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How to Use Olive Oil for Weight Loss?

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It is no surprise how everyone in today’s world is thriving and striving for that perfectly trimmed body, that sculpted abs and perfect hips. But to achieve something like that is no joke. One needs to dedicate themselves completely to their body. Everyday hourly gym, the 5 o’clock morning walk, the constricted diet, the empty plates, unsatisfied hunger- all this is just not possible with the today’s tension and over burden of work looming above our shoulders.

olive oil for weight loss

How to Use Olive Oil for Weight Loss?

So the thing that can be done is going on an olive oil for weight loss diet plan.

What is Olive Oil?

Olive oil is a common term and even though it does not need much introduction to begin with, this is the oil extracted from the precious olive fruits which are a million dollar item catering to our various needs including the present one at hand. Weight shedding.

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How this liquid gold works:

Research revealed that monounsaturated fats helps in shedding those extra pounds and olive oil being rich in them is the perfect candidate. When the research revealed without any prior diet or physical activity just by consuming olive oil a moderate amount of weight was shed, the perks of combining this with a healthy diet and regular exercise was bound to bring out miracles and sure it did.

Just for controlling of weight loss, a simple spoon full of olive oil is enough. It doesn’t need any exercise or diet but you are sure to lose an inch by the end of the day.

Olive oil tastes great and is favored by all, but a hidden secret to it was revealed in yet another research where the consumption of olive oil, monounsaturated fats to be precise gives us the feeling of satisfaction and thus helps us eat less. These fats also helps in the breaking down of other soluble fats of the body thus ensuring a perfect digestion and therefore a perfect weight shed.

Then again it was tested and researched and revealed how the metabolism of the body changes and varies with and without the presence of olive oil or monounsaturated fats.

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The Powers Vary:

Olives vary from size to size, color to color, flavor to flavor. Some are of the sweeter variety while the others are somewhat sour. The oil percentage varies from olive to olive but no matter what incorporating olive in your diet is always the best idea to lose weight.

Mix it in your Diet:

You know how olive oil is always a good idea to incorporate it in your diet. A little bit at a time is all it takes. For starters use olive oil while frying those French fries, or while you sauté your food.

The next time you are offered the salad dressing part in the kitchen surprise your mom by adding olive oil to the dressing and see how health and taste burst on to the table and into your mouth.

The next best thing you can do is just make sure you regularly consume a spoonful of olive oil on a daily basis without failure and see how your tummy flattens on its own.

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when you are satisfied with enough olive oil in your system, try controlling your food intake, as in go on a olive oil diet where most of the food you consume will have olive oil in it. Of course this also means there would be some restrictions regarding food like fast food, or fatty foods.

When we are doing great with the food diet, a simple workout session 4 days a week will bring out the desired body you have been dreaming about from the beginning of this diet.