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9 Simple and Perfect Comb Over Hairstyles for Men

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Comb over hairstyles is very popular nowadays. It means that your hair will be perfectly combed on the top of your head, and also the sides of your head will be experimented with. This includes either faded style or normal non-faded style. So, you have a lot of options to choose from and select the perfect one to give that boring hair of yours a total makeover.

Best Comb Over Hairstyles for Men in 2018:

Let’s look at the 9 different comb over hairstyles below.

1. Comb Over Low Fade:

Comb Over Low Fade

If you’re looking for great looking comb over haircut, this is the one you should get. Even though it has a normal classic look, but what increases its look is the nice fade at its bottom. It’s a great look for men with men beards. The style is very trendy and stylish as well.

2. Comb Over for Thick Hair:

Comb Over for Thick Hair

The men who have a thick and long hair he can choose this hairstyle. This hairstyle just is an incredible, and it makes different look ever. To get this look, you have to only fade the sides and back, remaining long hair to be kept at the top of the head. Once after getting this haircut, you have to sweep the front hair to back slightly.

3. Comb Over Medium Fade:

Comb Over Medium Fade

This is one of the best looking hair comb styles you can ever find. The best thing about this style is that the fade starts very high, instead of normal, and thus giving you a very striking look. This look will fit in with your hair styled on top and will look good with nicely styled straight hair too.

4. Comb Over High Fade:

Comb Over High Fade

If you like your fade come over haircut, then get this high fade hairstyle. This type of haircut transforms from shorter sides to longer top hair. This style can be used on both short and long type of hairs. This haircut rightly shows you that you don’t mind at all taking high risks. After all, no risk no gain.

5. Spiky Comb Over Hairstyles:

Spiky Comb Over Hairstyles

Some of the comb over hairstyles have been smooth and sleek, these are the simple and classic touch hairstyle. If you want to a youthful interpretation hairstyle, try a spiky comb over hairstyle. This is a short hair men’s comb over haircut. To get this hairstyle first, you have to fade both sides and remaining top of the hair to be a spike with your hands by using hair products. That makes your hair strands straight up, finally, the look will be contemporary and fashionable.

6. Long Comb Over:

Long Comb Over

This haircut is the best for those who want long hair comb over hairstyle. The sides as well as the top, are kept long, as this haircut is truly made to keep your hair long. Therefore, the sides are not buzzed off. Using pomade or a hair dryer on top your hair will increase its volume and control. This haircut truly looks very unique.

7. Comb Over Skin Fade:

Comb Over Skin Fade

If you like a dashing comb haircut, then look no further. This haircut features bald sides that give you that tough military type look. It looks very neat and stylish and therefore giving you that bold appearance. It is recommended to keep the hair at the top long enough.

8. Modern Comb Over:

Modern Comb Over

If you’re looking for modern men’s comb over hairstyles, then you’ve got to try this one out. This haircut gives the perfect asymmetrical look and still keeps the whole look stylish. It looks really gorgeous and lively, and those who can pull this style off deserve some huge credit. This looks great all around.

9. Comb Over Pompadour:

Comb Over Pompadour

If comb over haircut is your thing and style, this pompadour look will surely make you crazy. This haircut brings extra volume to your hair. Using of pomade or hair blower is recommended to increase the hold and the voluminous look. Stronger pomade will allow you to get a stronger hold. This one is a very nice haircut to show off.

Getting a nice haircut isn’t that easy, as we can see so many different options to choose from. But you should also keep in mind the features and styles that differentiate all these haircuts. And that’s why this list is here to help you choose the perfect comb over hairstyle.