Dread hairstyles are growing immensely popular among men of all races. Black men predominantly wore their hair in this manner in the earlier days. But today, men, irrespective of their caste, creed, and religion, are thronging their hair in this fashion to stand unique amidst the crowd. Do you find your hair too short to wear in a dreadlock style? Well, don’t you worry? You can always hit you nearby, but a professional saloon can take care of this very quickly. Follow the tips given by your hairdresser so that you can take proper care of your dreaded locks.

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Latest and Easy Dreadlock Hairstyles for Men:

Today’s article talks about the various ways you can use dreadlocks. Try these new awesome dread hairstyles for men ideas and bring a new spice to your everyday boring haircuts.

1. Dread Hairstyles for Guys:

If you love dreadlocks or prefer messy curly hairstyles, you may want to check out this lovely and latest dread hairstyle for men. This haircut choice is undoubtedly the perfect and best trend this season for its unique and handsome hot vibes. The haircut is perfect for men with short hair length and curly hair texture. What do you think?

2. Short Unique Dread Styles for Guys:

This stylish dread hairstyle for men is another choice if you are in awe of unique looks. This dread style features side fade and is perfect for men across age groups. This style can be seamlessly tried out if you have short hair length and any hair texture. This is among the best choices in the fashion world right now, and also fits perfectly for those across face shapes.

3. Simple Twist Dread Haircuts for Men:

This dread with a twist is one of a kind and a perfect choice for young boys and men. The haircut may look simple, yet it adds to the contemporary charm and striking hues. It brings forth smart and hot vibes instantly and can accentuate your glam quotient. Men and boys with oval and triangular face shapes can try this hairstyle.

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4. Mohawk Dread:

If you have short hair, then you may go for this Mohawk dread. Mohawk is amongst the favourites of all and is an evergreen style that just never goes out of fashion amongst both men and women. This type of hairstyle makes you appear versatile, thereby adding self-confidence in your personality.

  • The suitable age group is Men above 18 years.
  • The best season to try this style is all seasons.
  • This hairstyle is suitable for all types of hair.
  • elongated face cut is Adaptable for this style.

5. Zigzag Dread:

If you have medium dreads, then you may consider this style. At the front, you may choose to go with a zig zag style. You may need a stylist, or you may even use beads to your dreads and tie them at the back- not with a rubber band but with one of the dread itself. The zigzag fashion at the front of the hair requires a lot of time and maintenance if you think that you will fail to do so then it is better not to go for one of the most professional dreadlocks styles.

  • Ideal age group for this style is men above 20 years.
  • Winters is the Best season to try.
  • Crooked hair type is the suitable for this hairstyle.
  • Suitable face type for men with roundish and elongated face cut can fashion their hair in this manner.

6. Dreadlock Up-do:

The benefit of long dreads is that they can help you have both a casual and semi-casual look. If you want a little semi-formal look, then tie your dreads at the back like the one below. Even if it’s just another casual day at the office for you later too, this fashion will perfectly suit your requirements. It provides you with a ravishing appearance, and it’s an easy way to entice women.

  • Men above 23 Years age group suitable for this style.
  • The best season is summers and winters.
  • crooked hair is suitable for this hairstyle.
  • All sorts of face cuts are suitable.

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7. Half Dreads:

For a stylish look, you can even tie half dreads like a ponytail and keep the other half hanging loose. Make sure to tie the half tight and adequately so that it is intact and does not loosen halfway, so you need to use a good rubber band for linking. This is one of the best African dreadlock’s hairstyles. The front of your hair remains braided to an extent which provides you with an ultra-modern appearance.

  • Ideal for this style is men above 25 years.
  • Best season is summers and winters
  • Suitable for the texture of hair is usually suited for all types of hair.
  • Adaptable type for this hairstyle is men with a roundish face cut.

8. Loosely Kept Dreads:

You may even merely let the dreads hang loose with thick dreads at the front, i.e., in front of the shoulders while others are left free at the back. This may also look good if you style them well with gel to keep them in place while you are out for a party, else you may do away with the gel. The blonde dreadlocks must be kept neat and well maintained for you to appear perfect. This hairstyle gives you a semi-formal appearance.

