If you are a bold person, love wild statements, want to go rebellious in fashion trends, and derive personal style in your own way, these punk hairstyles are for you. These unique, innovative, and experimental haircuts are all contemporary and modern. Although they are dated back decades together, they have altogether received a new revamp in the fashion world.

The new-gen youth and millennials are all about what they think and love to sport bold statements. These different types of punk haircuts are for such individuals who can’t stay calm but are all about experiments and fun!

12 Trending Punk Hairstyles for Men:

For parties or formal looks, casual or trendy style statements, the classic punk men’s hairstyles always stood the test of time. Find out our top favorite picks for this season!

1. 70’s Inspired Punk Hairstyles for Men:

This is among the top vintage 70s inspired punk haircuts for men. This short punk hairstyle is all about seamlessly flaunting the timeless yet statement style. Men with thick and dense hair texture and those with an eye for quirky punk looks must not miss out on this hairstyle choice. It is perfect to create an edgy and dapper appearance.

2. Long Punk Hairstyle:

Besides a short punk haircut, we also have a long hairstyle to show you. This long green punk hairstyle is a perfect choice for men with medium to long hair lengths. This punk look comes with an undercut and green hair highlights that instantly adds a sizzling and vibrant bold vibe to the appearance. What do you think?

3. Asymmetrical Mullet Punk Haircut:

Why just women, men too are no less in the fashion game nowadays. They love sporting new styles and experimenting with looks. Their dashing and bold fashion sense is also widely appreciated. Here comes the first of our top favorites in a punk haircut for men with medium hair. The asymmetrical undercut look with mullet trend is all about a unique and innovative trendy style. What do you think about it?

4. Punk Rock Hairstyle for Male:

Rockstar hairstyles, while already famous, these 50s and 60s popular punk rock hairstyles for men are lovely and elegant too. With the short trimmed hair length, beard, and mustache combination and brushed up hair, this hairstyle is vintage and gives a classic vibe around anyone who wears it along! Those guys and men with round, square short faces are ideal and aptly suitable for this look.

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5. Blue Punk Hair for Asian Men:

Asian men are no less in the fashion game today. Their sensible, as well as charming style, is not to be ignored. This blue hair colored decent punk hairstyle is our favourite today, it is not only simple and easy to do, but also for those men who do not prefer too bold styles yet love a different trend. While the side hair comes with a light fade, the brushed up spikes style near the forehead catches our attention quite a bit!

6. Simple Side Fringe Punk Hair:

If you have the zeal to look youthful, trendy and yet classy, the ways are numerous. This celebrity-inspired side fringe look comes with a mild punk fashion tone, making anyone appear handsome and mesmerizing. The refreshing look is quick and also comfortable, and gives vibrant and modern-day contemporary hues around it. If you have an elongated or rectangular face shape, guys, you are the best fit, do not miss out on this one!

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7. Afro Inspired Black Punk Haircut:

While the fashion world is widely evolving, there is nothing constant today. You are mistaken if you think that punk hair is only for western globe boys and men. Across regions, it is getting popular, and this African or Afro punk haircut for men with black hair is our favourite too. With the faded undercut towards sides and front spikes, these hairstyles are perfect for those men who love smooth yet marvellous style statements. Try it out if you have curly and wavy hair texture, with a square or rectangular face, you will surely stand out from the crowd!

8. Blonde Short Punk Hair for Men:

Not just girls, men too can flaunt blonde hair proudly. This short punk haircut with side fringes for men is youthful and also very smart. For all young boys in the teenage group, and with round or oval face shapes, if you love to have a step up in the fashion game, what best than trying out such contemporary looks? This 90s punk hairstyles inspired look will undoubtedly set you apart from your peers and make you appear charming!

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9. Contemporary Punk Haircut for Men:

In case you are in the art or music field, punk hairstyles for men with short hair are already famous and popular in your arena. Then, the question comes – how to stand apart in the competitive town? Here is an ideal look for you. The coloured hair with the vibrant look and buzz undercut inspired trend is new in the town and is already the most sought-after option. It gives a sleek and youthful look, yet a modern style statement. Further, with comfortable looks, men with elongated or square face shapes must not miss this one out.

10. Trendy Punk for Long Hair with Beard and Mustache:

If you have long length hair and want to flaunt it in a bold and sleek look, here is an idea. The brushed up look in the crown with undercut beneath, along with a long beard, is what sets the style apart. The dense beard may be challenging to grow, but this punk cut hairstyle is ideal for men in the middle and older age group, in their 40s and 50s years males. However, it can set you to look youthful and very trendy too! Isn’t it cool?!

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11. Short Punk Hairstyles for Guys:

We understand, sometimes the punk kind of bold looks can get overwhelming. Yet want to try out a new style which can be in use for everyday fashion sense and in a regular manner. If you too feel so and love to have a similar look for such a fashion market, this short punk haircut is needed for you. Although it looks unique and exquisite, this punk hairstyle is ideal for men who are in formal professions, yet manage to look trendy in the fashion world!

12. Punk Mohawk:

Let us keep it straight and right – the new punk Mohawk is probably the most coveted in the men’s punk hairstyles list. With brave and bold, attractive looks and trends which are futuristic in vision, this ultra-modern and revolutionary haircut for guys is for those who do not like to settle for any less. Go with wild tattoos, a chin beard, and no moustache look for that extra inch of vibes and a trendy style statement. How do you like this one?! Further, if you have thin hair, this hair makeover is an ideal one for you too!

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