Top 25 Latest And New Hairstyles For Men

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Some hairstyles never go out of fashion while some are in for a particular season and then fade away. Men are also particular about what style they choose for their hair in all seasons and whether they are out for a party or to office or just a casual outing. Below we discuss some of the latest and new hairstyles for men that are popular amongst boy to men which makes them feel confident and adds style to their attitude.

Mind Blowing Latest Hairstyles For Men:

1. The Angular Fringe Hairstyle:

The Angular Fringe

Though suited for round face however this hairstyle may suit all face shapes. By keeping the top layer long and then having a cut at the angle the look is achieved by having tapered sides. This is an emerging trend amongst youngsters. If you have short face even then it suits you as the tapered sides extend till above the chin thus giving longer look to the face.

2. New Choppy Messy Hairstyles:

Latest hairstyle for men2

This is all about variation. The angular fringe is made choppy in almost a spiky type of hair that has short sides and also a short length on top. It has a disconnection of the hair near the top. Men with thick hair can go for this style as this style demands volume. This may look good in hair of all colors. This is a god option for clubbing and party out with friends.

3. Latest Side Swept Hairstyle:

Latest hairstyle for men3

A side swept is always in fashion and always looks classic and is never out of fashion. You need to part your hair and then brush towards the side to give a clean and neat look. Use gel to keep the look in place. It is one of the latest hairstyles for men with old look that keeps you always perfect.

4. Slicked Back Latest Hairstyles:

Latest hairstyle for men4

If you have long hair then why not go for back brush and style it with gel or cream to get the sleek and stylish look. This goes well with even side parting or just by back brushing right from the crown region. Gives you a hipster look. This is just so perfect for men who are tall and dark. Though this style will suit any face color but is really stylish for tall and dark men!

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5. Disconnected Undercut:

Latest hairstyle for men5

A side part with choppy sides will give the undercut look. This can be tried with various disconnections which can give more crazier look. You can never get bored with this. This cut but does not go for formal wears so can be used while out of party.

6. The Modern Pompadour:

Latest hairstyle for men6

Pompadour is very common in the history of fashion as the same can be done with hair of any length. This also suits young boys or a man and gives a boyish charm. You can use a stylist for this look as this may not be achieved with your own self.

7. Fade Hair Cut For Men:

Latest hairstyle for men7

All time favorite of men of all age groups an suits any face shape. This will never go out of style. Cropped at the sides and dense at the crown region while this denseness keeps decreasing as you go down towards the nape of the nape.

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8. Sides Fringe Latest Hair Style:

Latest hairstyle for men8

This is a great summer style. The long top at the crown and the short sides style has many variations though like this one with fringes.

9. The Mike New Hairstyle:

Latest Hairstyles for Men9

This is considered as one of the coolest hairstyles for men with short hair. The hairstyle is highly being followed in 2016 and can be said to one of the best latest hairstyles for men for this year. Here, most of the hair spiked up except the sides, which are trimmed down.

10. The Best Men Model Hairstyle:

Latest Hairstyles for Men10

Looking for latest hairstyles for men? This one is pretty cool, where the middle portion of the hair is only visible. The sides are shaved. The hairstyle looks similar to many hairstyles discussed before. The only thing that makes this hairstyle so unique and different is the wavy pattern.

11. The Front Pushed New Hairstyles For Men:

Latest Hairstyles for Men11

In this particular hairstyle, we can see that the forehead is covered with the help of the hair at the front. This casual look turned out to be one of the best latest men hairstyles. Women are attracted to this hairstyle and it is being sported by men of almost all ages.

12. The Zayn Malik Signature Haircut:

Latest Hairstyles for Men12

This is one of the best latest hairstyles for men. Here, the sides are faded and the middle portion of the hair is well established with the help of a hair gel providing a strong hold. The look can be improved with the help of earrings and a clean face.

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13. The Easy Latest Hairstyle For Men:

Latest Hairstyles for Men13

This is one of the easiest hairstyles for men and can be maintained easily. Here, the hair is faded on the sides and the hair at the crown is shifted to one side. The hair is made shiny with the help of a gel or a hairspray. This haircut is often been sported by NFL athletes such as Sonny J. Williams.

14. The Latest Hair Style For Black Men:

Latest Hairstyles for Men14

Black men generally don’t want to get rid of the afro hairstyle. This latest hairstyle can be said to be a mini version of that afro which was recently sported by the popular singer, Chris Brown. This hairstyle can make girls mad for you and is really easy to maintain. You can try this latest hairstyle, if you have short curly hair.

