Comb over hairstyles! These haircuts hardly need any introduction. Popular among men in professional and formal circles, the comb-over hairstyle is also known to be the neat and tidy, classic and elite looks trending right now. They are relatively easy to do, can be achieved in a jiffy, and can add to an effortless and youthful style statement at once.

We have compiled a list of comb over hairstyles trending right now. Have a look, and you will love them too!

25 Trending Men’s Comb Over Hairstyles for Classic Look:

Be it the case of textured comb over, or that of modern or classic haircut looks, here are our top favourite picks of the most stylish and cool styles this decade and generation has ever come across. Let’s get into them!

1. Side Comb Over Hairstyles for Office Going Men:

This is a classic perfect, and neat side comb over hairstyles choice for men who are office-goers. This look is ideal for those with straight or wavy hair texture and those across age groups. This look is perfect and very simple to recreate on an everyday basis and will never go wrong. What do you think? Those with oval or elongated face shapes can try it out.

2. Blonde Comb Over Haircuts with Fade:

This is another perfect comb over hairstyles for guys with fade. If you have a thin hair texture, this is a perfect hairstyle that fits your requirement yet delivers a very classy, modern and edgy look. Men with straight or wavy hair texture can try this look that instantly delivers hot and contemporary smart vibes. What do you think of it?

3. Vintage Comb Over Hairstyles Ideas:

This is another perfect choice for men who love simple and classic appearance. If you have a particularly thick hair texture, you are blessed to be able to check and try this lookout. Men who lovea casual everyday appearance but do not want to lose out on the timeless appearance can try this out. It is ideal for those across face shapes and hair textures.

4. Comb Over Hairstyle for Curly Hair:

You can even check out this unique comb over hairstyle if you have curly hair. The hairstyle is perfect choice to exude a contemporary and smart style statement. This look comes with a partial low fade adds to the glam and cool vibes. How do you like this choice?

5. Low Fade with Comb Over:

Well, the fade cut is among the most modern looks we already know. But not everyone is wanting to have a deep fade or risking to look too modern for their careers or lifestyle choices. In this case, a low fade is always a safe and best option, especially for those men who prefer to keep it mild and yet stylish and handsome to match with this generation’s choices. This low skin fade comb over haircut with gentle part is super easy to achieve and can be added with a comb overlook from the side. Working on the beard of your choice will enhance the hairstyle and overall look further.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy and smooth thick hair texture can be ideal to this hairstyle
  • Preferable face shape: One can go with oval, round or elongated face shape in this hairstyle
  • Ideal age group: Try this look for those men either in the 20s or 30s, as per choice.
  • Matching dress: Casuals and semi-formals can be apt and best look in here
  • Best occasion: Wear this style to offies or casual outings too, as this can be good for either event
  • Suitable season: Winters and monsoons season can be an ideal and perfect match.

6. Comb Over with a Mid Fade:

Not just going through popular opinion, but fade cut as such is very comfortable too. In case you love this style, then you can now choose for a mid half fade too. Men nowadays prefer such mid fade looks for their comfort and yet simple trend, which is also easy to maintain. Combing over to the side through side parting can be the best idea in this look and can also be easy for everyday looks. What do you guys think of this mid skin bald comb over a fade haircut?

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Any hair texture can be a perfect match to the mid fade look
  • Preferable face shape: Round and oval face shape can be ideal than other face shapes
  • Ideal age group: Men and guy who are above the age of 35 years till 45 years can be ideal
  • Matching dress: Try formals in this style to look dignified and yet smart.
  • Best occasion: This style is best for office goers or any formal events too.
  • Suitable season: Summers and spring season is best and ideal here.

7. Comb over Haircut with a High Fade:

Well, among the fade, here is a high-fade idea and option which can be explored. In case the workspace or your career is open with such kind fo styles, this high fade comb over hairstyle is a good idea for guys to try out. Go on with high fade and work on trimmed hair from side to side. Adding color to the hair near the crown hair is your personal choice, in case you want to enhance the overall style element. Here, we see a blonde hair highlight in this picture.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy and smooth straight hair texture can be the best choice
  • Preferable face shape: Round, square and elongated face shape can be ideal here
  • Ideal age group: Men who are above the age of late 20s to the late 30s can try it out
  • Matching dress: Casuals, as well as the semi-formals, can be the right choice to try out
  • Best occasion: This style is right for parties, night events, and social gatherings.
  • Suitable season: Any season in the year is perfect for trying and matching this look effortlessly.

8. Short Comb-Over Haircut:

Be the concern of thin hair or hair fall, or even if you like the most simple and comfortable short comb over fade hair look, this kind of comb over hairstyle is quite easy to maintain and yet looks classic too. With the short trimmed hair and sideline, anyone who prefers this look is rest assured to look smart. It is effortless to achieve and is among quite a trendy look right now too!

