David Beckham is well known as a god on the football field weaving through players like a knife in butter but this is not the only thing this famous football player is known for, David Beckham has a very steady run in with all the major styles of the day and this includes many hairstyles which are not only breathtaking but act as a stylizing agent i.e. it brings in new styles to the world. You will never see David Beckham with one type of hairstyle for too long because he likes to keep things fresh, and due to this trait of this amazing football player who created the phrase ‘bend it like Beckham he is known worldwide as one of the most fashionable men on the planet.

Best David Beckham Hairstyles:

Given below are a few David Beckham hairstyles that are very popular around the world narrowing your search significantly.

1. The samurai:

The samurai is a hairstyle that this famous soccer player had during his peak years with real Madrid and is still extremely popular with his fan today. The long back hair is a perfect addition to this soccer players short front hair giving it a samurai helmet feel which really works to capture the look.

2. Backcombed:

This hairstyle is to cater to more sophisticated people showing that soccer players are not only good for the field but give a very vital impression of what true style and fashion look like. Beckham looks great in a suit and this hairstyle did wonders to match up perfectly with his formal look.

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3. The White Emo:

Beckham had to colour his hair for this one but did it look great? Of course!! It aligns perfects with his earring and jerseys making him look like a walking fashion statement on the field. This is considered to be beckham’s most hip hairstyle and people all over the world drive themselves to get this done at least once in their lives.

4. Buzz Cut:

David Beckham stunned the world when he walked onto the field one day with a complete crew shaped haircut but did this style icon look bad? Never! He pulled off this look even perfectly, to achieve this look make sure to shave your hair to an inch of your head and grow a beard to compliment the look.

5. Mohawk:

Contrary to prior belief David Beckham was actually one of the first people to ever have a Mohawk slowly bringing in the style for all the people in the world. Both men and women try a Mohawk at least once in their lives today showing that this soccer star has really played a part in influencing people around the world to experiment and dabble.

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6. Blond fringe:

Another style that this soccer star has managed to bring in is the long hair look. Earlier long hair would be exclusively for women with the rare exception at times but this soccer star managed to change that with the great front fringe hairstyle that he kept for more than a month. The blonde is a perfect addition.

7. Slick Backed undercut:

This is the most recent hairstyle of this great soccer star and shows how versatile his face is so that it can adorn so many hairstyles but still look impeccable. An easier hairstyle to handle Beckham has always saved his best hairstyles for the field.

8. Simple spikes:

Yet another style brought in by Beckham is a simpler hairstyle compared to others.

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9. Middle path:

Certainly one of his best formal hairstyles, yet again an introduction to long hair for men.


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