Do you believe in the saying, “Let thy food be thy medicine”? If yes, then the same applies to weight loss as well. Instead of counting calories, choosing simple, everyday foods can help you lose weight quickly and naturally. One such food hailed for its nutrition-rich profile is Raisins! Including raisins in a weight loss diet can speed up the process and even adds a wide range of nutrients to beat dietary deficiencies.

But, what are raisins? Raisins or Kismis are the dried form of grapes. They can range from golden to dark brown color depending on the variety of grapes used. These tangy, sweet dry fruits are also called by many names in local languages like “YenduDraksha’ (Telugu), “Bedane” (Marathi), “Vonadraakshe” (Kannada), “UnakkuMunthiringa” (Malayalam).

Read along to find out more about the benefits of raisins for weight loss!


Is Kismis Good for Weight Loss?

Experts opine that raisins can be quite beneficial for people aspiring to lose weight. Raisins have a good amount of calories and natural sugars, which can satisfy hunger and mid-meal cravings for a long time. This results in a lowered food intake and inturn, lowered calorie intake! Studies also confirm that people who consumed raisins regularly recorded a 39% lowered risk of obesity and 54% reduced risk of metabolic syndrome than those who did not. (1)

How Do Raisins Help in Weight Loss?

Read along to know how Kismis or raisins can help you lose weight:

Here is a detailed explanation of each of the weight loss benefits of Raisins

1. Energizes the Body

Physical workouts are indispensable to any weight loss program. However, beginners can get tired out too quickly, leading to ineffective results. One way to cope with this fatigue is to eat raisins as a pre-workout snack. Raisins are energy-dense foods which are rich in natural sugars like glucose and fructose, which get quickly converted into energy necessary for a workout. So, raisins indirectly help you lose weight by providing much-needed strength and stamina.

2. Promotes Better Digestion

One of the key contributing factors to obesity is poor digestion and low metabolic rate. With about 3.3-4.5gms of dietary fiber per 100gms serving size, raisins work like prebiotics which significantly improve the growth of gut flora which is important for weight loss. Dietary fiber also plays a crucial role in regulating bowel movements and flushing out unwanted wastes from the body. By doing so, raisins help in balancing your body mass and lowering the risk of obesity.

3. Appetite Suppressant

Uncontrolled, mindless eating leads to weight gain! Instead of using OTC appetite suppressants, you can replace high-calorie mid-meal snacks with a handful of raisins. Relatively low-calorie foods, raisins can curb appetite without contributing to the calorie count. These dry fruits contain natural fruit sugars and leptin, which have appetite suppressing properties. Along with keep you satiated for long and reducing hunger pangs, Leptin can also kill fat cells by increasing the thermogenesis process.

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How to Use Raisins for Weight Loss?

Now that you have learnt the amazing benefits of raisins for weight loss, it’s learn some of the best ways to consume them:

  • Experts recommend consuming raisins soaked in water overnight for weight loss, instead of taking them in the dry form. For this, soak Kismis overnight and eat them the next morning. This is a healthy way to consume Raisins than eating them raw. The unwanted minerals and vitamins get dissolved in the water, keeping only the required nutrients for quick absorption by the body.

NOTE: Many studies show that consuming overnight soaked raisins boost nitric oxide levels in the body which increases nutrition absorption. Being rich in iron, raisins also help you beat anemia by increasing the production of red blood cells.

  • Raisin water is another way to lose weight and hydrate your body at the same time. You can boil 150 gms of raisins in 2 cups of water. Let it cool down and drink it.
  • You can also sprinkle a handful of Raisins to your salads for some sweet and tangy taste.
  • Include a handful of Raisins in your breakfast plate to feel energetic in the morning
  • Replace sugar with a handful of soaked raisins in your post-workout smoothies. This can not only sweeten your drink but also makes it incredibly healthy.

How Many Raisins Should I Eat Per Day To Lose Weight?

The daily dosage of raisins may vary with individual’s age, current weight and health conditions. Women can have about 1 small cup of raisins (15-20 fruits) while men can have upto 1.5 cups per day as a safe limit. If you have never had these dry fruits before, then start with a handful and increase the quantity as you go!

Side Effects of Raisins

So, are raisins all good and no bad? Absolutely not! As with any other food, raisins may give you side effects when consumed in excess. Here are some of the health problems you experience with an overdose of raisins:

  • Raisins are high in dietary fiber, which may upset your stomach in large quantities. Along with stomach disorders like acidity, heartburn, you may also experience flatulence, intestinal blockage and poor absorption of nutrients due to fiber overdose.
  • Eating raisins more than the recommended quantity can pump up excess calories into the body, leading to weight gain.
  • The high amounts of fruit sugars present in raisins may cause insulin resistance and contribute to diabetes and obesity.
  • Raisins may trigger allergic reactions in some people. Common symptoms are runny nose, wheezing, chest congestion, vomiting, abdominal pain, rapid heartbeat, skin rashes and even increased risk of bacterial infections.

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Don’t you think raisins can be one of the sure ways to “raise” your health? If you are planning to try and personally experience these amazing benefits of raisins for weight loss, then don’t forget to stick to the daily dosage limits. Also, if you are diabetic or have any chronic illness, it’s important to check with a doctor before you start eating them regularly. Do note that raisins are not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, but instead, go hand in hand with them.

Disclaimer: The information present in this article is purely for information purpose(s) only and does not substitute for professional medical advice. The writer or the website is not qualified to give any advice on medical or health-related problems. The reader must take full responsibility of cross-check the facts before following any of the points mentioned here.


1. How Can Raisin Water Help in Weight Loss?

Ans: Raisin water is quite sweet and naturally curbs the appetite. Along with hydrating the body, the liquid keeps you feeling full for a long time. However, raisin water doesn’t give the benefit of dietary fiber compared to eating them whole.

2. Can I Eat Raisins on an Empty Stomach?

Ans: Yes! The best way to eat raisins on an empty stomach is to soak 15-20 of them in a cup of water. You can have them first thing in the morning to stay energized and active the whole day. If you have a sensitive stomach or experiencing gastric troubles, you can have them along with breakfast or in between meals.

3. What is the Best Way to Blend Raisins in Smoothies?

Ans: Many people complain of getting bits and pieces of raisins in their smoothies. Raisins are quite small and rubbery, so they don’t blend well in liquids. You can add them to a glass of hot water and soak them for 15 minutes to soften. Once done, blend them first with other ingredients like fruits before adding milk.


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