The South-Indian stylish star, Allu Arjun, has indeed redefined the current trends with his fashion statements. The Tollywood star stood as a benchmark for several celebrities, including the Hollywood heroes in style and looks. Allu Arjun Hairstyles and haircuts have been the talk of the town in the industry; given the contemporary and bold appearances he has always chosen to put forward and inspire.

No wonder today’s youth take him tall as an inspiration for trying out new looks and experimenting with choices. Today, we will explore all about Allu Arjun’s latest trends in haircuts and hairstyle ideas. Let us see what you may like to try out!

15 Stylish Allu Arjun Hairstyles of All Time 2023:

Here we go; let us go ahead and explore the lovely and handsome Allu Arjun hair cutting style and the latest trends that have been trending and classic till now.

Allu Arjun Messy Hair from Film Pushpa:

1. Side-Combed Voluminous Haircut:

This is among the latest and new Allu Arjun hairstyle at present. The popular star has been displaying similar looks in the recent past, and this has become one of his signature hairstyle ideas. The recent and new movie, ala vaikuntapuramlo hairstyle, is also indeed similar to this haircut. It has been an inspiration to several youths from the time he flaunted it perfectly. What do you think of this one? If you love voluminous and modern-day looks, this hairstyle and haircut idea is an ideal one.

2. Quiff Hairstyle:

The quiff hairstyle is among the most popular trends in the contemporary fashion industry in the recent past. Several celebrities and actors have embraced the trend seamlessly, and our stylish star too. Allu Arjun perfects the quiff short hairstyle in the most iconic manner in some of his recent movies, including the son of Satyamurthy.

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3. Side Swept Fringe Haircut:

The side-swept fringe haircut is one of my favourite looks by the actor. He has been trying out the fringe looks in several variations in most of his movies. This is one such simple and classic style statement to try out. He has displayed the hairstyle in a DJ movie recently! It is easy to maintain and comfortable too, yet modern in looks – making it one of the most popular options for several young men.

4. Side Textured Quiff:

Here is another variation of the quiff hairstyle, in a side textured look. If you wonder how to go about the most simple look without a heavy top, it is an ideal option. This haircut is timeless and famous, is recently observed on our star in an ad campaign! Isn’t it cool? What do you think?

5. Disconnected Pompadour with High Fade:

Here we go with another famous statement, Allu Arjun Hairstyle. This haircut is flaunted perfectly and boldly by the actor in the Naa Peru Surya movie. Indeed, the haircut is a contemporary and wild combination of high fade with a disconnected pompadour. It is a very experimental and unique one. We love how seamlessly and flawlessly our stylish star has taken this look and made it famous. For all the young men who prefer bold and very unique rare styles, this can be a good idea to try out. Do you know this one is also popularly known as Allu Arjun Surya, the soldier hairstyle?

6. Long Curly Haircut:

Do you have long hair and wonder how to fit in or try a celebrity hairstyle? How about this one? The Allu Arjun long hairstyle in curly hair is recently observed on the actor in public appearances. This is from his upcoming movie, Pushpa. It is a new choice from the star, and we never saw such looks on him. Indeed we are waiting for it!

7. Man Pony:

Man Pony is already a very famous and globally well-acclaimed hairstyle. But it is also challenging to try, and not many celebrities choose to pick it up. Our stylish star has tried it out and absolutely nails the trend. We love how stylish and handsome Allu Arjun appears in the many pony hairstyle. It is unique and trendy, without a doubt.

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8. Side Part Long Hairstyle:

This is the hairstyle of our star Allu Arjun in the Arya 2 movie. The side part long hairstyle is a new one we have come across in the recent decade. However, it is a very bold and vibrant choice to try out; the pick is indeed much ahead of the time. Such experimental looks are not flaunted in confidence even by international actors, and we are proud of how our Tollywood star is making new heights!

9. Mid-Parted Messy Long Hair:

You may all have already recognized this hairstyle look. It is from his initial movies after entering the film industry. Allu Arjun flaunted this messy long hair look in the Desamuduru movie over a decade back. Even initially, he has taken up challenging roles and styles without hesitation. What do you think of such hairstyles?

10. Long Side Fringe:

Among the several and many variations of fringe haircuts, our stylish star is another hairstyle long side fringe. We bet most of us haven’t come across such unique and new kinds of haircuts in recent days. This one out here comes as a surprise for most of us! It’s very fresh in trend, exceptionally experimental, and scales up to look fascinating too.

11. Long Wet Hairstyle:

This is another of the archive old hairstyle from Allu Arjun. Wet hairstyles and trends have long been in fashion and now is back in the trend with a bang. Our star has caught the new style with a challenge and boldly presents his own version of a long wet hairstyle. How do you like it?

12. Front Combed Hair:

We see the young Allu Arjun in this front combed hairstyle. This one is back from his initial movie, Aarya. This short haircut version with a front combed look delivers a youthful and effortless style statement. It is quite easy to maintain and has a casual look if you too want to try it out!

13. Short Casual Haircut:

How about this casual haircut? Allu Arjun never leaves out any trend, as we see. He tries every look confidently and easily, from bold and challenging hairstyles to the most casual and simple ones. This is a short and simple casual straightforward haircut to check out.

14. Mid Spikes Haircut:

Among several variations in spiked hair, here is something easy and youthful. The mid-spike hairstyle is a contemporary and fresh one to try out. If you have short to super-short hair length, this can be an everyday style too. Allu Arjun has been seen in this haircut in the early days of his career, and we love how simple and handsome he appears in this one.

15. Allu Arjun in Colored Hair:

Finally, if you want to try out hair colour highlights, this can be an inspiration too. Allu Arjun has nailed this casual yet stylish appearance. This delivers a better contoured look with an easy step up in the fashion game. This elegant and classic style can be perfectly tried with the colour of your choice as well.

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Our stylish star, Allu Arjun, hairstyles and haircuts will always remain a benchmark for trying out modern and statement looks. Indeed, no other actor in the Southern movie industry takes up unique and challenging hairstyles and flaunts them effortlessly. Take them as an inspiration and try out what you feel is the best. Let us know which is your favourite look, too; we love to hear from you!


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