A hard part is always about that razor part line. While the thickness of the hard part comes down to personal preferences, this is indeed a great looking hairstyle. The amount of various haircut options you get is truly astonishing. And that’s this list is here to make yourself accustomed to all those nice looking hard part hairstyles.

Best Hard Part Hairstyles For Men:

Let’s take look here with mentioned top 9 hard hairstyles that make your look more stylish.

1. High Skin Fade with Hard Part Comb Over:

If you like hairstyle for hard hair, then you’ll definitely like this style. This haircut features a high fade along with a razor cut part that will help in shaping the hair. The sides are almost skin fade, with the top hair combed to perfection. The front of the hair is lifted. This cut looks truly sleek and stylish. This is definitely one of the best hard haircuts for men.

2. Pompadour with Hard Part and Mid Skin Fade:

This is definitely the boldest looking hard part hairstyle you can find. The sides have a midway fade, which is skin faded as well, and the top hair is styled into a pompadour. We all know how much popularity pompadour haircut have nowadays. Using a bit of pomade or hair blower will increase the volume of the hair. This style is truly a great hard part haircut.

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3. Low Bald Fade with Hard Part and Comb Over:

If you’re looking for hardline haircut, then look no further. This haircut features a very low fade on the sides, which is fully bald, and the part is as usual done with a razor. The top hair is small and is combed very beautifully, giving a bit of quiff at the front.

4. High Taper Fade with Wave Cut and Hard Part:

If you’re after men’s hard part haircut style, then this style will definitely interest you. This haircut features a very high fade that looks and is tapering to the top as well. The top part of the hair is styled in such a way that it gives a wave-like appearance. The hard part is as usually done by a razor. This haircut absolutely looks clean and eye-catching. This style looks great with a beard too.

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5. Slicked Hard Side Part with High Fade:

This is one of the most good looking hard part haircut styles you can find as of today. The sides have a high fade, which gives a perfect complement to the whole look. The haircut features a total slicked back style on the top that looks very neat and clean. This is a very stunning haircut.

6. High Bald Fade with Curly Hair and Part:

If you’re interested in men’s hairstyles hard part cuts, then surely get this one. This haircut features bald faded sides, which are really high, and the top hair being totally curly. The parting is done hardly by a razor. This haircut will definitely take your breath away by its awesomeness.

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7. Mid Fade with Hard Side Part:

If you like hard fade haircut styles, do check this style out once. This haircut features fade up to mid height on the sides, with razor parting. The top part hair is then swept to the other side of the parting, giving the whole thing a nice, combed and sleek looking finish.

8. Undercut with Long Fringe and Hard Part:

If you’re looking into boys hard part haircut, then this cut will definitely make you smile. This cut includes an undercut that runs high, as well as a razor parting line that runs long as well. The hair on top is moderately long; the whole hair is swept towards the front, giving that nice yet messy look.

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9. Textured Curly Hair with Fade and Part:

This textured hairstyle is indeed one of the most fantastic looking men shard part hairstyles. The sides are as per usual faded with a razor parting line, while the top has really great textured curly hair. The curly hair is fairly long enough and looks good when you colour the hair nicely. Truly one of the best options you can find.

Finding the right hard part haircut can be tough for anyone. After what this extensive list has provided – not at all. This list goes through almost every one if those best and popular cuts that cater to the Hard Cut style.


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