How to look hot, stylish, and cool at the same time? Yet, also following the contemporary trends? Go for a buzz cut! The buzz cut for men is the modern trendy short hairstyles that are shaved with the help of clippers. They are the perfect blend of achieving smart looks with a comfortable style. They are easy to maintain, look cool, and give you a classic contemporary look at the same time.

So why wait? If you want to get male buzz cut hairstyles, it is time to follow these recent trends. We have some stylish and modern celebrity-inspired buzz-cut looks just for you. Let’s check them out!

15 Different Types of Buzz Cuts for Men:

The men’s buzz cut hairstyles are among the easiest trend everyone can pull off effortlessly. Our celebs are no exception. We have seen quite a few actors, models, and singers nail this phenomenon in recent years. So, let’s go through the buzz haircut and hairstyles and see what sticks you in awe! Here we go!

1. David Beckham Buzz Cut:

David Beckham never shies away to experimenting and trying several new types of hairstyles. He has nailed several short haircuts in many looks, and here is another stylish appearance. We have this buzz cut hairstyle from our favorite celeb. If you want easy maintenance and a super-short hairstyle, this form of well-shaved bald induction buzz cut can be an ideal one to go to! This buzzed haircut can never go out of trend and makes you look hot and sexy without any doubt!

2. Michael Jordan Buzz Cut:

While buzz cut has become a phenomenon in itself, several celebrities nowadays are trying to nail this effortless look. Our recent heartthrob and crush, action movie hero Michael Jordan, is also seen in the buzz cut form. Amongst several forms in this hairstyle, we have Michael Jordan in this flat buzz cut fade look. He nails the style with a good fade on the sides and a flat look over the top. So, what do you think about it? Among the different types of buzz cuts, this is among our favorite.

3. Adam Levine Buzz Haircut:

Adam Levine, in his appearance in American Music Awards, recently has appeared in this buzz cut. He has clipped to very short hair in this style, almost looking like he has no hair! While you may wonder how this may look in a style statement, we are in awe of how smart and cool the entire haircut looks! He pulled it off perfectly! This is suitable for men across age groups and those with oval face, especially if you have thin or less hair texture. So, what do you think about it?

4. Ryan Gosling Buzz Cut:

Are you looking for an effortless and minimal maintenance hairstyle? Well, we have Ryan Gosling nailing this style statement. Men with a very thick hair texture can check this form of a buzz cut. He has kept the hair to similar lengths and matched it with short and trimmed facial hair too. If you have a triangular face shape or oval face shape, this is ideal!

5. Chris Evans Buzz Cut:

Our superhero actor, Chris Evans, has also styled out the buzz cut style. He has carried off with the elegant and most classic type of buzz haircut with a neatly trimmed beard. It looks super stylish and is perfect for men with round and oval face shapes easily. This buzz cut with short trimmed hair is a perfect classic and timeless option to try out at any point in time!

6. Tom Hardy Buzz Cut:

Buzz haircut may not be the same thing for every man. However, we love how seamless and stylish it looks on everyone who tries it out in its various forms and styles. We love how Tom Hardy here is flaunting off his short hair look so seamlessly. Here, we see the mid part buzz cut style, and it looks so effortless. This buzz hairstyle is ideally suitable for men with oblong faces and oval faces too!

7. Justin Timberlake Buzz Cut:

How do you like super bold and hot modern hairstyles? Well, if you don’t want to get too dull buzz cut or prefer to make a sleek look, this super sharp fade will set you apart! We have Justin Timberlake flaunting off his fade buzz cut neatly, with very short hair on the top. What do you think about it? While this suits men with oval face shapes, those with round and square face structures can try this buzz cut too!

8. Daniel Day-Lewis Buzz Cut:

If you have very thin hair or balding crown or suffer from receding hairlines, there is nothing like trying out the Daniel Day-Lewisinspired buzz cut. It is very simple and straightforward, yet among the classic form of style to check out. Men with oblong and oval face shapes can try it out. It is perfect for versatile occasions and for those hot summers where you prefer a no-maintenance short hair look!

9. Nick Jonas Buzz Cut:

Amongst the various styles within the buzz cut, we have the longer version too. This buzz cut flaunted by Nick Jonas is styled with longer trimmed hair, thus giving it the dense and thick hair texture overall. It provides on flawless, effortless style quickly and effortlessly. If you are apprehensive about going fade or too short, you can try out this buzz haircut for teenage guys too. Men with oval and round face shapes are best suitable.

10. Lenny Kravitz Buzz Cut:

The curly afro-inspired buzz haircut from Lenny Kravitz is a perfect fit if you have a thick and curly or wavy texture of hair. This is a shorter, neat buzz cut, giving you a vintage and classic style statement. It is easy to maintain, just like others. However, it requires regular trims to maintain it well. If you are someone who have a round or oblong face shape, check this out!

11. Ryan Reynolds Buzz Cut:

Inspired by Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool movie? Well, we, too, are awe stuck on how hot and amazing he looks! This is a high and tight buzz cut style, with a short back and sides. The heavy texture on the top gives it a lovely messy statement look. Adding on the texture to this buzz cut delivers such masculine and trendy smart looks seamlessly.

12. Brad Pitt’s Buzz Cut:

This blonde buzz cut inspired by Brad Pitt is no new to the glamour industry. The smart-looking buzz haircut looks seamless for young men, giving it a modern and yet classic vintage makeover. It is quite easy to achieve and gives you a contemporary style statement too. Men with oval or square face shapes can best try this look.

13. Robert Pattinson Buzz Cut:

This clean buzz cut from Robert Pattinson is another celeb inspiration to try out. If you are not sure of getting a very short or cropped buzz cut, you can go ahead with this long hair buzz cut for men. It will let you maintain the hair-trimmed texture and instantly give you a masculine and edgy sleek appearance. We love how stylish and hot Robert Pattinson looks in this hairstyle. What do you think?

14. Zayn Malik Buzz Cut:

We absolutely can’t believe Zayn Malik in this bold buzz cut looks! There is faded skin on the sides and beneath, with a bold and contemporary look overall. It is among his ultimate go-to favorite hairstyles, and we often see this celeb experimenting with different forms of a buzz cut. Men who have a round face shape can try this sleek buzz cut effortlessly.

15. John Legend Buzz Cut:

If you have an extremely curly hair texture, this buzz cut inspired by John Legend is a perfect choice too. This thick hair look buzz hairstyle gives you a fuller look and quickly adds to the classic style. This buzz cut doesn’t have any fade look. Instead,it gives you a neatly trimmed version. Men with square and round face shapes can indeed check this one out! What do you think?

Buzzcut for men comes in various forms and styles, and one can easily choose the right fit according to preference, face structure, facial features, hair texture, and more. Which celebrity in the buzz cut hairstyle do you love the most? Let us know your what do you think, and which one do you love the most; we love to hear from you!


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