15 Best Mehndi Designs For Kids With Images

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Few things to remember about mehendi used for kids that there should not be any chemical adulteration and the designs should not be very fussy and heavy looking. They should be centered more on broad figures like a bird, flower, star, circle etc.

mehndi designs for kids

Using glitters of various colours can be used to enhance the mehndi designs and make it stylish. For kids below 4 years you may also consider figures of their favourite cartoon character or even stars, butterfly. There are numerous mehndi designs for kids in different patterns.

Beautiful Mehndi Designs For Kids With Pictures:

Let we have given below the top 15 mehandi designs for kids with photos for your child.

1. Old Moon Mehndi Design For Kids:

Mehndi design for kids1

For those tiny hands we need to make simple yet cute mehndi designs. Just a flower in the middle of the palm by making a circle filled in and then triangle shapes around it make a flower. Small dots near it or may be heart shaped tattoos will be perfect for them.

2. Glitter Mehandi Designs For Kids:

Mehndi design for kids2

For the back side mehndi you can make a flower towards the edge of the hand. Apply glitters for filling in the shape. Shape of the flower may also be given on the finger tips and gaps again filled by glitters. Glitters are always attracted the kids so they definitely sport these without hesitating.

3. Star Mehendi Design For Kids:

Mehndi design for kids3

Nothing can be exciting for kids as this. Make some stars with glitters and surround it with little dots and arches. Simple and stylish. This mehandi design is very simple to draw, you can try to apply to your baby.

4. Creeper Mehndi Design For Kids:

Mehndi design for kids7

If you want to keep the hand filled with creeper but yet simple and not a heavy look, then give outline of flowers and spirals connected to it. Do not fill in the petals or gaps to avoid mehendi looking very heavy. Because kids like such kind of simple pattern only.

5. Simple Mehandi Design For Kids:

Mehndi design for kids5

Making a sunflower at the right side near the thumb on the back side of hand and then making small dots, spirals, stars to give outline and fill up the gaps between. This small mehendi design is perfectly suitable for kids who like to flowers.

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6. Butterfly Mehendi Designs For Kids:

Mehndi design for kids6

Make an outline with mehndi in the shape of butterfly and then fill up the gaps with glitters. Avoid any design on finger tips. This mehndi design looks simple and cute for kids below age of 10.

7. Flower Mehndi Designs For Kids:

Mehndi design for kids4

Making spirals with thin tip mehandi cone on one end of the palm till the index finger and then giving it flower shapes by filling in the shape is also simple yet stylish design. Most of the flower mehndi designs surely attracts the kids.

8. Dark Red Mehandi Designs For Kids:

Mehndi design for kids8

If your kid is someone who is fond of mehndi then you may consider making a flower right in the middle of the palm and then filling it up with traditional figures. Also make some figures on the finger tips to complete the mehandi design. Kids always plays with colors that’s why this red color mehndi surely attracts them.

9. Round And Heart Mehendi Design For Kids:

Mehndi design for kids9

This heart shaped and round flower on each palm is also very good mehandi design for kids below age of 7 years. Fill up the hearts by giving various boundary and filling up the gaps with mehendi that would be very effective.

10. Arabic Mehndi Design:


It is a simple Arabic mehndi design for a kid which covers the last finger with a mehndi design. It is an ideal design because kids don’t sit for a long time to complete the whole pattern. Cute tiny hands of a kid with mehndi design looks amazing. When a small kid puts mehndi on her hand and wearing lehenga for any marriage function will really look cute. All parents would love to adore her baby girl with mehndi. It is very good if a kid likes to put mehndi on her hand provide it should be a herbal one.

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11. Mehndi Cum Tattoo Design:


Today’s cool kids are fond of tattoos which can be harmful for their skin. So it is a best option to engraft mehndi on their inner hand which will look like a tattoo itself. The design for this should be funky. In this design, even a name is written. Kid can write something else also. It has become a fashion to have tattoo on body. It is a latest design for a tattoo lover. It is simple yet classy. It is temporary so a kid can have any other new design after few days.

12. Half Hand Mehndi Design:


Those kids who don’t like to fill up their whole hand with mehndi, it is simple mehndi design for them. It is an apt design for a kid because some kids remove mehndi before it gets dry. Though it is simple design yet gorgeous. It looks like a designer mehndi only. Very thin work is done on it which is also a time-consuming. It really looks good for a marriage function. People always praise a kid when they put mehndi on her which can encourage her to put a mehndi again.

13. Giraffe Mehndi Design:


This is something new for a kid mehndi design. This design will inspire a kid to have mehndi on her hand. A mehndi designer will always bring something new for kid’s mehndi design to encourage them. They can have many other creatures also in mehndi design apart from typical flowers and leaves pattern. By this, even kids will start remembering names of different creatures during their Play House days and Pre-primary school days.

14. Cute Mehndi Design:


It is easy mehndi design for kids to try out on kid’s hand. It is very much simple mehndi design as the hand is not covered full. But it is an apt design for a kid. It will definitely look cute on small hands. Small flowers above one big flower looks good on back side of palm. Little dots done on mehndi also add magic on simple design. Overhaul the simple design looks amazing on tiny hands.

15. Stylish Mehndi Design:


It is a stylish mehndi design for kids which they can have for any functions. Four simple lines with leaves plus one big flower and rest small curvy pattern is a stylish one. Small kids who like to put mehndi will surely choose this design. It can be done on palm area also. It is a trendy design in kid’s mehndi collection. It is easy mehndi design for an artist. It won’t consume much time while putting mehndi. A kid can even wear her trendy finger rings with this mehndi design which adds glory on her complete look.

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Mehndi design for kids should be simple yet elegant, as they don’t like full hand mehndi. They just like simple, little and fancy design. They don’t get easily ready to put mehndi on their hands. Sometimes even school rules bide kids from putting mehndi. Kids have their own imaginative world so they also like mehndi which gives color to their imagination. There should be something innovative for kid’s mehndi design. Plus the mehndi which you are applying should be free from chemicals.

Therefore, mehndi designs for kids should be classy and creative which inspire them to have mehndi on their hands. a designer should possess innovative ideas for kid’s mehndi design.