Viking hairstyles are slowly becoming more and more popular as the days go by, and it’s the time that surely one person would want to try out these amazing styles. They make you so much better in every way you look at them. So, if you want uniqueness in your life don’t hesitate to try out one of these haircuts.

10 Historical Viking Hairstyles for Men:

Let’s have a look at these top 10 modern and traditional Nordic hairstyles to get a unique look.

1. Viking Hairstyles for Men with Fade:

Check out this bold and unique Viking hairstyle idea for men. Combining the Viking style with fade and the braids can look perfect to create a vintage and classic masculine stylish appearance. This hairstyle is an ideal option if you have elongated or oval face shapes.

2. Viking Hairstyles for Older Men:

You cannot miss this Viking hairstyle if you are above 50 years. This hairstyle symbolizes the statement ‘age like a fine wine’. It looks perfect, creating an exquisite and ambitious hot style statement instantly. Men with oval, elongated and triangular face shapes and any hair texture can try it out.

3. Temple Shave:

If getting a Viking haircut is your utmost priority, then look no further. This haircut features a temple shave along the sides of the head in a neat manner, while there is long and thick hair on top of the head. This cut gives a totally edgy and manly look. This style is truly eye-catching and one of the best Viking hairstyles male type haircuts.

4. Shaved Head and Beard:

This is one of the most unique looking men’s Viking hairstyles you can ever find. This style demands you to go full bald and shave all your hair, while still keeping your beard. The beard must be larger and bushier than ever, giving a total Viking look overall. The beard needs to grow much huge and longer than usual.

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5. Braided Part Viking Hairstyle:

If you’re looking for options for Viking men’s hairstyle, then definitely try this one out. The sides of the head are very slightly faded and are kept long, along with a parting done on top of the head, where the braided hair strand rests, and the rest of the hair is styled into a modern pompadour. This cut looks very clean and tidy.

6. Loose Braid Viking Hairstyle:

This is one of the most dashing looking Viking haircut styles you can find today. This haircut needs your hair to be very long to be combed and swept to the back of the head, and then it is braided loosely to resemble a nice looking haircut. The haircut will look a bit messy and can be difficult to maintain, but it’s worth it.

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7. Top Knot with Undercut:

If you’re after traditional Viking hairstyles, you will love this cut. This cut features sides of the head that are perfectly shaved and have a skin fade, with the top part of the hair swept and styled towards the back of the head by keeping a nice bun or knot at the top of the back of the head. This cut looks great with a large and nicely shaped beard.

8. Long Hair and Beard:

If Viking style haircuts are the only haircuts you want in your life, check this one out. This style features loose hair strands hanging down each side of your head. The hair is all textured and messy as well, and this cut needs a nice long beard to go along with it. This cut will surely make you look very manly and rugged at the same time.

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9. Mohawk Viking Hairstyle:

This is one of the most stunning looking traditional Viking haircuts you can ever get. This haircut allows the sides to be fully shaved up to the top part of the head, while only a strip of the middle part of the head is covered with hair that is styled into a mohawk. The hairline extends from the front to the back with nice moderately medium-sized hairs. This cut goes best with full long beards.

10. Slicked Back Undercut:

If getting a slicked back undercut is your passion, you’ll love this as one of your favourite male Viking hairstyles. This cut features closely shaved sides that resemble an undercut, while the rest of the top part of the hair is slicked and combed backwards, giving a nice thump to the front of the hair. Again, this cut looks gorgeous with a beard.

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Sometimes, we grow large amounts of hair or beard but don’t know how to use them wisely. These hairstyles will help us effectively use our assets to the best of our knowledge and choices. What’s a better way than sporting a Viking haircut with that large beard? That’s why this list of all the best Viking hairstyles will help you in choosing one.


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