Weight loss has become critical to maintaining a perfect and healthy body, but it is not a challenge anymore. Now, drinking black tea for weight loss is a healthy way to go! Robust weight loss results in fitness, also prevent our body from becoming a host for diseases, and black tea can work magic for you! To understand the link between black tea and weight loss, scroll down.

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Black Tea VS Green Tea for Weight Loss

Black tea, like its counterpart green tea, works great for weight loss. Both black tea and green tea are leaf extracts of the Camellia sinensis plant. The only difference is in the way they are processed. Green tea leaves are air-dried to wither and then steamed. Whereas black tea leaves, on the other hand, are left to ferment and then are pan-fried.

What is Black Tea

Black tea originates from east Asia. Like many teas, black tea is extracted from the shrub Camellia sinensis. It is a type of tea which undergoes more oxidation process than beverages like green, oolong or white tea. This oxidation process is the reason why black tea has a strong flavour and a reddish colour. It also retains its character for several years, unlike green tea which loses its flavour within a year.

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Types of Black Tea:

There are several varieties of black tea in different flavours. Usually, the names of various unblended black teas represent the region where they are grown and have varied tastes. Some of them are dessert tea, black tea with mint, Earl Grey, black tea with bergamot, etc.

Is Black Tea Good for Weight Loss?

Research shows that black tea is rich in polyphenols, a type of antioxidant (1). These super nutrients repair cell-damaging free radicals and detoxify them. Black tea has more amount of polyphenols than what is found in fruits and vegetables. The black tea fermentation process reduces catechin, thearubigins, polyphenols, and tea flavins, which are antioxidants that help our body with weight loss. Black tea consists of a higher amount of caffeine, which stimulates our body to burn extra belly fat.

How to Make Black Tea for Weight Loss-DIY

Here is how you can quickly prepare a cup of black tea for fat loss:

Using Black Teabags

  • Ready to use black tea bags are available in any general store or supermarket. Pick a promising brand.
  • Boil a cup of water.
  • In hot water, dip the tea bag and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Remove the teabag, stir in some honey and sip your healthy black tea.

With Black Tea Leaves

  • Take a teapot and add in a cup of water.
  • Once the water boils, add some black tea leaves and cover the lid.
  • After a few minutes, strain the leaves and add the preferred sweetener of your choice and enjoy your black tea.

Tips To Enhance The Flavour of Your Favourite Cup of Tea

  • Use filtered tap water instead of distilled water to enjoy the full taste.
  • Adding ingredients like grated ginger and lemon juice to your black tea is a good option for enhancing taste and accelerating weight loss.
  • It is okay to add a little sugar to the black tea to cut out the bitter taste. You can choose to add honey or jaggery as healthy options too.

Best Time to Drink Black Tea for Weight Loss:

The most appropriate time to consume black tea is either an hour after breakfast or lunch. Since it helps with the digestive process, helping you lose all the extra fat. If you wish to have black tea in the mornings, you can take a large mug of the beverage as black tea reduces weight. However, limit the intake to not more than 3 cups.

Properties of Black Tea that Help in Weight Loss:

1. Contains Caffeine:

One of the primary components of black tea is caffeine. It helps in increasing the heat of the body, which results in burning calories.

2. Comprises of Very Few Calories as Compared to Other Beverages:

To lose those extra pounds of fat, you have to reduce the number of calories you take, as they are directly proportionate to weight. A positive way of doing this is to consume food with fewer calories. It is possible by replacing high-calorie beverages and food like alcohol and desserts with low-calorie options like black tea for fat loss. There are several black tea flavours available in the market to turn the bitter beverage into an enjoyable one!

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3. Detoxifying Properties:

Black tea is a fantastic detox drink. It eliminates harmful toxins from the body. It has polyphenols, amino acids, catechins, and other helpful nutrients that accelerate detoxification, clearing all the free radicals in our body.

4. Increases Metabolism Due to the Oxidation Process:

Black tea is capable of enhancing body stamina and boosting metabolism. It is also instrumental in blocking the effects of carbohydrates that are significant contributors to weight gain. It is possible because the leaves are exposed to the sun, enabling oxidation that is responsible for the rise in metabolic activity. The process, in turn, makes our body super energetic and results in losing more calories, thus aiding in weight loss.

5. Stabilises Blood Sugar Levels and Reduces Cravings:

Black tea can help lose weight. Black tea comes in several flavours and is known to curb the blood sugar levels that help avoid cravings for sweets and calorie-inducing food. When consumed regularly, it helps in reducing the appetite, thus resulting in a reasonable amount of weight loss.

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Other Benefits of Black Tea for Weight Loss:

  1. Black tea is full of antioxidants such as flavonoids, which help in shedding body fat. The anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-mutagenic properties in black tea boost its capacity to modulate critical cellular enzyme function. Studies show that consumption of black tea regularly may help improve blood vessel function, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.
  2. Our body contains lipids called cholesterol and triglycerides, which help store energy. The food we eat is stored in the form of fat. The utilisation of the fat is in between meals when the body needs energy. Black tea accelerates the process of releasing triglycerides, which is nothing but burning unwanted cholesterol in our bodies.
  3. Black tea has tannins, which aid in a smooth digestive process, soothing intestinal activity, and better regulation of the digestive process, which shows that black tea does help lose weight.
  4. Compared to coffee, black tea has less amount of caffeine in it. However, in comparison with different tea varieties, the amount of caffeine present in black tea is more. Caffeine in black tea boosts energy and increases mental alertness. Black tea also reduces the release of stress hormones, thereby adding peace to your mind.

Black Tea Dosage for Adults and Pregnant Women:

Two to three cups of black tea per day do not harm adults. Some researches show the adverse effects of caffeine on a pregnant woman. It is advisable to approach a healthcare professional before you wish to consume black tea if you are pregnant, allergic to caffeine, or any other ingredients of black tea.

Side Effects of Black Tea:

Like any beverage, black tea also has its share of side effects. Anything taken in excess has an after impact. Some of the significant side effects are:

    • Diarrhoea,
    • Irregular heartbeat.
    • Dizziness.
    • Vomiting.
    • Heartburn.

Because of its strong, distinct taste, black tea may not be a happy drink for many. People with sleep disorders should avoid consumption of black tea as it could result in insomnia. It is better to see a medical professional before drinking black tea for weight loss, to see if it best suits your body and medical condition.

Black tea is a weight loss drink, but brings with it a set of guidelines too! Well! Check with your healthcare professional, and once you get a go-ahead signal from the physician, try these easy and quick DIY recipes and get back in shape. Let us know how you feel as you add black tea to your weight loss regime!


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