The harvest festival of Pongal which marks the beginning of the end of the winter season is considered the most auspicious among farmers and is one of the most celebrated in India.  Pongal, also known as Sankranti. The four days of revelry sees every verandah of every house decorated with the traditionally famous Rangoli or Kolam or Muggulu. Generally done in white rice powder or paste, the manifold Pongal rangoli designs are made from different coloured powders as well which bring life to the festive season. To make this Pongal even more delightful, we bring you 9 best Pongal rangoli designs.

Latest Rangoli Designs for Kite/Maghi/Pongal Festival 2020:

1. Surya Kolam:

On the joyous occasion of Sankranti, farmers invoke the blessings of Lord Surya, the Sun God and give him thanks for yet another fruitful harvest. Many Pongal Rangoli themes are designed around the sun which depicts the personality of Lord Surya like the one below. Made from the traditional white rice powder, it’s elaborate and intricate detailing clearly stands out making it a fabulous choice for a Surya kolam.

2. Flower Rangoli Design for Sankranti:

Flowers bring beauty to any festival or celebration and make the occasion even more colourful. It is especially captivating when used in Rangoli designs. This florid pattern is made with the petals of several different flowers and rounded off with little diyas at the outer border of the circle. A red rose, the queen of all roses sits nestled in the center to complete this unique design.

3. Pongal Pot Rangoli Design:

Rice which is the cornerstone of this harvest festival is hugely significant for the farmers. This design showcasing five colourful pots brimming with rice is true to the meaning of Pongal which literally means the boiling over of milk and rice and the tulip flowers in between serving as a reminder of the flowering spring to come.

4. Chuzhi Kolam Rangoli:

A typical Sankranti rangoli design is the Chuzhi Kolam formed by making twisted chains and interlinking one loop with the other to create a beautiful and meaningful design. It would look astounding at the door of one’s house or the main entrance.

5. Mattu Pongal Kolam:

The Rangoli pattern depicted here is symbolic of the third day of the festival known as Mattu Pongal where farm animals like the cow and other cattle are worshiped in addition to the sun and other crops of harvest like sugarcane.  It is a colourful display of all the important aspects of the festival of Pongal.

6. Freehand Flower Rangoli Designs for Sankranti:

This is a freehand flower design that is impeccably done in pastel shades with white outlining the borders.  The warm undertones give it a freshness of beauty making it an alluring design for the festive occasion of Pongal.

7. Traditional Mandala Kolam:

The remarkable skill and silent yet profound expression of the women of Tamil Nadu is showcased in this traditional geometric pattern known as ‘mandala’.  Made from fresh yellow and dried marigolds and other flower petals, the design is exquisite and not short of a showstopper.

8. Pongal Rangoli Designs:

If there were a competition, this colossal masterpiece would definitely be in the running. The outer circles are elaborately done in white rice powder and paste together with other coloured powders while the innermost circle is infused with flowers and flower petals giving the entire design an imposing yet sublime look.

9. Sun-Inspired Rangoli Design:

This design is another classic example of the sun and a tribute to the Sun god Surya. It is an artistic piece of work done entirely with flower petals. The sun’s rays alone are done in two shades of yellow and set against a perfect backdrop of white petals with a blue petaled chakra encircling the rays. The red roses on the outer yellow section of the circumference surrounded by the burning diyas complete the look.