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Any hair texture and type can try this simple military comb over haircut
  • Preferable face shape: Men with any face shape can entirely prefer this haircut easily
  • Ideal age group: Try this style for those men who are above the age of 40 years to that of 50 years
  • Matching dress: Casual tees and jeans or even formals can look good in this one
  • Best occasion: Try this during casual outings or office going time
  • Suitable season: Summers and spring are ideal seasons to try this hairstyle.

9. Combover Haircut for Long hair:

Worry not if you are fond of long or medium hair length, you can try this stylish and coolAsiancomboverhaircut with layered texture. With a trimmed look on one side and longer hair near the other side, this side-parted comb over hairstyle is super cool, and anyone who wears it can look handsome effortlessly. You can alter the side comb as you wish, and either get brushed up hair or quiff or even textured look as shown above.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy and straight smooth hair texture are ideal in this comb-over
  • Preferable face shape: Men with oval and round face shape can try this look
  • Ideal age group: Wear this for guys and men below the age of 35 years
  • Matching dress: Formals and semi-formals can look stylish in this look
  • Best occasion: Try this style during meetings or office times or special events
  • Suitable season: Winters and monsoons can be the best season to try this haircut.

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10. Combover for Curly Hair:

Now you can choose to rock even the most straightforward and messy curly hair with a comb over look. Here is one such example. With fade design on one side and curly hair on the other side, this hairstyle is super cool and among the most popular styles trending in today’s generation boys. Alternatively, if you do not prefer such bolder fades, you can go with mild fade or buzz too, as you prefer. But rest assured, the curly hairstyle with a comb-over to the side can be super cool.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Curly hair texture is a very ideal and best match here
  • Preferable face shape: Men and boys with any face shape can try this haircut
  • Ideal age group: This look is the best fit for those guys in the age of 20s
  • Matching dress: Casuals are only best and perfect fit in this hairstyle
  • Best occasion: Parties, night events, cocktail parties are right and apt events to try this look
  • Suitable season: Winters and summer can be the best season and time of the year to try it out.

11. Comb Over with Spikes:

Spiky hair is the new trend from the last decade. While most of them absolutely love and adore this look, here is a new and unique blend of spikes with com over style. This spiky comb over adds elegance and smartness to the entire look effortlessly and further also enhances one’s appearance. Adding highlights to the spikes is entirely your personal choice.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Straight hair type texture can be ideal here
  • Preferable face shape: Wear this look for those men in the round and elongated face shape
  • Ideal age group: Guys and men below the age of 35 years can try this hairstyle
  • Matching dress: Casuals and party wear are only the best fit for this look
  • Best occasion: Wear this for night parties and special events.
  • Suitable season: Any season is a good fit to try this look

12. Under Cut Hairstyle with a Comb-Over:

Now that we have seen a blend of fades and comb overlooks, here is a style with undercut. Those who seek maximum comfort and style with unique looks can totally prefer this slick back comb over fade. With only hair near the crown and head area, and undercut on all sides, it looks super bold and trendy. If you are experimental and seek new looks, then this is a must-try.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Any hair type can completely try this look
  • Preferable face shape: Wear this style for guys with the oval and square face shape
  • Ideal age group: Men in the age of 20s and the 30s can try this style
  • Matching dress: This haircut is only edgy and good with casuals such as t-shirts and jeans
  • Best occasion: Prefer this style with casual outings and social gatherings only
  • Suitable season: Summers are the ideal and perfect season for this haircut.

13. The Messy Look:

Messy hair is the new age trend and style statement in the fashion industry. In case you are wondering what this is and how to flaunt it right, here is an example. With side comb-over and messy look upside, along with fade on the side, this unique and smart blend will only make you appear further handsome and stylish. This style also resembles and is inspired by the hipster fohawk comb overlook.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy and smooth hair texture is ideal here
  • Preferable face shape: This style is good with round face shape men
  • Ideal age group: Guys and men in the age of 20s and early 30s are best and aptly suitable
  • Matching dress: Casuals and daily wear outfits are perfect and excellent match here
  • Best occasion: Wear this style during parties, dinners and cocktail events
  • Suitable season: Winters are ideal season to try this haircut.

14. Comb Over with a Side Path Line:

This side part line comb over haircut is among most popular looks from ages and generations together. We notice this cut very often in many schools going age kids and yet they look super cute and smart. You can too imitate this style in such a manner, and yet it is effortless and comfortable for long day wear. With fade on the sides and side path comb look, it only enhances one’s entire stylish looks.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Any hair texture is the best type to try these boys comb overlook on anyone
  • Preferable face shape: This look is best fit to any face shape completely
  • Ideal age group: Guys and boys in younger age groups and teens are the best fit
  • Matching dress: Casuals and formals, both can be a good fit, even along with uniforms (for schoolboys)
  • Best occasion: This is the right everyday wear hairstyle which is suitable to boys of different ages.
  • Suitable season: Summers and spring season are an ideal match.

