25 Best Fringe Hairstyles With Pictures For 2018

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Fringes are a tricky way to add glamour to the hairstyle and overall look. Any haircut can be given a different look since there are amazing ways to add fringes. The only thing you need to be careful about with fringes is that its shadow can make your eyes and face look dark, so a wise choice is necessary. Moreover, the entire look is all about the way its cut and carried, so carry the look with a lot of confidence. You can also add highlights and color to increase the depth of the look of fringe hairstyles.

Amazing Fringe Hairstyles For Female With Images:

Given are the most popular fringe hairstyles along with images that are mostly liked ideas and also suit well for most women and girls also.

1. Wispy Fringe Hairstyle:

Wispy Fringe Hairstyle

Also called the mini side swept hairstyle, this style is for those who have lot of volume in the hair. The fringe is parted sideways with most of the hair on one side. The very little part of the fringe on the other side gives a very delicate look. This is one of the simplest fringes hairstyles for women with medium hair.

2. Blunt Fringe Hairstyle:

Blunt Fringe Hairstyle

These fringes have been in trend for a long time. The fringe is kept long till the eyebrows. This usually covers the entire forehead giving a voluminous look to the hair. It is apt for those with a broader forehead. It also looks better on straight hair. This is one of the perfect fringe hairstyles for square face with medium hair women.

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3. Long Fringe:

Long Fringe Haircut

This fringe hairstyle looks super sexy teamed with the soft side swept long fringes. These are long enough to add the glam with the bangs and made of a few strands only gives the face a soft appearance. It looks better with short hair.

4. Choppy Fringe:

Choppy Fringe Haircut

For very short length of hair, these choppy fringes hairstyle look cute. The fringes are chopped unevenly adding a little volume to the hair and the unevenness gives a very soft look to the face. It is not only done with short hair, but medium and long hair can also be teamed with these stylish fringes.

5. Side Swept Fringes:

Side Swept Fringes Haircut

This style is easy to do and maintain and looks very trendy. It is apt for a casual look when teamed with open hair or can be given a classy formal appearance with a high or low bun. Since the entire bang is on one side, there is a lot of volume added to the hair. You can adopt this type of fringe hairstyles for round face shape women with medium length hair.

6. Wavy Fringe Hairstyle:

Wavy Fringe Hairstyle

The hairstyle is a casual one with a messy ponytail for a wavy hair. This fringe hairstyle look becomes trendy with the one sided long bangs. Since the hair is wavy, even the little bangs make it look voluminous and add bounce to the hair.

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7. Asymmetric Fringe Haircut:

Asymmetric Fringe Haircut

This type of hair fringes are totally beautiful in look and alluring also. The look is a combination of style and glamour. It is meant for straight hair and suits well on long faces. The bangs are uneven that hide the overall length of the face. Combined with short blunts in this look, the overall appearance is like a pop star.

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8. Complete Fringes:

Complete Fringes Haircut

It is one of the wonderful fringe hairstyles for girls with long hair and long oval face shape. The entire hairstyle is a combination of various lengths of fringes. You can see short fringes at the forehead combined with a wavy side sweep and long fringes along the cheeks. It gives immense volume to the hair and adds to its wavy texture.

9. Parted Fringes:

Parted Fringes Haircut

For a square shaped face, this hairstyle is good to hide broadness. The fringes give a narrow appearance to the upper half of the face because of the neat partition. Since the hair has so much of volume naturally, it need not be low dried for additional volume.

10. Forehead Covering Fringe:

Forehead Covering Fringe Hairstyles

We see Felicity Jones here wearing a classy fringe hairstyle for girls. The fringes are right angled and they all cross across her forehead in a diagonal way, thus making her round face seem longer. These bangs usually aim to leave you pleased at the difference in your facial features by the end, apart from enhancing your feminine side easily and with a sheer level of innovation.

11. Deep Parting Fringe:

Deep Parting Fringe Cut Hairstyle

The fringe cut hairstyle that you see here is downright classy from every angle, and is never out of fashion. It is highly stylish, and if you have a bob essentially, you can team it up with these bangs to make it look like a different style entirely. No matter what your face type, this fringe will work just fine for you give you have hair the length of your collar bone.

12. Slanted Fringe Hairstyle:

Slanted Fringe Hairstyle

When you are looking for hairstyles with fringes, take a hint from Bella Heath cote here. She is quite the fan and loves to sport both horizontal and diagonal bangs, as she once mentioned in an interview. So, in case you have a square face, a long side fringe like this one would be our strong recommendation. Don’t neglect your hair length either, since this looks good only with long hair.

