15 Best Shaded Mehndi Designs With Images

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Mehndi designs are often made to look more elaborate and pretty by adding a little shading to it. Sometimes the shading is done in a different colour to enhance the attractiveness of the design at others it’s done with the same black coloured henna. The shading techniques used by artists have developed quite a lot in the past few years. Creative new techniques are being used by today’s artists to make the designs look even better! The shading itself is easy to do however the artist needs to creative enough to realize how much shading to make use of. Here are the 15 best shaded mehndi designs available with pictures for you.

Wonderful Shaded Mehndi Designs:

1. Floral Motif Shaded Mehndi Design:

shaded mehndi designs

A shaded mehndi design for hands, with prominent flower motifs is beautiful. These kind of mehndi designs are quite easy to make and is thus opted for by many. The flowers are ordinary with leaves and other elements accompanying them to complete the design. The shading is done by adding several lines varying in thickness as well as the gaps left between them. The mehndi cones are dragged without quite releasing much of the henna inside to achieve the extra thin edges of the shaded lines. Once you get the hang of it this technique is really easy to master.

2. Beautiful Shaded Mehndi Designs:

Beautiful shaded mehndi designs

A beautiful shaded mehndi design is one that has an intricately decorated band running across the palm and two well shaded flowers on both sides of it. The flowers petals being big help make the shading evident. The shading adds to the depth of the petals making it look more exquisite. With the use of lines of varying thickness the leaves and other elements of the design are also shaded.

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3. Colorful Shaded Mehendi Designs:

Colourful shaded mehndi designs

Mehendi designs may at times be shaded with glitter or other colours. These make the design more vibrant and eye-catching. The use of colours has to be judicious and one must have the sense to use the perfect combinations. While the perfect blend shades make the design more attractive, the use of too shocking shades may make the design gaudy and somewhat gauche.

4. Arabic Shaded Mehandi Designs:

Arabic shaded mehndi designs

Arabian mehendi designs for hand with a thinly shaded background featuring thick lines of a floral pattern looks excellent! The thick lines makes the flowers more prominent while the shading in the background helps add depth to the design.

5. Latest Shaded Mehandi Design:

Shaded floral mehndi design

Most of the shaded mehndi designs include flowers. This is because flowers are the most suited to shading. Abstract patterns and geometric shapes do not require shading to add to its depth. Flowers on the other hand look better with shading which gives it a more realistic look. A beautiful flower large enough for its shading to be appreciated looks excellent while adorning your hand.

6. Elaborately Shaded Mehndi Designs For Hands:

Elaborately shaded mehndi designs

Shaded mehndi designs need not be simple and plain with single or two three large flowers. These designs can be made complicated with the use of several patterns and shapes. The shading of the flowers in the patterns merely lends a hand to make the design more elaborate and ornamental.

7. Single Colour Shaded Mehendi Design:

Single colour shaded mehndi design

Mehndi designs featuring flowers, leaves, spirals and other such exquisite patterns look even better when the design is interwoven with the shading of another colour. The colour makes the mehndi more conspicuous and pretty.

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  1. jyothi

    July 28, 2015 at 11:24 am

    All the designs are simply lovely. They are very quick and easy to make. Thanks for sharing. Will keep looking for more such interesting designs.

  2. jayasri

    August 18, 2015 at 12:49 pm

    Very beautiful and inspiring designs!

  3. saranya

    August 31, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    the design’s are cool…………..