upper hands. You can do these types of abstract and wrist let fashion designs for any type of parties or weddings. These can be easily suitable with anarkali suits and other salwar kameezes.

3. Dark Coloured Pakistani Mehendi Design:

Pakistani Mehandi 3

This is a bridal mehndi design done with dark coloured henna. You can do these if you are going to be attending a function or if you want something that has heavy designs. You can also do these Pakistani forms of motifs and other cuticle art works with spiral patterns as these are quite stylish.

4. Spiral Pakistani Mehndi Design:

Pakistani Mehandi 1

These are a very easy to do mehendi design that has very thick spiral motif work. You can do these easily and you can also get these done from professional experts. These are done on the fingers and you can do other motif patterns for the rest of the hands and do these for your party. These simple mehndi designs are also very teamed up with lehengas and other ghagra cholis or even anarkali suits.

5. Heart Shape Pakistani Mehandi Designs For Girls Party:

Pakistani Mehandi 5

These are heart shape leaves Pakistani motifs. You can try these as an easier type of design that you can do with your friends. You can also do these on a girl night party. You may get these mehandi designs easily on your hands. This type of mehandi designs are also suitable for other positions of the body. These are also good when such are teamed with any zaree work or embroidery lehengas.

6. Circular Pakistani Henna Design:

Pakistani Mehandi 9

This pakistani mehndi design is like phenomena. These are very dark coloured full hand mehndi that is very heavy and these also have rangoli and other mango motifs. You can wear these for your parties and marriages also. These are also very colourful. For these you will have to spend larger amount of money and time. These are done from reputed professionals who do these colour works.

7. Dark Layered Pakistani Mehndi Design:

Pakistani Mehandi 7

These are a dark henna design done in Pakistani format. You can also do these mesh works and other styles which are on the hands. One can also make leaves and other floral prints on their hands.

8. Modern Pakistani Mehandi Designs For Full Hands:

Pakistani Mehandi 8

These are a fashionable dark pakistani mehendi design that you can wear for your parties. These can be teamed up with any other zaree work sarees or other lehengas.

9. Full Back Hand Pakistani Bridal Mehendi Design:

Pakistani Mehandi 6

These are floral Pakistani bridal henna. You can also do these types of fashionable mehndi designs on the full length of your hands. These can be also extended to the upper arms. Which are very heavy and have very thick patterns done.

10. Single Leaf Pakistani Mehndi Designs For Wrist:

Pakistani Mehandi 10

This is a beginner’s mehendi work done in Pakistani heavy motif format. You can try these stylish designs at home. These can also be something that you can do on a girl night party. These type simple patterns are also stylish to wear for kitty party.

11. Cool Pakistani Floral Motif Pattern:

Pakistani Mehandi 15

These types of Pakistani floral motif works can be stylish to sport with your salwars. You can easily book sessions from reputed artists and parlours and get these for your occasions. These can be done in colourful as well you can use body glues and you can use rhinestone stickers for the central position of the design. These can also be extended for spiral patterns till elbows.

12. Patterned Pakistani Mehendi Designs For Occasions:

Pakistani Mehandi 12

This beautiful Pakistani mehandi design drawn on back side of the hand. In that fingers are beautified with small patterned flowers. These are mesh work patterns. You can try out these Pakistani patterns for your family occasions. These are not extremely heavy. These can be worn with lehenga cholis and heavy sarees.

13. Trendy Pakistani Dark Mehndi Design:

Pakistani Mehandi 13

This is a dark Pakistani henna design. These are very stylish and trendy. You can also extend these till the full length of the arms. These can be easily worn for your kitty parties or any family occasions. These can be worn with lehengas and other anarkali suits. You can wear heavy jewellery and chandelier earrings with these.

14. Mesh Pakistani Mehandi Designs:

Pakistani Mehandi 14

This is a very stylish mesh and spiral henna Pakistani design. You can try wearing these for your family occasions. These are also quite trendy and cute to flaunt. You can also use Rhinestones for along with total mehndi design.

15. Floral And Peacock Pakistani Mehandi Design:

Pakistani Mehandi 11

This is a floral and peacock mehandi design with detailed work in the style of Pakistani. These are quite stylish to wear for a party or get together. You can wear these modern art with your lehengas and other ghagra cholis.

16. New Beautiful Pakistani Mehndi:


Pakistani mehndi is well known for its beautiful curves and an equally attached pattern that comes out of each new design. Henna mehndi has always been used for the art of mehndi on hands and legs but recently fashion of golden and colored inks are also used to make mehndi’s on hands. Pakistani mehndi designs are chosen like such beautiful and colorful mehndi on functions in the wedding seasons. Matching color with the lehnga suits best on a wedding day too.

