20 Best Simple And Cool Hairstyles For Men

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With growing consciousness about looks and attraction, not only women but men are equally participating in various methods that can make other envy them and also make beautiful women turn around and have another look. Along with gaining a good fashion sense, one other fashionable area where men are putting an effort is hairstyles. Some men prefer keeping the hair long while there are other who love to shorten the hair lengths. In fact, a lot of guys and men also prefer haircuts that look cool and trendy.

However, most of the times the restriction comes in the form of less knowledge about the current fashion trends where hairstyles are concerned. This leads to a break in the fashion sense for men. The good news is that with well-researched guides like this one, you really don’t have to worry!

Cool Hairstyles For Men With Pictures:

This list below has top 20 coolest hairstyles for men that they can pick from without thinking twice. It is bound to give you the desired fashion outcomes that you want. Try out today!

1. Undercut Hairstyle:

cool hairstyles for men

One of the cool options for men hair styles is the undercut. It is more of crew cut at the base and longer hair at the top to help you style the latter in any way you want to. For more stylish undercuts you can start low and then fade the cut into the skin.

2. Brit Pop Crop:

brit pop crop - curly hairstyles for men

It is one of the short length cool hair styles for men with a British edge to it. The lengths are exaggerated in the crown area. Along with being neat, the hair is tousled. It is one of the true deserving hair styles here.

3. Let It Grow Hair Style:

Cool hairstyles for men - Let It Grow

There is nothing much you have to do to achieve this style. Just let the hair grow for the next 7-8 weeks without trimming. The length reaches the shoulders and give you a romantic novel starrer feel. It might take some time to grow but is surely low maintenance.

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4. Faux Hawk Hair Cut:

cool hairstyle faux

This is one cool hairstyle not only considered by men but also by boys. The best part is that it doesn’t require a lot of effort from your end. Spike it up with hair gel for best outcomes. Personally i can say it is one of the best hairstyles for men who love to simple and modern hairstyles.

5. Modern Pompadour:

Modern Pompadour

This is simple hairstyle for men that remind you of the flirty Johnny Bravo. Keep it short and with a slight side parting in the hair. Make sure you do not slick it back completely if you want a modern touch to the style.

6. Quiff Hair Style:

quiff - Cool hairstyles for men

Those men with straight, thick and curly locks can carry off this cool hairstyle with ease and grandeur. The back and the sides are short here and the crown has longer length. It can work on any face shape. Also, those with defines cheekbones, this is the perfect hairstyle for you.

7. Robert Downey Hair Style:

Robert Downey Hair Style

The hair style is named after the very trendy and renowned Hollywood actor as Robert Downey hair style. The hair style is easy and anyone can pull it off well. It works for all age as well as hair type. The top is long, and the sides are cropped and parted to either the left or the right.

8. Brit-Rock Hair Style:

Brit Rock Hair Style

This kind of hair cut is seen in men in the British rock bands. For those who want a tousled look, this is the perfect one. The hair is swept forward, there is a bit of fringe and it is textured well. The style can be done in any kind of hair type starting from curly to straight.

9. Spiky Hair Style:

Spiky Hair Style

For those who want a cool look, the spiky hairstyle is the way to go. Along with being trendy it is also masculine in nature. A man can opt for short spikes or long depending upon their face shape and what suits their requirements and choices.

10. The Messy Medium Length Hairstyle For Men:

Cool and Simple Hairstyles for Men10

Looking for cool hairstyles for men? This is one of those hairstyles which will allow you to keep a medium length hair along with a messy pattern. The hairstyle is often sported by teenagers going to college. Maintaining this hairstyle is the main trick as if you don’t maintain the hair properly, it will turn out to be something horrible and might ruin your image.

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11. The Side Shaved Back Brushes Hairstyle For Men:

Handsome man with a beard

There are a number of cool men hairstyles but this one is the rave right now. It comes with faded sides and the middle portion of the hair sports a beautiful pattern which shifts to the back. The hairstyle will be suitable for those who have an oblong face texture. Men with chubby faces should try to avoid this look as this will reveal the fat angels of the face and make them look bad.

12. The Highly Faded And Clean Hairstyle For Men:

Cool and Simple Hairstyles for Men12

Are you in need of some cool haircuts for men? This winter, rock the streets with this wonderful haircut, where the crown of the head only reveals a little bit of hair. The sides and a little portion of the front are shaved and faded with the help of a trimmer. This is not a traditional mohawk hairstyle, it is, even more, beautiful and creative that that. Any guy with a long and thin face will absolutely rock this look.

13. The Medium Length Of Long Beards:

Cool and Simple Hairstyles for Men13

Here is yet another cool hairstyle for men. This particular hairstyle is often sported by many Irish men and has been rated as one of the most popular hairstyles this year. The hair is not cut short, rather it is kept quite long and if back brushed will extend to the neck. The hairstyle is good for impressing a girl who is fond of beards and the hipster lifestyle. A lot of musicians and celebs have lately been spotted sporting such a hairstyle.

14. The Clean Side Shifted Hairstyles For Men:

Cool and Simple Hairstyles for Men14

This clean hairstyle for men sports deep trimmed sides. Here, one part of the hair is shifted to one side and is kept that way. For getting this look, you will require a styling gel that will provide a strong hold. This is actually one of the most popular and is also considered as one of the coolest hairstyles for men.

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15. The Smart And Formal Hairstyles For Men:

Cool and Simple Hairstyles for Men15

This particular smart and formal hairstyle is a great way to make the short hair look cool. The haircut will be suitable for wearing on formal occasions and events. One can clearly look hot and smart with the help of this hairstyle. Here, the sides of the hair are deeply cut and the middle portion is kept as it is. The hairstyle will be ideal for men who have a long but cute face cutting. Girls dig this haircut.

16. The Long Cool Hairstyles:

Cool and Simple Hairstyles for Men16

A lot of people say that keeping long hair doesn’t feel cool. Actually, a long hair depicts manhood and it makes a male look extra attractive if sported with a well-maintained beard. In the picture, we can see that the model sports a quite big long hair with a cool beard. This might be the coolest you will ever look. Long hairstyles are coming back again and this is one of the best ways to style the lengthy hair. Girls also prefer men with long hair and beard, since it is the thing right now. After going through the discussion, you will thin yourself that this long hairstyle can be said to be one of the best cool hairstyles for men.

17. The Casual Short Hairstyle For Men:

Cool and Simple Hairstyles for Men17

This is one of the best cool hairstyles for men where the length of the hair is pretty small and makes the model look very smart. You can easily wear this rocking hairstyle and go to any party or functions also.

18. The Vintage Cool Men Hairstyle:

Cool and Simple Hairstyles for Men18

This hairstyle cannot be said as one of the latest hairstyles but it sure is cool and simple. Most of the teenage boys like to wear this type of hairstyles.

19. The Chris Hems Worth Short Hairstyle For Men:

Cool and Simple Hairstyles for Men19

Here is a beautiful short and simple hairstyle for men who like to look cool. It is one of the most popular hairstyles for men, you can rock this year with this look. Here the combination of smart small beard and simple hairstyle is enhance the beauty.

20. The Cool Hairstyle For Black Men:

Cool and Simple Hairstyles for Men20

This is one of the best cool haircuts for men which will be suitable for black men. Most of the African men wear this hairstyle which never went wrong.

The cool hairstyles and haircuts are the things that can make a male look attractive. In this article, you will find some of the best cool hairstyles which come with a lot of innovation and creativity associated with them and will hopefully assist you in reshaping your look in a better way.