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13. Parted Fringe Updo:

Parted Fringe Updo

When you want fringe hairstyles for long hair, this hairstyle will work in your favor. While this updo might make you look older, it might not be just so bad if you leave it playful. Christina Hendricks here has a puffed up look with a copper red dyed hair. What works in her favor is the overall fringe bang that is making her look more mature and her face longer than usual.

14. Eyebrow Covering Fringes:

Eyebrow Covering Fringe Hairstyles

With this fringe hairstyle, we see a very tender look sported by Model Edie Campbell. She looks downright gorgeous with her dark hair and long face. Her face is sharp and she chooses to wear fringes like this quite often. It makes her face look lighter and keeps most of it hidden, drawing more attention to the eyes in place of the whole face.

15. Edgy Pixie Fringe:

Edgy Pixie Fringe Hairstyles 15

Halle Berry has been rocking these random fringe hairstyles with short hair since forever and here’s another instance of it. In case you have thick hair, you can look ever sassy and edgy. The facial features need not be a specific type, but you need short hair to carry off this look the cool way. You will notice how the strands blend in perfectly.

16. Straight Chinese Haircut:

Straight Chinese Haircut

Well, what do you know? Brunettes can literally rock every hairstyle equally well. Here we have a glimpse of Carly Rae Jepsen looking as classy as always with her sharp and long strands almost reaching down to her eyebrows. Her hair is kept straight and the bangs are on point. You need to straighten your hair if yours aren’t quite like this fringes hairstyle.

17. Fringes With Ponytail:

Ponytail Fringe Hairstyles 17

This fringe hairstyle suits brunettes with a fair skin best since the color of the hair and face complement each other to bring out the features sharply. Even if your hair is slightly wavy, no wrong, you can add streaks to highlight them and make you look good. Cristin Milioti here pair her look with a ponytail, and while hers simple, you can choose another one that looks good on you.

18. High Bun With Slanted Fringe:

Fringe Hairstyles 18

It is known hairstyles with fringes include blunt bangs twisted horizontally until it hugs your face for a nice touch. If you choose this as your way to go, this style will cover most of your upper forehead. Sweep it to one side instead, so that it is easy for your fringes to blend in with the layers of strands. Bright lips with a high bun add to the show.

19. Pixie Style Bang:

fringe hairstyles

We know, we know! You must be thinking is there really any hairstyle that Jennifer Lawrence can’t rock? Jokes apart, those blonde highlights look gorgeous on her more of a blackish brown short pixie. The fringes are angled, making her look boosted to a new interesting classy level. This is one of the most beautiful fringe hairstyles for round face girls with short hair.

20. Fringe Haircuts For Wavy Hair:

Fringe Hairstyles 20

In case your hair won’t stop being naturally curly opt for this one, which is equally gracious and elongated. The fringes are on the hair of medium length, which is usually difficult to style because it is midway of the long hairstyles and too long for the short ones. With this one, we think we found you a worthy solution that’s sleek and smart.

21. Undercut Fringes:

Fringe Hairstyles 21

This is very simple and easy making fringes hair cut with short hair. This beautiful gelled fringe hairstyle for girls is quite trendy and dramatic. Most actresses are choosing this short cropped look with fringes these days. Not only does it make you look classier, but also makes your hair manageable.

22. Elongated Fringe Hair Style:

Fringe Hairstyles 22

In case you love for your hair to lie on your forehead, whatever reasons maybe, this hairstyle has just the length you will love. The fringes cover your brows, leaving a mysterious affair behind for people to keep guessing. This would be one of the ideal fringe hairstyles for curls with long hair women which is suitable for all types of functions and parties.

23. Long Wavy Hair With Fringes:

Fringe Hairstyles 23

Needless to say, Naomi Campbell is looking her best self as usual with the arch bangs that she is sporting. It is really flattering her face and the cheek bones look higher and better because of the hairstyle. Her face is looking graceful and bringing out the appeal in her eyes because of the fringes in front.

24. Side Fringe Curls:

Fringe Hairstyles 24

When you want a fringe hairstyle for long hair, this one will make you look good right away. It is classy, equally mature and will make you look older than your age if that’s what you aim for.

25. Front Bangs Fringe Hairstyle:

Fringe Hairstyles 25

This is one of the finest fringe cut hairstyles for long face with medium hair which is simple super on women. If you are the Queen of unusual, its about time you surprised everyone with a normal fringe hairstyle. Nothing will bring out the old chic you more than this hairstyle that concludes our list.

Fringes never go out of fashion and can be a stylish necessity if you have scanty hair or a broad forehead. These can be combined with many hairstyles to add spark to the overall look.