In this era, everyone aspires to have a well toned and fit body. But one needs to understand that losing weight is not a one day task. You have acquired that weight in a day, so losing will take time but once you are set and determined to be slim you can achieve it undoubtedly. Inculcate a healthy lifestyle which means healthy food and a fitness regime to lose weight.

Here are Top 22 Ways Discussed to Lose Weight in a Month:

1. Don’t try to do Everything at Once:

We often commit ourselves too much, thus becoming slave to our impossible goals. Weight loss is not an instant game. It takes patience, effort, time and dedication to lose those extra pounds which you have acquired with time. All you need to do is make little-little changes to the way you live. Start with the habit of snacking on vegetables, having smaller proportions of foods and you will see that you add it to a long term benefit of weight loss goal.

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2. Plan:

Whenever you determine your goal it’s important for you to plan a way to achieve it. Remember planning is the key to success. We all are aware about the food we should intake but it becomes impossible to follow it when there is no option left in hand to eat. Planning ensures that we are never off guard with the track. One should begin his/her knowing what will be ate for every meal and snack and what are required to purchase.

3. Begin with a Salad:

Green leafy salad is must intake when you are set to lose weight. Eat a plate of green salad before your lunch and dinner and you will lose up 120 calories in a day. Salads not only help you to eat less but also provide the body with the required nutrition.

4. Have Nuts :

A portion of ten nuts each day ensures that you get a good dose of healthy fats, protein, fiber and vitamin E. Consume nuts with fruit as an afternoon snack. When required to choose nuts, walnut is considered as a best option as it is rich in fats, it keeps you full for a longer period.

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5. Walking:

Walking is the best and simplest form of exercise. It is the overall exercise of the body. Brisk walking beyond 30 minute a day results in tremendous fat loss. Start with the habit of walking 5 minutes’ every day after dinner. Not only this walking limits sickness and increases the metabolism rate of your body. Regular walking burns upon 500 calorie in a day. So put on your ear plugs, listen to favorite numbers and start walking.

6. Healthy Breakfast:

When you start your day with a healthy meal, you tend to be energetic the entire day. So in any chance do not miss your breakfast. Having breakfast late say after 10’o clock decreases the metabolic rate of the body which in turn adds up to more fats in the body. Have a healthy breakfast; include wholegrain toast with one or two poached eggs, baked beans on toast, or muesli with yoghurt and fruit. Have lemonade and fresh juice in between it keeps your body hydrated and full for a longer duration. Include fresh fruits and veggies to your diet.

7. Quit Drinking:

If you are determined enough to lose weight give up alcohol. If you are a regular drinker quitting it will be a kick start for you, on away to lose weight. Giving up alcohol in the early stages of weight loss is vital. Keep a note on much you are drinking so that you know if it’s for your enjoyment or it has become your habit. Considering it take the necessary steps required.

8. Shake it up:

If we have things for a long time our body gets used to it. So if you have been wondering by eating the same breakfast, lunch and dinner for years now and notice hardly any change in your body it’s the correct time to mix all things. It clears that your body hasn’t work hard to digest food for some time now. All you need to do is make certain changes in your diet. If you have cereals in your breakfast replace it with one or two poached eggs and a toast. These will slowly affect your body structure and in a month you will see a difference. Add to your portions of meal like if you have three times a day; make it to six.

9. Exercising Regularly:

An exercise plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body, and makes it possible to create a calorie deficit and lose weight without starving your body and slowing your metabolism. People who exercise on a regular basis not only lose weight more effectively, but are more successful at keeping it off. No matter what exercise you are doing always ensure that your posture is correct. Imperfect posture coupled with exertion is a sure-shot way to get an injury. And an injury will set you back on your weight loss goal.

10. Deep Breathing:

Learn the correct way to do deep breathing in which you use full lung capacity and are able to stretch the inhalation and exhalation for much longer time. Proper breathing exercise improves its effectiveness. Yoga practices like Bhastrika and Kapalbhati pranayama increase the metabolic rate. It helps to refresh the entire body and gives a cooling sensation to your mind and you lose weight efficiently.

11. Have a very Realistic Goal:

The easiest and the best way for weight-loss are to   have realistic goal that will help you to be on the track and also avoid nay frustration.

12. Calories:

Various factors are responsible in loss of weight in 1 month. The best way to do this is to keep control on your calories. You can get them from the food you eat, but you have to cut down your 3,500- 7,000/ week to shed some weight in a month. Reduce the portions from the plate and also refuse for any second helpings. Instead take some food that ha s higher-calorie value like sweets, fresh fruit or salad.

13. Lower the sugared drinks intake:

It is best if you can totally eliminate this from your eating plan. This adds up to 1,200 per day and also reduces your energy level.

14. Do Some Cardio Activity:

Not necessary that you join any boot camp class or a marathon that will help you to lose weight in just one month. Just keep in mind to be active. To do exercise you can also take 30-minute of walk or do jogging. This will easily help your body to burning fat. This may take some time, but slowly your body will be accustomed to do this regularly, this process will help you in enhancement of caloric burn and also drop few pounds in 1 month.

15. Consume Less Meat:

Consuming meat every day can be a bad sign to reduce your weight. Thus, switch to eating fish that is not full of fat like meat. Meat also has many antibiotics and other growth hormones that help in weight gain.

16. Beauty Sleep:

If you don’t tend to sleep properly, it can lead to your appetite increase. This is also a common problem faced in insomnia. This can also lead to temporary high, this make it a point to sleep at the proper time to your bed and also that you don’t be awake enough.

17. Lower the Sugar Intake:

I now somebody can leave the sugar intake entirely. But, you can try eating this not more than 1 time in a day. You can take sugar coffee just one time a day. Avoid eating any chocolate bar at all. If you do this at all, you can also punish yourself.

18. Heinous Regimen:

You can only try to lose weight in just 1 month, which is not a bad thing. You will also go through many lifestyle changes, while trying to lose weight. But, it’s vital that you don’t choose very heinous regimen in the lifestyle habits.

19. Be Active:

Be active when even at home. This can be done by following many ways and hanged into exercise. You can climb to the stairs instead of taking lift, run upstairs, and do deep cleaning to burn extra calories. You can also do few exercises while you are watching TV.

20. Keep a Track of What You Eat:

Keep a track of all your fitness routine and Whatever You Burn. You can sign up some internet program or get apps to keep a track of the calories, weight and the food plan.

21. Say No to White Carbohydrates:

Say no to any white food in fact. White foods like pastas, rice, breads, oatmeal or potatoes have ample of carbohydrates to weight gain.  You can substitute the ham with other meat like chicken, pork or kidney beans.

22. One Cheat Day:

You want to lose weight fast in one month? Then, it is essential that you take a cheat day in the one month period. Decide the day in prior for many reasons.  This will help your metabolism to shift to the lower gear and thus help in lower calories intake.

Numerous factors are associated with the decision to try to lose weight, including appearance and attainment of better health. Remember to be persistent with your workouts. Follow the above tips in a disciplined manner and there you go!