Top 15 Best Small Mehandi Designs in 2017

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Mehandi is a natural dye made from the leaves of henna plant bush. It is a natural dyeing agent for hands and legs and this art of mehandi is now spread worldwide. It is known as temporary tattoo in the west and is extremely popular. The tattoo industry has a sudden boom with these temporary tattoos called mehandi. One is generally accustomed to seeing full, large and lavish mehandi designs in weddings, festivals and other occasions. But there are a different league in designs being small mehandi designs which is now very popular. This is simple and chic looking designs making one’s hands look beautiful. Not much time consuming, this doesn’t look cluttered but has that required hint of colour in the hands or legs.

Latest and Beautiful Small Mehandi Designs with Pictures:

Let we have to look top 15 designs small mehendi for occasions.

1. Fenced Flowers Design:

Fenced Flowers Design

If one is like quite new to mehandi design application, one usually tries out small simple designs initially. The perfect one to try out is this design with flowers and fences on the edges of the hands. This design will suit anyone, irrespective of their age. The designs are not cluttered and can be tried at home. This will look beautiful on a would be bride on the day of her engagement too.

2. Geometry at its Best:

Geometry at its Best

This is one of the beginners mehandi design. One is always comfortable with use of geometric shapes and dots initially in drawing designs. This design has unusual pattern on the fingers which are new. Keeping the crux as geometric shapes, this small mehandi design is a must try.

3. Small Yet Full:

Small Yet Full

One can absolutely just fall for this small, simple classic Arabic henna design. As this design is Arabic, this is purely on the traditional mehandi design style. The patterns and the motifs used for the mehndi are basically very simple. As the name suggest hence this will make one’s hands look full but doesn’t cover up entirely.

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4. Trendy Yet Traditional:

Trendy Yet Traditional

This design is quite different from the usual and normal mehndi style and designs that we often see. Kept very basic, small and simple yet the design stand out as unique. This small design is perfect for a modern woman, who likes to mix trendy with traditional.

5. Crafty and Ethnic :

Crafty and Ethnic

A simple small design with just circular intricate motif either at the palm or the back of the hand with the finger caps filled is just super ethnic yet crafty work of mehandi art. This is absolutely easy to do and suitable for every occasion.

6. Chain Inclusion Design:

Chain Inclusion Design

One can be sure to steal hearts with this chain included design mehandi with a circular floral pattern in the centre. This is a nice design for the engagement ceremony. The central design though very intricate doesn’t look very cluttered which makes this perfect. The chain runs through the ring finger beautifully in this design.

7. Spiral Design for Feet:

Spiral Design for Feet

This is one minimalistic yet gorgeous mehandi design for feet. This spiral design is so cool that it will suit any occasion. Even brides can try this on for their special day for simple yet elegant looking feet. The small spiral design can always be extended to create a fuller mehandi look.

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8. For Those Little Hands:

For Those Little Hands

Young kids and girls also love flaunting mehandi. This simple mehandi design is of two flowers completed with few leaves and the curved stem. This looks beautiful on little hands and can always be extended for complete hands. This looks cool not just on daughters but mommies can flaunt this too.

9. Flowers for The Feet:

Flowers for The Feet

If you have a thing for floral patterns and want to try out on the feet, then this is the design. This small and simple mehandi design can be done by anyone for any occasion. The use of this simple mehndi design makes the feet more prominent and highlights it. This will also look great for office going women who love small designs on their feet as work wear.

10. Perfect Symmetry :

Perfect Symmetry

This is one no non sense symmetrical mehandi design to be tried anywhere on hands, feet, forearm, ankle etc. This small so simple design just has circles, dots and curves to complete the design beautifully.

11. Just The Thumb:

Just The Thumb

Small, chic design highlighting just the thumb is this paisley designed mehandi. This is perfect for experimenting for beginners to mehandi. The small mehandi just covers the thumb in full with intricate full rich design. One can wear this for office too.

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12. Stones and Glitter Design:

Stones and Glitter Design

There has been this recent trend of using stones and glitter in mehandi designs. This gives a new look to the usual henna and highlights the small designs even better. One gets a lot of options for colours when it comes to decorating mehandi with stones and glitter. Contemporary brides can just look perfect with matching bridal outfit and matching stone and glitter mehandi designs. A small design can just be extra ordinary with this additional detailing.

13. Beautifying The Legs:

Beautifying The Legs

Legs cannot be left alone as mehandi looks beautiful on one’s legs. Especially these small mehandi designs which are simple to do and not much elaborate stand out in the legs. The design can be kept as simple as possible with just flowers,leaves, linear patterns, dots etc. as the small motif.

14. Ring Finger Mehandi:

Ring Finger Mehandi

This is an example where one can flaunt small mehandi designs just only on one finger. The mehandi looks best on the ring finger. A bride can use this design on her special day for her fingers. This small design is ideal for women who don’t like elaborate designs in mehandi.

15. Index and Thumb Only:

Index and Thumb Only

One can just go gaga over this unique design of small and simple mehandi. This has an intricate windowpane pattern connecting the thumb and the index finger in the back of the hand. This design is great for a sangeet or engagement ceremony that one has to attend of friends.

One can just choose from varied options in mehandi designs. These small mehandi designs are perfect for any occasion and also have lot of designs which can be tried out by beginners. These small designs are even just that mehandi for women to look gorgeous irrespective for occasions. Go ahead and try these amazing small mehandi designs and flaunt them.

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