If you are a college-going young boy, we understand the everyday morning confusion on how to get ready and style yourself in time. These college boy hairstyles are hence here to sort you out. The hairstyles for college boys are generally preferred to be less time-consuming, which can make you look fashionable yet very stylish and elegant. This style guide blends all those and can make you look smart. You would love them for sure, be it a simple look trending saloon style or new-age famous fade, and they include it all. Continue reading to know more about your wish for the best look.

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12 Simple Haircuts for College Boys 2023:

Here is the list of the top 12 best hairstyles for college boys.

1. College Boy Hairstyles with Fade for Wavy Hair:

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If you have thick and dense wavy hair texture, you can imitate this hairstyle for college boys look. The look features a side fade that seeks all the attention and delivers a masculine and smart hot vibe. The hairstyle perfectly blends a vintage look with modern, contemporary hues. Boys with round, square and oval face shapes can check this lookout. This is among the trending and best Indian college boy hairstyle ideas this season.

2. Celebrity Inspired College Boy Hairstyle for Curly Hair:

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Do you have curly or unruly hair? Why not take advantage of it and exude this perfect and charming look? This is among the best hairstyles ideas for college guys. The Tom Holland inspired haircut delivers a perfectly elegant, classic, youthful appearance. It is ideal for boys across any face shape and with curly hair texture. This can be a great everyday hairstyle for college students!

3. Young Fresh College Boy Look:

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Here is a new makeover for you to try at college. This style is fashionable and is quite popular among many young guys around. It is quite easy to do and hardly takes time. All you need is a good hair gel to try this look, and you will undoubtedly create a good impression at your new college after this look.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: All oval and diamond-shaped faces with smooth hair textures can try this style out.
  • Best Season to Try: Summer is a good time to try this style out.
  • Perfect Dress and Occasions: Men can wear casual jeans and shirts with this look to go to college regularly.

4. Slick Back Polished Styled:

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Now, this is a nice style if you want to look stylish and trendy as a popular guy in the college or office but do not want it to look too bold and unique. It gives you a taste of polished, smart boy looks and stylish nature. It is a cute slicked back hairstyle, and several young to older boys love it.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: Oval-shaped faces young boys with any hair type can rock this look.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this nice style in the monsoon to look amazing.
  • Perfect Dress and Occasions: This is good with a nice T-shirt and cardigans to makeover nicely. Wear this style when going out with friends.

5. Cute Boy Look for Round Face:

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This is quite a simple hairstyle for college boys. If you do not want to do the same and want to experiment with something bold in fashion and popularity, this is good to try. This is such a cute look and trending all over. It gives vibes around you as a nice and smart boy in college. Try it out, and we are sure you will love this look.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: You can safely try this if you have a round-shaped face with wavy and curly hair.
  • Best Season to Try: Any season is good to try this lookout.
  • Perfect Dress and Occasions: Wear this with a casual T-shirt and jeans for nice college days.

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6. Most Stylish Look for Modern Guys:

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This hairstyle is for guys who love to keep a fun and cool hairstyle. And this is quite an accessible style and is followed by several guys. This is good if you want a trending and cool look for a chill and light-taking person. You can look so good with the hair falling on your forehead gently or even with the hair looking messy, as shown in the picture above.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: A round, oval and heart-shaped face with straight hair texture can suit this style.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this in winter as it best suits them.
  • Perfect Dress and Occasions: This is good to try with a nice shirt and jeans during sports activities or outings.

7. Young Boy Wicked Look:

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It is, again, a popular style for several guys. This style is well cut, circular for the hair to easily fall on the forehead. It is well-suited for guys who look quite young. The person’s facial features here easily look childish; hence, this style is well suited for such college-going boys.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: This hairstyle is best for round face men with any hair type.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this style in monsoon and winter to look your best.
  • Perfect Dress and Occasions: This is good to try with nice formals for attending college placement interviews.

