Each one of us craves for that sexy curvy figure which can bring any man on their knee, makes you feel extremely confident and moreover flaunt the hour glass body. ‘I have it, that’s why I flaunt it’- we actually want to live this quote. A slim perfect figure makes us feel confident in a room full of people. Whatever one wears starts suiting and complimenting the body indeed.

Model like figures are a dream of many, but over weight and bulky waists can distance them from their beauty goals. But getting those curves isn’t as easy and enticing as it looks like. One needs to put a lot of effort in order to acquire. Determination is definitely the key to success as one has to follow a dietary regime without which nothing can be achieved. Read on to know how to lose weight like a model.

Model Diet Plan To Lose Weight:

Models follow a good nutritious plan to get that flaunt-worthy figure. The diet is from oily, junk food to avoid excess fat. To know how models lose weight fast, check out the below diet plan.

1. Vegetables:

Vegetables are an important source of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. They are fiber rich foods. It’s recommended to consume at least 2-3 servings of vegetables every day. Vegetables can be taken in various forms like salads, steamed veggies or grilled vegetables. It’s best to use very little or no oil in the cooking process. Also, including green vegetables in your meal everyday can help the body function well.

2. Fruits:

Fruits are rich in antioxidants and are nutrition dense. They are packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals and reduce cell damage. Fruits like berries, apples, melons, pears, grapefruit are best for weight loss. However, certain fruits like bananas, mangoes, custard apple, chikoo are high in calories and hence it is best to limit their intake. It’s also recommended to eat fruits than blending them into juices or smoothies, to avoid the loss of dietary fiber.

3. High Protein- Low Carb Diet:

Protein aids in building muscles. A model like figure can be achieved when you cut down on carbohydrates and increase protein content. Choosing protein like legumes, lentils, lean meat like chicken, turkey, eggs, low-fat Greek yoghurt, sea food etc., can give you more muscles minus the fat. It’s best to avoid starchy foods like potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, wheat etc.,

4. Fluids:

Fluids make up for an important share in the weight loss diet. Drinking plenty of fresh water is a must to keep your body hydrated. Along with water, it is recommended to start your day with a glass of hot lemon water, followed by a maximum of three cups of herbal green teas. Also, taking fruit juices in between meals can reduce appetite and make you feel full.

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Model’s Workout Plan:

Workout is crucial for weight loss. A healthy exercise regime not only makes you active physically, but also makes you lose those extra inches around the waist. If you wish to achieve a well-toned model like figure, check out the following workout plan:

  • Walking is the best form of exercise. It is recommended to achieve at least 10,000 steps per day. Wearing a fitness band can help you track your movements and encourage successful competition of your goals.
  • Co-Work out is the best way to motivate yourself. A healthy competition among your circle can help you shed your laziness and move towards achieving your goals. Weekly measurements are the best way to track your progress.
  • Early morning exercises like jogging can help you stay fit. Mornings are best time to warm up your body and make you lose weight fast.
  • Cardio exercises like swimming, running, dancing, Zumba and aerobics burn your calories very fast. These intense workouts are mandatory to achieve a model like body
  • Strength Training is the secret to well-built and toned muscles. If you wish to achieve flat abs like the models, you need to spend at least 30 minutes in a strength training programs, particularly for arms, legs, abs and backs.

Important Tips To Lose Weight Like A Model:

Weight loss requires doing a lot of exercise in sets like cardio combined with cross training and yoga. If a person has fat at specific areas of body then they need to work and focus on that. Today we are going to look at some key points which are a prerequisite in losing weight.

1. Determination:

It is very important to remain determined. Many a times we get enticed looking at the hour glass figure of a model and start exercising, dieting instantly in losing weight. After a week the determination goes for a toss and we are back to normal. This affects our body negatively as we put our body under diet crashes for no reason. One has to be very regular in whatever they do and not just leave that in the middle. So before you start performing any activity whether outside or home, prepare your mind that you are going to do it atleast for 4-6 months because before that changes cannot be seen.

2. Patience:

We start, we perform the exercises for a month and we leave it in the between let’s say after a month or two. Why? Because we cannot see changes. This is what happens to most of the girls in their teenage. So be patient ladies. Give your body the time to get accustomed to the exercises. It will definitely show results.

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3. Workout every single day:

Every role model, be it Deepika Padukone or Katrina kaif, they work out every single day no matter which hectic their schedule is. Deepika believes that if a movie requires reaching at the set at 6, she would make sure to wake up at 5 and enter the gym. You need to sacrifice on your sleep if you want to lose weight. Nothing comes easy as they say. Work out every single day for an hour.

4. Say no to outside food:

One should follow a dietary regime because its 30% exercise and 70% the diet you follow in order to lose weight. Outside food, fried and fattening food, junk food is a strict no for you.

5. Dietary regime:

Dietary regime changes from body to body. So for a proper diet one should consult a dietician at the gym where you work out.

Basics of diet are below:

  • Morning should start with detoxification and cleansing. 2 glass of water religiously every day. One can also have 1 glass of water along with 1 lemon and 1 spoon honey. Cleansing the body is the most important part. Stool release from the body is the most important step.
  • Dinner should be as light as air. One should not intake carbohydrate at that time. Just some protein intake should be done. The fat that ultimately gets stored in our body is what we consume for dinner. So keep it as lights as possible. Include fruit and vegetables.
  • If you follow your diet strictly during the entire week then one can indulge in their favourite cuisine on Sundays.
  • Do not stay hungry. Keep eating at short intervals.

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Achieving a model like figures involves sheer amount of patience. It cannot happen overnight and one needs to have a focused, achievable goal. Also, the word model is sometimes mistaken for extremely thin, anorexic figures. This is not healthy at all and can have adverse effects. Even if you are big boned, you can look like a model by shedding fat and working on toning your muscles. Whether a model or not, being physically active with required stamina and immunity is the secret to healthy living.


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