15 Latest & Simple Mehndi Designs for Palms

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The irresistible beauty of mehndi makes any lady go crazy and put her hand on the go for a beautiful design on herb hands too. The simplest design to the most attractive and complex designs, no matter what the design is but women are always ready to get their hands glam up with a mehndi design. Before women used to make designs with a simple stick and rough leafs paste of mehndi simple circle dots big and small were made to make designs on palms but now mehndi cones are used to make glamorous and admirable designs. Women need not to design the entire hands all the time for a special occasion. Simple palm designed with mehndi can give utmost beauty one needs to make her hands look gorgeous.

15 Latest & Simple Mehndi Designs for Palms

Traditional and Attractive Mehndi Designs for Palms:

Some exclusive simple yet outstanding designs will catch your sight to get it put on your palms for the next mehndi function.

1. Circular Palm Mehndi Design:

Circular Palm Mehndi Design

The simplest yet amazing palms mehendi design can be made with circular Mandals on the very center of the palm and detailed with fine dots lines and U lines to make it attractive. Adjoining the linings on the fingers and the wrist the design looks admirable with the simplest and easiest strokes of mehndi.

2. Simple Dotted Circular Mehndi:

Simple Dotted Circular Mehndi

Mehndi designs for palms can be made amazing with simple dots and floral designs for the complementary side design. Centralized large dot and mini dots symbolizing the sun looks incredible. The leafy designs on the fingers and the wrist support visibly the simple design of the sun.

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3. Stylish Single Flower Palm Mehndi:

Stylish Single Flower Palm Mehndi

Palm mehndi designs simple and designer with a center flower and subordinated with fine designs look incredible. The veils of leafy designs can be made on the fingers and the wrist that look magnificent with the single flower in the center of the palm.

4. Contemporary Palm Mehndi:

Contemporary Palm Mehndi

Contemporary palm mehendi designs look incredibly great on the hands. The floral designs yet traditional can be made absolutely fancy with dark shades and outlines bordering the simple flowers. The remaining blank portion of the palm is designed with simple four dot flower motifs that beautify the hands further.

5. Disjoint Mehndi for Palm:

Disjoint Mehndi for Palm

Mehndi is mostly seen with designs that in or out someway gets joint with each other and form oneshape design. But disjoint mehndi designs for palm have been taking on the trend of mehndi. Flowers and veils that cover the palm without mixing up the designs look distinguish and outstanding.

6. Arabic Lined Palm Mehndi:

Arabic Lined Palm Mehndi

Arabic mehendi designs for palms look incredibly awesome on the hands. The geometric designs dark and bold look magnificent. The dark designed and left out part of the palm combine make an impressive design on the hands.

7. Peacock Palm Mehndi:

Peacock Palm Mehndi

Peacock palm mehndi design looks fantastically beautiful on the palms. A one motif covering the entire palm with beautifully shaped peacock looks eye catching. The feathers of the peacock can be designed with shaded stokes of mehndi while the fingers can be veiled the very minute designs of mehndi.

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8. Rose Palm Mehndi:

Rose Palm Mehndi

Roses look blossoming every where it is seen. Whether, it is in the fresh garden plants or on the beautiful mehndi designs for palm. A beautiful interlocked rose with spiral leafs with the flowers look just mind blowing. The tips of the hands can be designed with checkered squares to bring the design more eyes catching.

9. Joining Hearts Palm Mehndi:

Joining Hearts Palm Mehndi

The eye catching design that looks incredible when both hands get together can be made with half hearts on each hand. Easy mehndi designs for palms can be made with half designs on each hand made in a way oppositely and when brought together becomes one design.

10. Ganesha Palm Mehndi:

Ganesha Palm Mehndi

Artistic mehndi designs made by professional and skilled mehndi artists can be made with the Lord Ganesha on the palms. Indeed, very difficult but on the same time looks fantabulous on the palms. The minute detailed parts of Lord Ganesha fit best for the palm mehndi designs.

11. Lining and Boxes Palm Mehndi:

Lining and Boxes Palm Mehndi

A geometrical design looks eye catching and fetches attraction towards it. The lines horizontal and vertical making squares and triangles look mind blowing and distinguish. There are many girls who would love such palm mehndi designs that can go great on friendly get together.

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12. Bride and Groom Palm Mehndi:

Bride and Groom Palm Mehndi

The bride and groom simple mehndi design for palms can look marvelous for the marriage ceremonies. The small traditional functions during the wedding can be made more beautiful with such elegant bride and groom palm mehndi design.

13. Matki/Pot Palm Mehndi:

Matki Pot Palm Mehndi

Incredible and totally outstanding mehndi design for palms can be no more beautiful than a simple pot designed on the center of the palm. Continued with veils of flowers and dots the pots look marvelous on the hands. Such designs can be made on traditional events.

14. Floral Mesh Designed Palm Mehndi:

Floral Mesh Designed Palm Mehndi

Stupendous and ravishing designs with the mesh look and the flowers adjoining the shaded mehndi designs for palms look beautiful. Simple shades and sober strokes of mehndi make out a starry mehndi on the hands. The fingers and the wrist part can be designed exclusively with geometric shapes.

15. Shaded Palm Mehndi:

Shaded Palm Mehndi

The shaded mehndi has brought an entirely new direction of mehndi art on hands. The simple mehndi designs for palms can be absolutely so easy with simple flowers and fully covered or half shaded mehndi strokes. The fingers can be covered almost half to bring an eye catching impact.

Amazing attractive mehndi designs for palms can be made for different occasions with different designs. There are varieties of forms of mehndi art that look amazing on the hands. Arabic form and the Rajasthan form give more importance to large designs and dark linings. While, the Indian and bridal mehndi is give more preference to fine lines and small motifs that take time in making and also needs the experts. The shaded and geometric designs look out of the blue designs that suit best for attending ceremonies. The veils of flowers like the roses and the lotus ones also look adorable for wedding ceremonies.

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