8. Short Hair Look for College Boys:

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This is the best new hairstyle for college boys, especially in their teenage times. And this is a very simple style and is hence well suited for those guys who do not want to bother much about their looks and keep it super minimal and light. Hence, try it out for quick and easy makeovers every day.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: Men with any face type and short hair can try this lookout.
  • Best Season to Try: Summer is a good time to try this short hairstyle.
  • Perfect Dress and Occasions: Wear this with a casual T-shirt and jeans for regular college days.

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9. Trendy Haircut for a New Modern Look:

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This follows the new age fashion and look. This cut is well known in several popular art and culture today, especially in metropolitan cities. If you want a bold and stylish look and are confident to try something new, this will surely be tried. Do not miss this out if you like this one.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: Any face shape and hair type can suit this look well.
  • Best Season to Try: Summer is a good time to try this style.
  • Perfect Dress and Occasions: Men can wear casual T-shirts and outfits to go out with friends or family here.

10. Undercut Spike Cut Look:

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This new hairstyle for college guys is well known with several fade and undercut variants. This hairstyle has a spiky look on the crown with an undercut and fades on the sides. This suits guys who are enthusiastic to try something new out. However, it is easy to maintain and can be done quickly.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: Try this if you have an oval and rectangular shaped face with any hair type.
  • Best Season to Try: Summer and winter are good times to try this lookout.
  • Perfect Dress and Occasions: This suits formal and informal outfits for college or movie nights.

11. The Messy Young Boy Look:

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If you have curly hair, this is suitable and worth trying out. We all know this popular character from Harry Potter and are fans of his style. This gives a smart and intellectual look and, at the same time, also has a style and fashion sense attached to it. Young guys with curly hair can examine this haircut and love it. Try it out yourself and see the change.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: Round and square-shaped faces with curly hair suit this look.
  • Best Season to Try: Winter and monsoon are best to try this one out.
  • Perfect Dress and Occasions: Try this with a casual shirt and jeans to look good for college going days.

12. Medium Length Haircut for Young Boys:

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If you have medium length hair and do not know how to style it best, try this style and haircut. It is a well polished and well known popular look. Just go ahead, take side parting, and brush the hair neatly and inelegantly. It does not take any time and effort and can be finished quickly.

  • Suitable Hair and Face Type: A round, square and oval-shaped face with medium hair can try it out.
  • Best Season to Try: This style is suitable for the winter season.
  • Perfect Dress and Occasions: Guys can wear a casual T-shirt and shorts to go out in this look with friends.

Additional Tips:

  1. These college boy hairstyles are known to be easy to do and maintain. Hence, these looks require less time to create.
  2. Apply hair spray in the end so that hair stays in place if you have a long and hectic day.
  3. Further, you can work on trimming hair often to ensure you do not need a full haircut soon.
  4. Do not over-shampoo hair, even for guys who have short hair. This may remove natural oils from the hair and damage your hair.
  5. Have a hair massage once in ten days on average to ensure hair receives all nourishment and moisture it needs.

These college boy hairstyles are quite easy to do and maintain. These styles are versatile and can be tried by different facial features and men on several occasions. Try these styles out yourself and tell us how easy they are in your day-to-day life. Go ahead, select what you like best, and visit a saloon. Let us know more about what you think here.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How do you make sure hair is soft and smooth textured for boys?

Ans: The hair is often damaged due to sun, pollution and lack of moisture. This may make hair frizzy and rough. Hence, precautions are required for the hair to look smooth and polished. Apply serum on wet hair and gel before you style them. Further, you can use conditioner after shampooing to make hair smoother.

Q2. Does Round Face Shape Go Well with Medium Hair for College Boys?

Ans: Yes. Medium-length hair goes well with all face shapes and hair types. Even round face shaped guys can totally and safely try out medium length hairstyles as they best like them. It can be well-matched with the face.

Q3. Does Fringe Cut Suit Young Guys with a Round Face?

Ans: Yes. It is a myth to say that fringe cuts do not suit round-faced men. You can try out fringes, but just do not do blunt fringes. Your hairstylist will make sure if you ask for advice not to make your face look rounder with these fringes and suggest a suitable cut.


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