15 Best Mehndi Designs For Girls With Images

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8. The Simple Bird Mehendi Design For Girls:

bird design

In mehndi one will come across various designs, one of the common yet unique one being the peacock or bird collaboration with the usual tangled patterns. The floral design on the centre that hides the peacock ends abruptly to give way to the peacock’s magnificent tail.

9. Body Art Girly Mehndi Design:

Body art design

For all those who think mehndi is only limited to the palm of your two hands, this is a body art form made by mehandi that starts with a subtle beautiful peacock in the back with the hands depicting a floral pattern.

10. Incredible Eid Mehndi Design:


Women with a glowing skin can simply design the mehndi leaving space for their skin popping out from the mehndi designs. Simple yet parted curves on the hands filling with dark colored leaves and pointing edges out are designs of mehndi for girls that turn out your hands look jeweled. Small flowery shapes peep from the leaves look adorable. While piping a thick curving borders to the patterns just bits out.

11. Dark Design Mehndi Design:


Another most attractive latest mehndi designs for girls that adore your hands and feet this season are the bold shapes that turn out to bring a contrast effect with your skin and the mehndi. A thick border and very fine patterns patching the shapes makes it resemble like jewelry piece. Bold full mehndi colored veils curving and covering the back hand simple adores the beauty of the hands.

12. Beautiful Rose’s Mehndi Design:


Floral designs are mostly apt mehndi designs among women. Among them, when roses glow on the hands, it brings a strong intricacy to the hand art. The roses shaded with smooth mehndi strokes stacked with dark filled leafs and spiral branches combine make an exquisite mehndi designs for girls.

13. Sexy Back Mehndi Design:


A sexy back mehndi design for girls not only magnifies on the hands and legs but also decorates the open back for girls. Women with bold attire can design her back with mehndi art. Beaded dots bordered on the floral and leaf designs spot out the pattern on the back. A backless dress can make the beauty of the mehndi on the body spark out in the occasion.

14. Stunning Shaded Mehndi Design:


Shaded mehndi designs for girls are one latest capturing eye patterns loved by girls to adore their hands and legs. Shading given to leaf or flowers is so naturally made leaving behind and impression of real nature prints. Some designs veils covering the main part of the hands and legs. The abstract leaves dark filled with mehndi with inverted designs in it.

15. Easy Jewelry Mehndi Design:


Elegant outstanding veils spark out your mehndi designs on hands. Simple looking, though fantastic designs of wavy lines followed with circles making a floral veil on the back wrist out stands the patterns of mehndi. Simple curves and dots can fill the simple design magnetically awesome. Most probably such mehndi designs cover less part of the wrist and middle three fingers. Some even choose the first two fingers or only the thumb. Apparently any finger covered with such a simple mehndi design makes the hands look awesome.

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Special mehndi nights and mehndi days are celebrated in Indian weddings. Talking about religion, it has no longer limited its rituals to the ancient followed ones. But equally the Punjabi’s or the Guajarati’s, let it be Marwari’s or the Rajasthan’s, they have a different look with their designs in mehndi patterns. These are Indian varieties in mehndi while, Arabic and Pakistani mehndi art brings out their magnificent bold designs. Some unique designs are also made with veils and net style, snowflakes, spiral and wavy lines that bring a awesome touch to the mehndi’s. Some artists make use of dots and short lines to fill gaps of mehndi and some even use checks and flowers to complete the designs. Mehndi designs with bold thick lines are filled with small designs completing the inner side of the designs. Some patterns are made full black mehndi making it beautiful with outlines similar to them. Mehndi’s today have also brought different colors to it. The traditional red color is evergreen while, the black mehndi and white mehndi have slowly making its impact on ladies. Fusions of red and black mehendi have also attracted many eyes. Some ladies bring a distinct design with sparkles and diamonds stick on mehndi designs.

Celebrations and parties today have many ways to make them more adorable and enjoyable with mere but incredible designs of mehndi.

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