9 Stunning Cropped Hairstyles for Men and Women

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Cropped hairstyles are becoming the latest trend nowadays. With so much style and feel good factor attached to these haircuts, it is now easy to get a nice looking cropped haircut. You have many options to choose from, as stated in this list, and will definitely help you look the best.

Best Cropped Hairstyles for Male and Female in 2018 with Images:

Let’s jump on the list right away to get fashionable and splendid looks, Try these 9 cropped hairstyles.

1. Cropped Hair with Mid Skin Fade:

Cropped Hair with Mid Skin Fade

If you like close-cropped haircut, then definitely get this cut. This haircut features a side fade which has low height over the ears, while the hair smoothly tapers up-to the top. The top has normal sized hair, which is textured as well as combed very well indeed. If you like men’s short cropped hairstyles, then this is the one to get.

2. High Drop Fade with Short Cropped Hair:

High Drop Fade with Short Cropped Hair

This is one of the best looking short cropped hairstyles you can put on. The high fade on the sides of the hair goes almost up-to the top of the head, while the top has small hair that is contoured and textured in the right way. This cut is nice for people who have curly hair. Also, this short cropped hair type will look very sleek, clean and dashing.

3. Long Crop with High Fade and Beard:

Long Crop with High Fade and Beard

This is definitely the most unique looking crop top haircut you can find nowadays. This haircut has it all – high fade nice hair and a long beard. This cut will absolutely look very much manly and bold for anyone. The hair on the top is combed towards the front for that nice fine look. This is undoubtedly the best French crop haircut.

4. Curly Cropped Hair with Low Bald Fade:

Curly Cropped Hair with Low Bald Fade

If you want to sport a men crop haircut, then look no further than this. This cut works best with curly hair, where the sides are baldly shaved off, while the top remains intact with the all those curly hair. The haircut can look a bit messy at times, but if you take care of it, it will surely pay dividends in terms of look and style.

5. Side Swept Cropped Haircut with Low Fade:

Side Swept Cropped Haircut with Low Fade

This is a very conservative looking crop cut hairstyle. The sides have been faded, not much, while the hair has been side swept, either left or right, for that nice gentleman type look. This hairstyle looks very stylish yet very simple and can suit anyone’s personality.

6. High Bald Fade with French Crop:

High Bald Fade with French Crop

This is one of most bold looking textured crop hairstyle. This is perfect for people who have long beards. This cut includes a high fade on the sides that look very bald, while the top has moderate long hair that is side swept for that nice eye-catching appearance. This cut can be sported by anyone who has a very good looking long beard.

7. Short Crop Top with Bald Fade:

Short Crop Top with Bald Fade

If you’re looking for cropped hairstyles for fine hair, then you’ve come to the right option. Here, in this cut, the sides are badly faded, while the top has small, thin, fine hair that is swept towards the front to give that smooth look. This style is great for teenagers and college goers as well. Especially if you have thin and fine hair, this is a life saver.

8. Cute Short Cropped Hair:

Cute Short Cropped Hair

This is one of the cutest looking ladies cropped hairstyles you can find. This haircut features small hair all around the head, with the top hair especially swept towards the front, covering a part of the forehead. This cut looks very cute, stylish and trendy as well. Also, this style is super unique to have.

9. One Side Long Cropped Cut:

One Side Long Cropped Cut

This is one of the most edgiest looking cropped bob hairstyles you can get. The hair has one side long which is extended as a bob, covering almost one side of the face. The look of this cut is very much charming and beautiful, to be honest, and will perfectly elevate your boring hairstyle any day of the week.

Therefore, we can see that there are numerous kinds of cropped hairstyles to get. Some are high fade, while some are bald fade, while some have bob styled hair. The possibilities are endless and thus there is no need to feel confused when this list already listed you the best options to increase your cool factor among your peers.