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15. Beckham Inspired Side Part Haircut:

Who doesn’t like David Beckham? While we are not only a huge fan of his game but also for his entire style statement and smoldering looks. We are sure no one would deny our views here. This side part gentleman hair look is seen sporting by Beckham and we cant stop gushing over it. He absolutely looks smart and handsome, and you can replicate the same too!

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Silky smooth hair texture is the best idea and fits this look
  • Preferable face shape: This style is ideal for men with the oval and elongated face shape
  • Ideal age group: Try this look for men who are aged above 40 years old
  • Matching dress: This look is the best match with formal wear
  • Best occasion: Try this style and haircut for special events, meetings or formal parties
  • Suitable season: Winters and monsoons are the best seasons to try this.

16. Pompadour Comb Over:

This Justin Timberlake’spompadourcomboverhaircut is one of our absolute favorites. With stylish, elegant looks and smart gesture, along with unique blend of haircut statements, he looks stunningly handsome. You can replicate and do the same too in case you are interested, and it is among most trending styles today. It seems both fancy and simple yet very classic.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy hair texture is ideal texture here
  • Preferable face shape: Wear this for round, oval and elongated face shape
  • Ideal age group: Men in the age above 50 years can prefer this to look youthful
  • Matching dress: This style is the best fit with formal wear only
  • Best occasion: One can try this during special parties, events and cocktail gatherings
  • Suitable season: Any season is ideal to try this look effortlessly.

17. Comb Over Low Fade:

If you’re looking for a great-looking comb over haircut, this is the one you should get. Even though it has a normal classic look, but what increases its look is the nice fade at its bottom. It’s a great look for men with men beards. The style is very trendy and stylish as well.

18. Comb Over for Thick Hair:

The men who have a thick and long hair he can choose this hairstyle. This hairstyle just is an incredible, and it makes different look ever. To get this look, you have to only fade the sides and back, remaining long hair to be kept at the top of the head. Once after getting this haircut, you have to sweep the front hair to back slightly.

19. Comb Over Medium Fade:

This is one of the best looking hair comb styles you can ever find. The best thing about this style is that the fade starts very high, instead of normal, and thus giving you a very striking look. This look will fit in with your hair styled on top and will look good with nicely styled straight hair too.

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20. Comb Over High Fade:

If you like your fade come over haircut, then get this high fade hairstyle. This type of haircut transforms from shorter sides to longer top hair. This style can be used on both short and long type of hairs. This haircut rightly shows you that you don’t mind at all taking high risks. After all, no risk no gain.

21. Spiky Comb Over Hairstyles:

Some of the comb-over hairstyles have been smooth and sleek, these are the simple and classic touch hairstyle. If you want to a youthful interpretation hairstyle, try a spiky comb over hairstyle. This is a short hair men’s comb-over haircut. To get this hairstyle first, you have to fade both sides and remaining top of the hair to be a spike with your hands by using hair products. That makes your hair strands straight up, finally, the look will be contemporary and fashionable.

22. Long Comb Over:

This haircut is the best for those who want long hair comb over hairstyle. The sides as well as the top, are kept long, as this haircut is truly made to keep your hair long. Therefore, the sides are not buzzed off. Using pomade or a hair dryer on top your hair will increase its volume and control. This haircut truly looks very unique.

23. Comb Over Skin Fade:

If you like a dashing comb haircut, then look no further. This haircut features bald sides that give you that tough military type look. It looks very neat and stylish and therefore giving you that bold appearance. It is recommended to keep the hair at the top long enough.

24. Modern Comb Over:

If you’re looking for modern men’s comb over hairstyles, then you’ve got to try this one out. This haircut gives the perfect asymmetrical look and still keeps the whole look stylish. It looks really gorgeous and lively, and those who can pull this style off deserve some huge credit. This looks great all around.

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25. Comb Over Pompadour:

If comb over haircut is your thing and style, this pompadour look will surely make you crazy. This haircut brings extra volume to your hair. Using of pomade or hair blower is recommended to increase the hold and the voluminous look. A stronger pomade will allow you to get a stronger hold. This one is a very nice haircut to show off.

Additional Tips:

With this simple yet stylish comb over haircut and hairstyle ideas, it is also imperative and essential to make it a point in styling them right. Further, taking good care of your hair is also crucial for the best looks. Here are a few tips and hacks from us.

  • Hair gel can be your best friend in case you want to style the hair further, after a haircut. You can use the products daily basis to do quiff, spikes or brushed texture, as you prefer with the comb over look. Both gel and hair wax can be used, as you prefer.
  • Work on a hair spa regularly to make sure your hair has excellent moisture and nourishment.
  • Further, add on essential oils regularly. This can add overall shine to your hair.
  • Trim your hair regularly in order to maintain the same cut for a longer period of time, without fail.
  • Conditioning your hair can change the game for those with frizzy and messy tangling hair. Work on good conditioner post shampooing too.

With this best and most trending comb over hairstyles and haircut ideas, we hope you have found your best fit as per your preferences. Try these out, and you can completely rock the look with smart and handsome looks. Tell us your thoughts too!


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