9 Famous Mehndi Artists In Mumbai

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Everyone will agree that a wedding is incomplete without a mehndi ritual. And since it is well known that the Henna enhances our weddings to a great deal, there is no way one would get it done from anyone they meet. Here are the artists who will make your session with them as memorable as it gets. Here is the list of 9 best and famous mehndi artists in Mumbai with their designs for you.

Best Mehndi Designers In Mumbai:

1. Veena Nagda Mehndi Artist:

Mehndi Artists In Mumbai

One of the most professional mehndi artists in Mumbai, she is popular among celebrities, which is why her expenses might be a little higher than the rest in the list. But, she has been in this business since long and her unique style has clearly allowed her to be crowned the queen of Mehandi artists in Mumbai.

2. Geeta Patel Mehandi Designer:

Geeta Patel Mehndi Designs

A self-proclaimed artist, she is one of the trusted names, and now that her daughter-in-law has joined in her venture, the duo has been going places with every showering praise. Owing to their intricate designs, most families flock in groups to her shop for Mehndi.

3. Pawan Mehendi Designer:

Pawan Mehendi Designs

With 10 years of experience in the field of Mehndi, Pawan has taken his shop from a traditional place to an innovative professional hub. There is nothing he can’t do, however, his expertise lies in Arabic, Mughal, bridal and the conventional Henna art. His prices are reasonable, thus making him a public favorite.

4. Jayshree Maru Mehndi Designs:

Jayshree Maru Mehndi Designs

There is no one in the area of Mumbai who hasn’t ever heard of Jayshree Maru. One of the most popular mehandi artist in this list, her mehandi is known because of its ‘no disappointment’ formula, which holds true even after 10 years since the establishment of her shop.

5. Jyoti Chheda Mehndi Artist:

Jyoti Chheda Mehndi Designs

Expect her to be the only one who will come to your rescue with whatever you ask of her. She has won numerous accolades and awards for her mehndi designs and she is innovative at its best just like she is humble, which makes her so likable, and in turn allows people to gel with her well. Her prices are well within budget as well.

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6. Usha And Ekta Shah- Mehndi Artists:

Usha and Ekta Shah Mehndi Designs

For authentic bridal mehndi, you can trust none other than this terrific mother daughter pair. Famous all over Mumbai, people from all parts of the West book an appointment with them owing to their reputation of contemporary mehndi arts and designs.

7. Rahul Sonavane- Mehndi Designer:

Rahul Sonavane Mehndi Designs

Highly innovative, his method of approach is entirely different from what passes on as Mumbai Mehndi designs these days. He is standing tall with an experience of 15 years and his shop is a great place to visit with a wide array of choices in the minimal of prices.

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8. Asha Savla :

Asha Savla Mehndi Designs

Her extensive study of modern Mehndi makes her an expert in the field like none other. She is equally efficient with the traditional style of Henna. If you want an artist with a twist, her shop is just the place to seek some action.

9. Nirmala Asthana -Bridal Mehndi Artist:

Nirmala Asthana Mehndi Designs

From religious decorations to bridal mehndi and intricate designs, there is absolutely nothing that Nirmala Asthana will say no to.

The usage of mehndi has no bounds now, especially with the advent of professional artists and experienced shops. Make your session as memorable as it gets, so you can look back at how perfect your design was.

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