17. The Exquisite Pakistani Mehndi Design:


Exquisite Pakistani mehndi images are also found on many internet links that can be very useful to decorate your hands. The recent design very much in fame is the circular designs made on the back hands of girls. The circular design resembles more like flowers, but with fine designs that follow step by step from a point to a large circle. Followed with other interlinked designs, the entire hands turn out with beautiful mehndi design.

18. Outstanding Pakistani Mehndi Design:


Pakistani mehndi designs are generally seen to be dark in patterns and have a particularly pattern that is given more emphasis on. A V-shape design on hands particularly on the back looks splendid. The first V-shape line is made on the back side of the hand from the middle finger to the wrist part. Followed with the same line other designs are joined, beautifully creating a bold V on the hand with full of patterns. The remaining portion of the hand remains empty showing the skin emphasizing on the bold design.

19. Pakistani Red and Black Mehndi Design:


Red and black mehndi’s have captured high fame among women. The contrast light dark color of the red and black mehndi looks eye catching. The leafy designs or flowers on the hands highlight with black outline looks adorable. Pakistani mehndi designs particularly look amazing with the two tone d mehndi.

20. Abstract Design in Pakistani Mehndi’s:


Abstract designs in mehndi art are very rarely seen. Particularly made by ladies who want to make design with mehndi just to suit her outfit, or decorate her hands. Red and black abstract motifs that make blocks of flowers leaves and spiral lines, make the design look eye catching. Such designs are not full hand covering, rather leaving space for the skin, the design highlights the main portion of the hand. The best thing about the abstract pattern is that it does not need to bring a perfect shape to the image drawn. A cartoonish structure to the pattern can even make the design look attractive. Even the fresher’s in mehndi art can make brilliant designs with abstract patterns.

21. Bangle Style Mehndi Designs:


When art has to be shown, then there need not to be a purpose behind it. Mehndi is such a popular art form among women in which they experiment marvelous designs that look brilliant in any form. A bangle design floral mehndi pattern has gone hit among women that include the Pakistani mehndi designs for girls. The circular design interlocked with each other resembling a bangle design is very hard to do; indeed a perfectionist can do such a design with pace.

22. Bridal Diamond Mehndi Pakistani Design:


Pakistani bridal mehndi’s for hands are not limited o full hand mehndi traditional design, but even out of the crowd, simple but indeed mind blowing attractive designs are selected for the bridal mehndi designs. A spiral turn around the hand design is one of the hard mehndi designs as well as awesome looking bridal pattern. Such a design can look more dynamic when decorated with diamonds stick upon them. The spiral designs do not cover full hand space for the skin to peep in between brings out a decent mehndi design.

23. Pakistani Bride Mehndi Design:


Pakistani bridal mehndi designs look brilliant with the jewelry the bride is loaded on. The hand bracelet with rings attached popularly known as pocha or panja in different languages, accessorize the mehndi design combine appears marvelous. Keeping in center the beauty of the hand bracelet, the Pakistani bridal mehndi design is made on the remaining part of the hands. The mehndi design is made on the either fingers where the attached bracelet rings are not worn.

24. Eid Special Pakistani Design:


Eid is a special day for almost major population in Pakistan. The day of Eid, women and men dress up in their best, and when women are dress, mehndi brings a spark to their beauty. Special Eid mehndi designs are very unique. Simple patches of ornamental designs go hit when highlights on the hands. The back hand Pakistani eid mehndi’s designs look amazing in their hand bracelet style black mehndi.

25. Simple Shaded Pakistani Mehndi Design:


Pakistani mehndi photos look amazing when the brides love to look back on the marriage albums. Shaded mehndi designs are one most beautiful design the Pakistani mehndi diaries bring to us. The motifs are filled with shades of thin and light lines that make a dark image of the motif. The entire mehndi looks fantastic when the color of the mehndi turns into its original red color. Such shaded mehndi designs look awesome on floral and leaves on the hands. Preferable the roses look fantastic in the flowers. Bold outlines make them look amazing.

Pakistani mehndi designs have a very unique choice in making the intricate patterns rarely found in other mehndi art folk. The mesmerizing patterns like the veils and webbed designs bring eyes together to feel the depth of the mehndi design. The thin yet bold patterns that combine with each other and make a delightful motif look amazing and attractive even from a distance. The main thing very common in every Pakistani mehndi design is that the artist significantly emphasize on the outlines of the motifs rather than in filling them. The main outlines of the design highlights the pattern and the filling is done so fine that the contrast outcome of the fair skin and dark mehndi just explore its beauty to the fullest.

If you want to fill your hands with a perfection of mehndi designs, Pakistani patterns surely brings you the best mehndi’s.