As we get older, we notice drastic changes in the way we look and think! Our hair is the most noticeable aspect of the aging process which gets too obvious to ignore. Receding hairlines, greying hair, bald patches etc. are our confidence killers!An easy way to boost our self esteemis to go for a suitable haircut to embrace this natural change gracefully.

In this article, we have put together a list of 15 Best Hairstyles for men over 50 years. These celebrity-inspired haircuts for middle-aged men add a definition to your face and reveal your handsome looks.

15 Trending Hairstyles for Men with Grey and White Hair:

Here are some of the best hairstyles for men over 50 years age:

1. Salt and Pepper Look:

Who else to take hairstyle inspiration from than India’s first-generation supermodel, Milind Soman!? Take cues from this low-maintenance short hairstyle for middle-aged men which features the classic salt and pepper look. The idea is to embrace natural greying and flaunt it with style. Just trim the extras and shorten your hairlength. Use some gel to spike up the crown section for added volume. This crisp haircut makes you look way younger than your real age!

2. Buzz Cut:

A Buzzcut is a perfect hairstyle for 40+-year-old men to cover up your thinning scalp and make it appear more natural. Instead of chopping off your locks uniformly across your head, taper the sides and leave the front a little more lengthy. That way, you get an illusion of more volume to your crown and a slimmer appearance to your face. On the flipside, buzzcuts are relatively high on maintenance as you need to keep trimming the ends regularly for a sharper look.

3. Messy Bedhead:

When the rest of your peers are going classic, you can take the sloppy route with this messy bedhead hairstyle. The medium-length haircut for men over 50 years gives a casual, effortless look with minimal styling. The idea is to add some fun element to the hair by keeping the ends choppy and tousled. The unkempt layers add fullness to your head and also gives endless styling possibilities. For men who are still teens at heart, this is a great hairstyling option for you!

4. Classic Haircut:

If you are keen on achieving a more professional and ivy league kind of look, then a classic short haircut is a must-try. This short hairstyle for grey hair involves cutting the hair on the back and sides really short. Keeping the top front section of the head length lets you comb your hair sideways for a clean and refined look. Classic haircuts will never go out of fashion as they combine style and masculinity in the best way possible!

5. Pompadour with Long Beard:

Looking for a perfect middle-aged men’s hairstyle to balance out your long beard? Try the fashionable pompadour haircut. The cut involves raising the top section to reveal your forehead and give an elongated look. The sides and back recede in size and volume to maintain that sleek look. While there are different variations in the haircut, a low fade or high fade looks good on older men. With a little practice and regular maintenance it’s easy to control the height of the crown and rock the Elvis Presley-inspired look!

6. Grey Man-Bun Hairstyle:

If there is one hairstyle that complements older men the most, it is undoubtedly the famous man-bun! Synonymous with sensuality and attitude, the man bun gives a carefree, street-style vibe. It makes perfect sense for men with long grey hair to tie it up into a loose or tight bun instead of chopping away those luscious locks. You can try different variations like the samurai bun, messy bun or Half bun etc. to experiment with your looks.

7. Slicked Back Hairstyle:

A Slicked back hairstyle lends a sophisticated, manicured look for men aged above 50 years. This versatile hairstyle suits hair of almost any length and texture. While beginners may find it slightly challenging to nail the look, a stiff gel and some practice can help. You need to just comb your hair backward and set it in its place. Just avoid overusage of products as it can flatten out your mane. Focus on raising the crown section slightly and don’t be afraid of showing off those silver strands.

8. Natural Waves:

Embrace your grey hair with this hairstyle for wavy or curly hair men over 50 years. You can let your curls or waves take the centre-stage instead of tucking them in forcibly. Let those gorgeous locks move around flirtatiously with minimal brushing and styling. Just fluff up your hair with a comb or a curly brush to add volume to your head. This hairstyle is an ideal pick for middle-aged men with medium or long length hair.

9. Spiky Hairstyle for Grey Hair:

Spiky hairstyles almost never go out of fashion. The reason? Versatility and easy maintenance! Spikes add a variety of looks ranging from edgy to classy depending on the length of the hair. The sharp pokey-ends conceal the thinning scalp and draw attention away from it. Getting an undercut makes the spikes stand out and take center-stage. Grey hair men have the added advantage of having natural silver ‘highlights’ on their hair making it all the more worth it!

10. Vintage Comb-Over Hairstyle:

A vintage comb-over is one of the classiest hairstyles for men over 50 with grey hair. This nearly-zero maintenance hairstyle is ideal for men with medium-length to long-length hair. The side comb-over creates a raised look on the crown section to hide the receding or thinning hairlines. It adds a vintage appeal and looks amazing on both beard and clean shave. By applying a drop or two of hair serum or styling gel, you can add a neat, old-school charm to your face.

11. Quiff Hairstyle:

A Quiff haircut adds a modern and edgy look along with a relaxed feel. This popular haircut for older men works when the front section of hair is atleast three inches long. By using some styling gel, you can just tease the hair with your fingers and then comb it backward to form a classic quiff. The main benefit with a Quiff is that it adds plenty of volume to your crown, along with highlighting your facial features.

12. Silver Strands Ponytail:

Ponytails are probably one of the most widely opted hairstyles for 50+ year old men. There are many reasons why grey haired men love these! Ponytails offer a laid-back look and involve low-maintenance. They are versatile and give endless possibilities to style your hair. From a high pony to a braided one or a relaxed low ponytail, there are myriad ways you can try this. You can neatly pull back your hair and tie it up tightly to reveal those shiny silver strands.

13. Medium Layered Haircut:

Thinning hairlines are no longer a cause for worry with layered haircuts. Here is a perfect one for medium-length hair retains the natural texture and volume of the mane. The layering effect conceals the baldness and adds fullness to the head. Adding side-swept bangs lends an element of style and enhances the overall look. Depending on your mood and occasion, you can opt for a free-falling hairstyle or a slicked back version by using some gel.

14. Fade Haircut for White Men:

Faded hairstyle is one of the most happening trends in the middle-aged men’s hairstyle segment. It lends a clean and refined look along with taking away the maintenance woes. This gradient cut has a lot of hair on the crown section gradually fading away on the back. You can expect a nearly-bald close shave of hair on the nape and slightly above it. For 50 plus year old men, the silver and black look works perfectly with this haircut.

15. Flattop Hairstyle:

Flattop hairstyles look quite hot and happening on middle-aged one. Infact, they suit men of any age group due to their neatly trimmed look. As the name suggests, the hairstyle involves flattening the top section to create a uniform layer. You can add a modern touch by going for a buzz cut on the sides and the back. This way the crown section gets a “lift” and adds a definition to your face.

Those are some of the best hairstyles for men over 50 years with grey or white hair. With so many options available, are you willing to break the norms and give one of them a try? Remember that aging doesn’t have to boring! Time to accept the changes and make the best use of this golden period!

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