15. The Burned Up Latest Hairstyles For Men:

Latest Hairstyles for Men15

Here we have another beautiful hairstyle for men, where the front and middle part of the hair sports a beautiful texture which is totally different from what you have seen till now. The look will be suitable for men with long faces and medium length hair. The sides of the hair are highly faded, almost removed.

16. The Latest Spiky Hairstyle for Men:

Men39s Spiked Hairstyles Classic Spiky Hairstyles For Guys Spiky Hairstyles For Guys

This particular spiked up hairstyle can be said to be one of the best latest hairstyles for men. The hair sports some pointy spike hairs which are the main attractive properties of this look. We can see how confidently the model in the picture is sporting this hairstyle. You can also do the same with the help of some a good styling gel providing strong grip to the hair.

17. The New Formal Hairstyle For Men:

Latest Hairstyles for Men17

This is a beautiful formal hairstyle for men with short to medium length hair. Anyone with something near to a square shaped face can sport this hairstyle pretty easily. Not much maintenance is required for this hairstyle. One can just wash it, pat it dry and go on with it. However, if you’re going to a formal occasion don’t forget to us a styling gel and also don’t forget to comb the hair properly.

18. The Latest Hairstyles For Men With Beard:

Excellent Latest Hairstyles For Men Short Hair 2015 Hairstyles Update Hairstyles For Short Hair Men Charming Hairstyles For Short Hair Men Images

This latest hairstyle for men will be suitable for those who like to sport a beard. The hair is not too long. It can be said to be a short length hairstyle where the sides are faded and the middle portion of the hair has been styled using a styling gel. This is one of the best looks for men with thin and oblong face textures.

19. The New Hairstyle For Mature Men:

Latest Hairstyles for Men19

This hairstyle has been specifically intended for men aging over 50. It is one of the best latest men hairstyles, where we can see a beautiful texture along with a beautiful hair color. The hairstyle has been worn by many celebrities already early this year and now you can rock it as well. One cannot just admire the beauty of this haircut enough.

20. The Side Faded Man Bun:

Latest Hairstyles for Men20

Looking for the latest hairstyle for men? Here, we have a wonderful hairstyle for men who have the middle portion of the hair too long. The sides of the hair are trimmed down. The hair on the crown portion of the head has been used to tie a man bun. The hair looks absolutely ravishing and this is a beautiful way to style your long hair.

21. The New Side Cut Hairstyles For Men With Beard:

Latest Hairstyles for Men21

This look is one of the best hairstyles for men who like to sport the beard. It has been rated as one of the most popular latest men hairstyles. The sides of the hair are shaved to make the beard look beautiful. The hair in the middle portion sports a way texture which makes this hairstyle look so alluring. How cannot one not like this look? It has been sported by many models and celebs this year and can be said to be one of the mostl practiced latest hairstyles for men.

22. The Short Sides With Bangs Hairstyle:

Latest Hairstyles for Men22

Here we have a pretty cool hairstyles which sports beautiful hairs shifted to the sides. This is one of the most preferred hairstyle of the teenagers. The bangs at the front hide the forehead from exposure and makes the guy look pretty cute. Anyone will love this hairstyle because of it’s beautiful pattern and structure.You will have to keep one thing in mind that if you want to get the exact same look, then you will have to consult a professional hair stylist.

23. The Curly Side Trimmed New Hairstyles For Men:

Latest Hairstyles for Men23

Here, we have a wonderful and innovative hairstyle, where the sides of the hair are trimmed and the front part of the hair flaunts unique curls. you can wear this type of latest hairstyles for men to all your parties and function. The spades are well suited for this hairstyle.

24. The Latest Hairstyle For Men With Mustache:

Latest Hairstyles for Men24

This hipster-like hairstyle will be suitable for men who are fond of mustaches. The bollywood hero Ranveer Singh wear this type of new hairstyle in his movies most of the times. He is really something special in this getup.

25. The Justin Bieber New Hairstyles For Gents:

Latest Hairstyles for Men25

This trendy hairstyle is often sported by men with medium as well as short length hair. The casuals are perfectly suitable for this modern hairstyle and small ear pin also matched.

Above were some of the best hairstyles suitable for men with short, medium and even long hair. These hairstyles are the latest and some of the best rated hairstyles till now and all of them are very much in vogue. So sporting any of these hairstyle won’t make you regret.