50 Most Popular Beautiful Indian Mehndi Designs

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These days wearing mehandi designs are quite popular especially in the Indian households, this is a growing trend. You can see women of all ages wearing these patterns on their hands and even their feet for any family function. You can also wear these easy mehndi patterns for your college. Any one can wear these occasionally with glue and rhinestone stickers or glitters. The art of doing motifs can be done with various types of formats. To get more beauty and grandness you have to use traditional peacock pattern. People are have been using these at home with market bought cones which contain the leaf paste which can be used by cutting a small hole and then squeezing the paste out.

You can buy a few cones like this and of various required colours for your design. After that need to cut holes accordingly and make larger holes for some of these cones so that you may use those for heavier patterns. For getting smart and attractive designs you need to use the cones with smaller holes for thinner lines. It is easy to make such types of formats for that you have to refer the existing images and do the modern patterns accordingly. These can be a thing that you can do on a girl night party. These are also traditional and most households have elderly people who know how to do these designs as these are very artistic and glamorous.

Below are the top 50 types of Indian Mehndi designs with pictures that you should definitely try out. You can also try some of these designs as a beginner’s design and wear these for your family gatherings.

Indian Mehandi Designs With Images:

1. Full Length Indian Mehendi Designs For Hands:

Indian Mehandi 3

This is a very popular disjointed pattern that has been done on the full length. You can try out these designs which can be easily worn in the family occasions. If you have a party to attend, then also you can wear these with your heavy suits and other salwar kameezes. These are also popular for other occasions and gatherings. These types of designs can also have various other patterns done on them like floral works or other mesh or bangle patterns at the wrist.

2. Glamorous Indian Mehandi Patterns:

Indian Mehandi 20

You can try these types of glamorous mehandi patterns with mesh and mango motif works and you can wear these for your various functions. These can be worn with nail paints of your choice to make these look more stylish. These are also quite trendy and if you want then you can make these more heavy with bangles and other glitters that can be used with body glues to make these more ramp like.

3. Mesh Pattern Indian Mehandi:

Indian Mehandi 1

This is a thick and heavy mesh pattern mehandi. You can get these styles easily done from reputed parlours who give these services. These can be worn for any occasion and you can also wear these with your heavy suits and lehengas.

4. Back Hand Indian Mehndi:

Indian Mehandi 4

This is a very decorative mehandi that has jewellery format and this is also not clumsy. You can try out these modern type patterns easily for any form of parties. If you do not like heavy patterns, then these are what you should try out. These are easy to sport and these also do not take much time to get done. You can get these from professional people by booking parlour sessions before a party. These can be worn with almost any form of salwar kameez and also you can wear these with other modern clothing. These can also be worn with heavy bangles and then these will look more heavy and glamorous.

5. Black Indian Henna Design:

Indian Mehandi 5

This is a thick black henna work with mango motifs. You can try out these for your girl night party and these can also be practiced at home. If you can buy cones of paste then you can try these out for a girl night party. You can also get these done with less cost from parlour as these are not very heavy but also looks quite modern, before a party like a traditional function or even a gathering or a kitty party. These can be worn with anarkali suits and other heavy zaree work sarees.

6. Geometric Indian Mehendi Pattern:

Indian Mehandi 23

This is a traditional geometric pattern that you can try out. These can be done with dark coloured pastes and you can also try these for girl night party. These are not clumsy and you can wear these with almost any type of salwars. You can also wear these with chiffon sarees. You can wear heavy bangles with these and also do the pattern till elbows to make these look more glamorous.

7. Mehandi Art For Girls:

Indian Mehandi 27

This is a modern type of mehandi art work that you can try for your girl night party or for occasional wear for the college. If you have a function to attend or a party to attend, then you can wear these with your modern chiffon salwars or other churidars. These also have glitters done on them which is a trend these days and you can also make these decorations more creative and glamorous by using these types of glitters which can be on these with body glue that are available from people of parlours.

8. Peacock Indian Mehndi:

Indian Mehandi 8

This is a stylish format peacock mehendi design. You can try out similar formats of various other patterns and do these with heavy mesh works or other leaf patterns. These can be extended till the upper arms or till your elbows if you like sporting such patterns.

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