  • Men above 25 years age group suitable.
  • The best season is summers and winters.
  • Suitable for the texture of hair is usually suited for all types of hair.
  • The best shape is tailored for men with a roundish face cut.

9. Thin Dreads:

Keep your dreads at both sides of your shoulders leaving it hanging loose and then wear a cap to get that simple yet trendy look for your dreads. Colours like red, white, orange, black hat will be very fashionable. This fashion is suited for all type of occasions. If you keep your hair in a well-mannered way then surely you are going to attract a million eyes.

  • Men above 25 years age group is suitable.
  • Best season to try this style is summers and winters.
  • Suitable for the texture of hair is usually suited for people with thin hair.
  • Suitable face shape is every kind of face cut.

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10. Tied Up Dreads:

You may even tie your all your dreads at the back except one or two with a colourful ribbon and then let one or two dreads be hanged loosely at the sides for a casual and stylish look like this one below. If you are looking forward to colour one of your locks or both your locks, then you can do so. This will make you appear super cool and trendy.

  • Ideal age group is men above 21 years.
  • Best season to try this style is summers and winters.
  • Suitable for the texture of hair is usually suited for all types of hair.
  • Suitable for men with a roundish face cut.

11. Short Dreadlocks:

Are you craving for longer dreadlocks? Well if you are not aware of shorter dreadlocks then let’s get to know it. It’s super easy and time-saving to maintain short dreads. It provides you with a casual look and helps you stand amidst the crowd.

  • Ideal age group is men above 21 years.
  • Best season is summers and winters.
  • Suitable for the texture of hair is usually suited for all types of hair.
  • Suitable face shape is men with a roundish face cut.

12. Braided Dreads:

Are you longing to try out any of the latest braided dread hairstyles? Choose any design and the design will be done on your hair. Another best thing about this hairstyle is that it requires deficient maintenance. This hairstyle also provides you with a casual and fashionable look.

  • Men above 21 years age group suitable for this style.
  • Best season to try this style is summers and winters
  • All types of hair Suitable for this hairstyle.
  • Adaptable face shape is men with a roundish face cut.

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How to Take Proper Care of Your Dreadlocks?

Dreadlock hairstyles for men require a lot of your precious time and money. If you are not aware of the fact, then you will receive a fair idea from the below-mentioned tips which will show you the right path. Dreadlocks are not like your usual hair. It requires efforts to manage your precious dreadlocks. Let us take a look.

  1. Always use a blow dryer after you are done with your shower. When your dreadlocks remain moist, it can badly stink.
  2. Never bend your dreadlocks. If you do so, then get ready to face severe hair damages.
  3. Use wax on your dreadlocks only when they are super dry.

These are top nine dread hairstyles for men mentioned above. Dreads are gaining popularity among men globally. Therefore, men willing to fashion their hair in this manner are looking for more and more hairstyles which can help them stand out amidst the crowd. Every one of us desires to appear unique. Gone are the days when the salon was the primary requirement of any women. In today’s world, even men are setting feet equally along with the women kind in the salons.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Do dreadlocks require daily care?

Well, this is a constant subject of worry for most of the men with dreadlocks these days. If you too have dreadlocks, then the best you can do is not to play with your dreadlocks, which is a habit of most people around us. There are many DIY methods which one can follow to keep their dreadlocks well maintained. Therefore, if your hairdresser hasn’t told you about caring for dreadlocks, then it’s high time you must start doing it.

2. Which dreadlock will suit me?

Well, this is a question you can ask your sincere hairdresser. He is the best person to suggest to you if he is a professional just by looking at your face cut. Dreadlocks depend entirely on the kind of face cut you owe. If you start to maintain a dread hairstyle which is mainly for men with a roundish face, then you might not feel satisfied after you have already styled your hair in a dread.

3. Is it okay to use a regular comb after dreading my hair?

Well after your hair is dreaded it always suggested that you must make use of a dread comb which is specially designed for dreaded hair just like combs are specially designed for straight or curly hairs. You can try using a regular comb if you want to, but it will be of no use. The bristles of a regular comb tend to hurt your dreads when you backcomb your hair. While you run the comb through your hair, you might feel like someone is pulling your hair off your scalp. This tension damages your beautifully designed dreaded hair.


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