Top 15 Emo Hairstyles For Guys With Pictures

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Emo hairstyles for guys can be quite difficult to style. These hairstyles speak lengths about the personality of the wearers. Mostly these emo hairstyles are worn by teenage guys. These hairstyles indicate how posh you are. If you follow this type of emo hairstyles surely you will be the out of crowd.

Mind Blowing Emo Hairstyles For Guys With Images:

Here is a rundown of the top 15 Emo hairstyles for guys who are in search of one! So, go ahead, style and express!

1. The Spiky Look:emo hairstyles for guys

This is a medium length emo hairstyle guys which flaunts high rising spikes all over. The hair around the ears is brushed down and they almost touch the jawline. The hair from there till the forehead is cut gradually such that it is at its shortest near the forehead. Instead of being brushed back or brushed sideways, the hair (which is not a part of the spikes) are brushed forward.

2. Shoulder Length Emo Hairstyle:Emo hairstyles for guys - Shoulder Length

This is one of the best and trend setting emo hairstyles for guys with straight medium hair. This hairstyle comes under two categories of hair length, long as well as medium. The hair, just like the one in the above is brushed towards the front. There is a hair parting on one side which is not prominent. The hair is let loose above the forehead which forms a kind of a frisky fringe and almost covers an eye. The hair is not brushed such that it looks polished, instead it has a kind of a tousled and shaggy feel to it.

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3. Emo Bob:

Emo hairstyles for guys -emo bob

This emo hairstyle is a perfect example of a medium bob cut which perfectly frames the face of men. As usual, a parting line is absent and the hair is brushed according to the hair flow. Some wispy side swept bangs are present in the front which frames the eye. This hairstyle reduces the facial dimensions (or creates an illusion of reducing it) and hence is perfect for guys who have an oblong facial structure.

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4. Medium Wispy Bangs:

Emo hairstyles for guys - Medium Wispy Bangs

This emo hairstyle for guys is almost similar to the one above. The one significant difference is the fact that the hair other than that which participates in the fringes is cut relatively short. That being said, it is true for hair on either side of the head, while, the hair on the posterior side is left long such that it reaches the neck line.

5. Nerdy Emo!:Emo hairstyles for guys - nerdy emo

Having glasses along with any hairstyle doesn’t necessarily mean that the hairstyle is nerdy, however, this emo hairstyle has a nerdy vibe to it. The hair is brushed flat on the head with little wispiness all over. This can generally be done by blow drying your hair while brushing it tightly on your head. This hairstyle kind of silhouettes the structure of the head. The hair in the front covers a maximum portion of the forehead. All of these combined provides a nerdy attribute to this medium length hairstyle.

6. Spikes With Bangs:

Spikes with bangs

This Emo hairstyle features messy spikes along with eye framing bangs. This type of emo hairstyles for guys suitable with short hair also which is a tad complex than the ones mentioned above, so, it is recommended that you visit your haircut the first time you style your hair like this. This funky hairstyle may also prove difficult to maintain too. In spite of all its shortcomings one cannot disagree on how cool and sexy this hairstyle is.

7. Messy Spikes with Front Frisky Fringes:

Messy spikes with front frisky fringes

The unique thing about this emo hairstyle for boys is that the hair is spiked all over instead of just confining to a particular hair section. The front fringes cover a large portion of the forehead. You must utilize a hair hold gel in order to make those spikes more manageable.

8. Frozen Side Spikes:

Frozen side spikes

The spikes that constitute the hairstyle are frozen! No matter how you position your head, they will remain upright. Obviously you would need a strong hold gel for the frozen spikes to keep them set in place. This hairstyle too can be a bit complex for amateurs, so professional help for the first few times is advised. This is one of the most popular emo hairstyles for boys with fringes on oval shape face.

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9. Back Spikes:

Back spikes

Back spoke is one of the trend setting and rocking emo hairstyles for boys with long face cut.This one is a tad different from general spikes as the spikes are present at the back instead of being in the front. The hair in the front is neatly polished along with a short barely visible parting line.

10. The Cute Emo Hairstyle:

Emo Hairstyles for Guys 10

Emo hairstyles are generally cute but this one is extremely special. It is one of the most adorable emo hairstyles for guys in teens medium hair. It can be sported during the summer seasons. The quality of the hair plays a massive role in the process of attaining this look. It can be said to be one of the finest looks for boys who are into emo culture. If you have and thin smooth hair that is not damaged to a certain limit, then you can rock out this hairstyle with the help of the straighten equipped with a hair dryer.

11. The Elegant Emo Hairstyle:

Emo Hairstyles for Guys 11

Looking for emo hairstyles? Here is something totally new. For this hair styles also, you will need to have thin and smooth hair. It just helps with the styling that’s all. The front part of the hair conceals the forehead about 60% and the rest of the hair covers the rest 20% of that part of the upper face. The left out 20% is exposed and that is what makes this hairstyle so unique. It doesn’t cover the forehead totally. There is some room left for air to pass and for all the right causes, this is one of the freshest and stylish emo hairstyles for boys and men as well.

12. The Asian Emo Hairstyle:

Emo Hairstyles for Guys 12

Boys at Asia generally carry this type of emo hairstyle, if they are into emo culture. The front part of the hair looks totally adorable with all the parting the concealment done to the forehead. It is totally adorable and can be sported with stylish clothing. If you are willing to look cute and smart at the same time, then this emo hair cut is something that will assist you in looking totally unique.

13. The Blue Emo Hairstyle:

Emo Hairstyles for Guys 13

The previously discussed emo hairstyles for men were on one specific level. This one just raised the bar and took a wild turn. The hairstyles cones with a good amount of blue dyed hair on the front. Most of the hair seems to be sporting normal black color. On the other hand, the blue hair is something that will be totally suitable for all boys who want to play the part of looking different form others and have their own signature hairstyle through which people can identify them instantly.

14. The Dark Emo Look:

Emo-Hairstyles-for-Guys 14

Emo culture is not just about being yourself, having fun, going crazy, etc. There are many slides to this hairstyle and this one is something that will be totally suitable for those who believe in themselves and make sure that they are confident enough not to live on the others preferences regarding beauty. It takes a lot of guts to sport your dark side and this hairstyles is all about that. It’s like that you will be able to find yourself through carrying this hairstyle. If you have a medium to long hair pattern, then definitely try this look out.

15. The Summer Emo Look:

Emo Hairstyles for Guys 15

Emo hairstyles look the best who a good looking teenager or a young guy sports it at a beach on a sunny day. The hair shows off its own beauty and everyone will be impressed by the way these hairstyles are made to look. It can also be said to be the beach look for boys who are into emo lifestyle. When the hair comes with blonde highlights it looks even more alluring and can be said to be something that will be suitable for all those who prefer sporting the emo look quite often.

These emo styles is something that will take you off your feet! Check out the best ones above and keep experimenting with your look now and then. Just know that emo hairstyles, is trendy, stylish and something that can definitely make heads turn.

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