15 Best Mehndi Designs For Girls With Images

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An age old tradition that still dominates the market in this cutting edge trend is the mehndi. An ancient body art form which adorns your body maybe only for a while but leaves a deep imprint with its elegant intricate designs. Mostly common in the eastern countries, a well known marriage ritual or just a festival excuse, mehandi, the tattoo art, easy and pretty, is a heart warmer for all.

mehndi designs for girls

In this diverse country every country specializes in their own and amongst that some of the best have been handpicked into this article. Here we give list of such wonderful mehndi designs for girls with Pictures for any type of celebrations.

Latest and Beautiful Mehandi Designs For Girls With Photos:

1. The Floral Mehndi Designs For Girl:

floral mehandi design

Another of the designs that are apt for your mehndi art this season is this flowery Indian mehandi pattern done neatly to perfection. While the snowflake designs are aridly placed here and there, a diagonal line of flowers intricately stacked on top of another reaches to the top. There are subtle finger mehndi designs that augment the look.

2. Back Hand Mehandi Design For Girls:

cobra mehandi designs

One of the humble yet exquisite mehendi designs that rolls your hand and catches your eye is this spiral snake like design, floral and feminine and trendy to the bits. It includes finger designs as well as floral patterns. This is an easy to make dark shaded mehndi for festivals.

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3. The Aztec Wonder Mehendi Design For Girl:

Aztec wonder mehandi design

Mehandi pattern don’t matter, as long as it embraces your hand gracefully. The fingers form a perfect triangle Aztec which continues as a borderline to the front and posterior of the otherwise intricate flawless mid section. The small floral pattern in the center and a hanging pine tree leaf on the need adds to the appeal.

4. Latest Mehandi Designs For Girls:

lock and key design

A body art form that takes different shapes. We have always seen mehendi as an entangle intertwined web of intricate patterns unique and complicated. This is yet another art different than the rest. The comic presentation includes a key and clock entangled within a heart with clock mechanisms in between.

5. Pakistani Mehndi Designs For Girls:

wedding extravagance

Indian weddings at its best will often see bride and bridesmaids adorned in mehandi flaunting their designs and from the core of those designs comes this unique design paired with blood red mehndi and pop color red nails. The pattern is strictly floral with gemstone patterns glued onto it for added effect. The extension form the palms to the fore hand are quite contrasting.

6. The Arm Mehendi Design For Girls:

arm mehndi design

Starting from the shoulder to the end of the hand, a popular Rajasthan custom, a pretty design in gold and glitter makes the cut to the list. Like Rajasthan women folk, adorn your arms with the gold matte and sparkle spec and wow everyone.

7. The Golden Glitter Girl Mehandi Designs:

golden girl design

If you have a alight golden glow in your complexion feel free to flaunt this style of mehendi art that includes the soft golden beads into pretty floral patterns that swish and sweep their way up to the top in a diagonal trend. One may even add special effects for the extra zing.

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  1. kumari

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  3. Cherry Agarwal

    September 1, 2015 at 9:39 am

    Floral works amazing…Very informative article for begineers..

  4. loosy

    September 5, 2015 at 8:34 am

    all the designs are pretty and awesome in this some designs i will try