Bollywood actresses have always been setting a new trend either with their dressing outfit or with their Mehandi. When it comes to wedding they will prefer to be magnificent among everyone. Many would prefer following the actresses to look special and elegant for occasions. You have also seen Karishma Kapoor and others sporting these for award functions. These are quite a trend and almost everyone has tried wearing or re creating these beautiful mehndi designs.

Top 9 Futuristic Bollywood Mehndi Designs with Photos:

Below are the top 9 Bollywood mehndi designs with images that you should definitely try out.

1. Elaborate Bollywood Mehendi Design:

This is half leg mehendi design used by one of the Bollywood actress. It is simple and elegant with a mango and spiral pattern. Two cross lines filled with mango pattern design and stretched till ankle with beaded chains. The fingers are designed with mango shapes and dots to make it look adorable.

2. Black and Stoned Bollywood Mehndi Designs:

This is a unique design. It is designed with a combination of black mehandi, stones and gold color glitter. This is covered with floral pattern and leafs; big stones are placed in middle of the flower. Fingers are given with different design and neck is designed like jewellery by using stones and glitter with a circular design.

3. Glitter Bollywood Mehandi Designs:

This design is started from shoulder to till the hand mehndi design. It is a single design with lines and curves in between this is a ravishing design and is highlighted with white color stones and glitter in between. A simple design is done from chin to till forehead with the same pattern of dots and glitters.

4. Bridal Style Bollywood Mehendi Design:

This is a bridal style mehndi with a very thick mesh design. This mehndi art was started from fingers and stretched till the arm with excellent intricate floral design by leaving a space in middle just to highlight the design. This type of design will give a appealing look for the bride. A heavy lehanga suit will go with this design.

5. Stunning Bollywood Mehandi Design with Rhino Stones:

This is another stunning mehandi design with rhino stones with a big leaf and flowers given with a beaded chain. The wrist is given a bracelet design by placing the stones in middle. A cute small flower is used in between the beaded chain. This is single design from fingers to till the neck placing with white stones to give a amazing look.

6. Bridal Bollywood Mehendi Designs For Legs:

This is a full leg mehendi design for bride. It is designed with a lovely flower in middle and leafs attached to it. The rest of the feet are covered with beaded dots which look like a chain. Heavy floral and mango pattern is used to highlight the ankle design. This will be a perfect choice for traditional occasions.

7. Full Hand Bollywood Mehndi Design:

Shilpa Shetty mehendi design was full of all the elements. It had three big flowers one after one and the side part is covered with a net design. It is designed till the elbow and given with a finishing of mango pattern each finger has a different design. The hand is completely covered with the heavenly design.

8. Beautiful Bollywood Mehndi Designs For Hands:

This design has covered the full palm and wrist which includes of flowers and mango pattern. It is highlighted with beaded chains and net design. Each finger has given a contrast design. This is one of the traditional mehandi designs which steals everyone focus. It is an intricate design filling for the hands.

9. Simple Bollywood Mehandi Designs For Feet:

This is a very simple and unique design which is done with large lines and spiral pattern extended till the thumb finger. This is a leg Arabic design; fingers are given a lavish finishing. This type of simple designs will suit for above 35 age people. This is a basic feet mehandi design which was intricate.

Everyone would wish to look like an actress, especially when it comes for weddings. People would prefer following the trendy outfits, mehndi and all the above bollywood mehendi designs are the best and fashionable designs which make everyone look beautiful.


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