The variants of different taper looks may all have been trending for ages, but the classic taper haircuts are among the best and timeless hairstyles to start with. The versatile looks and handsome looks are easy to maintain and deliver a plush and sophisticated style statement. This look is often called a gentleman haircut, given the neat and dignified appearance it shows.

If you are looking forward to exploring more about these lovely styles, our list of trending men’s classic taper haircuts can help you out.

9 Best Men’s Taper Fade Haircuts with Images:

Here are the best classic taper haircuts for men, so you can choose good options to change old fashion looks to new and trendy looks.

1. Blow Out Haircut:

Blow out haircut is a new trendy men’s classic taper haircuts. In this design there will be lengthy hair in the top and length reduces when it comes to bottom. The front of your hair will look like tapered hair and the length is as per your choice. This is suitable for both curly and straight hair types.

2. Classic Taper Undercut:

This classic taper haircuts for men will be like long hair in the top only. Around the tapered part, the hair will be very short and you can decide the length of hair you want to keep it. To get noticed where ever you go this hairstyle is a suitable choice.

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3. Classic Tapered Cut:

This is a men’s classic taper haircut with a side part. This hairstyle is very much suitable for one who wants to keep their tapered haircut look even at work. This is a suitable hairstyle for a businessman. It has the power to make you look formal as well as casual at the same time.

4. Low Taper Haircut:

Youngsters with curly hair will always want to try something fresh. If you want to extend your tapered haircut you can try this low taper style. Unlike the tapered hair in the top, this has law tapered hair with a small area around it. You can trim that area to make it shorter. This will make you look handsome and stylish.

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5. French Crop with Short Hair:

This is a new experiment in men’s classic Taper hairstyles. You know what French cut this haircut is the combination of French cut and taper haircut. The upper part is lengthy and the surrounding hair will be very short or clean shaved. This is a trendy casual classic taper fade hairstyle and is most suitable youngsters who love to try new experiments with their hair

6. Sporty Thick Taper Haircut:

For sportsmen, they like short hair with ease. This is very suitable for them. This taper haircut is suitable for thick and slightly curled hair. This taper cut is not only in the top the length of hair is higher on the top and starts to decrease as it goes down. The hair will be very short down the back.

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7. Hollywood Comb-over Style:

Are you a Hollywood fan? This is a haircut you can try if you want to copy some Hollywood actor. This needs some effort for maintenance. You need to comb your hair back and the length is according to your preference. Length is higher on the top and decreases when it comes down to the bottom.

8. Vintage Taper Cut:

For the young generation who need top will be stylish and can arrange like spikes using gel. Adjust the hair length on top and bottom hair length will be very less. This is a s is hairstyle foone of the best taper haircut for men.

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9. Long Taper Haircut:

Men with long hair don’t want to cut down their hair. This is a design using which they can keep the hair length they want. The top length can be as you wish. If you like long hair then keeps the long length but should adjust the hair shape using suitable creams. This is a hairstyle for young people and to be trendy in this look with a good sunglass pair.

Taper hairstyle is a classic design every man should try out. There are many modifications that you can try. All the above designs are some choices from which men can cut their hair. Be the hair long or short this haircut is suitable for all hair type. Be modish and classic at the same time.

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