10 Beautiful Marathi Mehndi Designs in Trend

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Since ancient times, mehndi has its own importance while celebrating any kind of function or occasion. They are considered to be a pious beginning for any new step in life. But with the change in the fashion and artistic trends, mehndi designs also grasped new ideas and patterns. Today, the women have a lot of designs to select from like Indian Mehndi designs, Arabic mehndi designs, Indo- Arabic mehndi designs, Morocco mehndi designs and much more. Among them, Marathi mehandi designs have its own charm and importance.

Latest and Traditional Marathi Mehndi Patterns for Bride and Groom:

Let’s go through some widely-used Marathi mehandi designs to decorate the hands.

1. King and Queen Marathi Mehndi Design:

King and Queen Marathi Mehndi Design

A widely accepted bridal Marathi mehndi design is the Queen and King mehndi design. The mehndi includes tiny curvy designs which surround the images of a king and a queen in the centre of the palms.

2. Patola Zari Work Marathi Mehndi Design:

Patola Zari Work Marathi Mehndi Design

Want to give your hands a similar design which would match your outfit or saree to be worn on the wedding day, Marathi mehndi which is given similar designs that the patola or saree would be decorated with in zari work. It is also known as embroidery mehndi designs.

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3. Heena Marathi Mehndi Design in Black:

Heena Marathi Mehndi Design in Black

This is a different mehndi pattern which is made with a black colored henna mehndi cone. The dark black color it leaves behind give a pleasant look to the brides mostly for the Raja Rani designs. The curvy patterns look finely embossed on the hands to make them highly designed.

4. Graphical Marathi Mehndi Designs:

Graphical Marathi Mehndi Designs

A quite continual design in the Marathi mehendi designs is made with graphical designs like circular dots, squares, triangles etc. Widely known as the Jaali Mehendi Design, it is mostly applied to the legs from the feet to the knees to the brides.

5. Ancient Full Hands Marathi Mehndi Designs:

Ancient Full Hands Marathi Mehndi Designs

Want to give your bride an ancient touch for mehndi designs! The Marathi mehandi designs in this category contains shapes inspired by the images of God and Goddess, Bride and Groom, designs selected from jewelry and much more.

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6. Broad Marathi Mehndi Designs:

Broad Marathi Mehndi Designs

Hate applying the comfy mehndi designs! Looking for something with a modern or Arabic design touch! The hands of the applier remain empty at few gaps from the mehndi and hence, it is an open and free design. Inspired from the Arabic designs, it is made from floral designs or branch designs with several other charms.

7. Peacock Inspired Marathi Mehndi Designs:

Peacock Inspired Marathi Mehndi Designs

Peacock designs are considered as the most ancient designs in mehndi. They are now just modernized with simple curves without a proper peacock face. The design is highly inclusive of Marathi mehendi designs in small curves and tiny charms for a snuggled design.

8. Forearm Marathi Mehndi Designs:

Forearm Marathi Mehndi Designs

Just as the front portion of hand is important to apply mehndi, similarly the forearm is. The designs in Marathi mehndi also offer your looping designs in dark especially black mehndi.

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9. Motif Marathi Mehndi Designs:

Motif Marathi Mehndi Designs

The motif designs are one of the latest designs in Marathi mehndi. They are designed separately giving gaps in the palms with floral patterns. The design also includes bud and vein design in dual color effect.

10. Combine Heart Marathi Mehndi Designs:

Combine Heart Marathi Mehndi Designs

The mehndi designs in Maharashtrian category also give an artistic combine design where a single design is divided into two parts for both the palms. The design is made with a big heart which is surrounded with many tiny designs.

The Marathi mehndi designs generally give a touch of the traditional shapes. There are still some villages in Maharashtra which design the mehndi on the hands using sticks rather than cones which give them the darkest possible colour.

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