Top 9 Big Forehead Hairstyles For Men

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5. Upward Braids:Big forehead hairstyles for men - Upward Braids

These are short length upward shifted professional styling. These can be done from reputed parlours and these are good for people who like to sport African looks.

6. Messed Sectional Look:

Messed sectional look

This is a puffed styling which can be done in a variety of ways. A person can also do a pony with this at the back. If required these can be teamed up with funky t shirts and also with other formal wear with some sprays and lotions.

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7. Straightened Look:

Straightened look

This is a very popular look which gives a thinner forehead appearance. These can be done easily f a person has long length. If a person has waves then that person can go for permanent straighteneing to get this done from a parlour.

8. Back Shifted Tresses:

Back shifted tresses

If a person wants to keep fringes at sides, which are long in length, that person can shift rest of the sections backwards to create this type of disco type look. These can be worn with much different type of outfits. To make this look good with other types of t shirts which are not glittery, a person can tie the sections into a pony at back.

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9. Back Shifted Wavy Hair:

Back shifted wavy hair

Asymmetric fringes at sides with wavy look can make the forehead thinner to a certain extent. These can be easily tried out. A person can also do these with their disco or funky get ups.

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