It is very common to have thin hair amongst men as not all men have thick and dense hair. So men with thin hair at times may think that there is not much to do with their hair or they do not have many options to try styles. This thinking may not be true. Below you will find some top styles that you may try for thin hair.

Latest and Stylish Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair:

Let we have to look at the top 10 hairstyles for men with thin hair.

1. Asian Men’s Haircuts for Thin Hair:

Hairstyles for male with thin hair is always tricky and difficult. Yet with this lovely and unique hairstyle idea, you definitely will be thrilled. This Asian men’s hairstyle is a perfect choice for all those suffering from receding hairline or thinning hair concerns. The haircut features low skin fade, which delivers a natural and handsome appearance. Men with round, square and oval face shapes can try it out.

2. Formal Men’s Haircut for Thin Hair:

Have you ever come across a bald fade haircut? If not, this men’s haircut is perfect for thin hair texture. This look is perfect for all office-going men and a lovely companion to your formal attire. The hairstyle delivers a confident, elegant, clean look and accentuates your stylish vibes. Do you agree?

3. Older Mens Hairstyles for Thinning Hair:

These mullet fade haircut is perfect for all men in older age groups suffering from hair thinning. This thinning haircut delivers a radiant and stylish look seamlessly. It exudes a contemporary and modern appearance and suits men across all face shapes. It suits men with all hair textures too!

4. Short Cut With An Edgy Quiff:

If you have thin hair then you may opt for short haircut with an edgy quiff. You may also try another trick for this short cut. Simply try bleaching the ends which do work as an optical illusion. In this way that dark roots hair appear thicker thus making the hair look thick.

5. Receding Hairline Haircut:

In case your hair has normal density but has begun receding then you may try medium short haircut. Have point cut ends which are styled towards forehead to little bit side- just like Ewan McGregor’s. Another option you may consider is to wear a buzz cut. You will surely need a stylist for this. Also you may consider applying gel so that the style is in place.

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6. Short Razored:

The razored finish works in style invariably at all times and catches eyes immediately. Apply some gel and comb and blow dry hair upwards. Style and confidence are the two ingredients for this look.

7. Spiky Rock Star:

Spiky hairstyle is a great way to add some visual volume to your hair. Matthew Bellamy combines the creative mess on top and has sleek temples with short edgy quaff. Gel this for a shiny and clean look.

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8. Neat Preppy Hairstyle With A Side Part:

If you have thin hair but also thin face you may try this. This style accentuates your cheekbones and also strong jawline. This looks very manly and formal. You may use hair gel to give it shine and let it be on place.

9. Texturzed Top:

If you have full and fine hair this look is best suited as it uses texture as its advantage.

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10. Slicked Back:

If you have long hair then why not go for back brush and style it with gel or cream to get the sleek and stylish look. This goes well with even side parting or just by back brushing right from the crown region. This is more helpful when you have some parts of hair receding as it will help in mask your bald spot.

11. Shag:

If you have already identified that your hair is thinning that you may consider a layers also known as bed head or shaggy cut. This will have long hair cut in the front which falls on the forehead and medium length all at the back. Use styling gel and give it’s a messy look. This will distract your thinning hair. This is a camouflage for thin hair.

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12. Buzz Cut:

The hairstyle is for all age groups, faces cut and goes well for also all occasions. This is a low maintenance style as you can do this on home also without any stylist or styling gel or cream. Have clipped sides and back and a thicker mane on your top.


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