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Losing weight requires a focused mind more than anything else. You might be counting your calories down to a grain of rice and running miles every day, but if you are not consistent in what you do, it will kill your dream of weight loss faster than anything else. A proper mindset is, therefore, crucial losing weight and keeping it off permanently too. Here are the top 20 tips to give you the motivation to lose weight and flaunt that perfect figure.

Best Motivation Tips to Lose Weight :

The article below discusses in detail the best tips to stay motivated to lose weight fast.

1. Decide Why You Should Lose Weight:

Research shows that the quickest weight loss occurs when motivation comes from within. Hence, sit down and write down all your personal reasons to lose weight in detail. It could be anything from fitting into your old clothes, trying to avoid certain lifestyle diseases which run in the family like diabetes and hypertension, taking care of your hyperactive grand-kids and beat them in a running race, or simply look your best for an upcoming family function.

Write them down and, if possible, stick them to a wall where you can always see them. It helps you achieve your weight loss goal by staying committed and motivated to your diet and exercise plan.

2. Set Short Term Goals and Track Your Progress:

They say you have to look at the bigger picture to succeed in life. In this case, clearly not !! Set a final target, but do not focus on it entirely, as it will only demotivate you over a period of time. Instead, set short term goals and focus on achieving them, one at a time.

For example, set weekly weight loss goals and plan out the process to achieve that goal. Write down how much exercise and what modifications in your diet are required on a daily basis to achieve that weekly goal. Start small like,” I will walk for 15 minutes today . “and gradually increase it to ramp up your weight loss.

Keep tracking your progress in small intervals, and as they say, little drops of water make up an entire ocean; your short term goals will lead to impressive weight loss goals over a period of time.

3. Celebrate Small Achievements:

Stop being hard on yourself. Beating yourself up over small disappointments will lower your self-confidence and hamper your weight loss journey in the long term. Have you lost half a kilo in a week? Celebrate your small achievement by treating yourself to a movie or an outing with friends. Do make sure you do not go overboard with the celebration if concerned with food and gain back all the weight you lost, which will only be detrimental again.

4. Maintain a Food Diary:

Keeping a journal reinforces the mindset in a positive way. It makes you accountable to yourself, and thus you cannot keep procrastinating that set of lunges, or the diet that you wanted to start but never did. It will also inspire you to perform better for yourself without any unrealistic expectations.

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5. Keep Photographs of Your Progress:

We have so many before and after weight loss images on the media that it has become to start sounding a little clichéd but maintain a photolog of your weight loss. Over time, you will notice subtle changes in your body; a love handle lost, the double chin gone, etc., which will help you stay motivated and keep striving for more. One day, you might even become someone else’s motivation to lose weight through these pictures.

6. Focus on the Positive:

Weight loss can be emotionally and physically draining and requires you to be positive at all times. Each small obstacle you overcome is a battle won, however small it might seem to be. A positive mindset is a prerequisite for any winner to stay motivated in a long and tiring journey.

7. Stay Fit and Active:

Weight loss doesn’t mean gym workouts and exercises only. It could also mean you becoming more active in general and keep moving to stay fit. You could finally listen to your mom and clean out your room, help her do the dishes, rake the garden, just small chores around the house, which will also count in the calorie-burning tab.

8. Improve Mental Health and Mood:

Weight loss can be a long, hard drawn-out battle. Keep your mood happy at all times and focus on your mental health. Listen to good music and get carried away by the tunes to your own happy place. Go for a long drive or seek a furry friend to keep you company at all times.

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9. Improve Your Looks:

As you progress in this weight loss journey, take better care of yourself, and improve your looks. Dress up well in a body-fitting suit, wear good jewellery, and overall, pamper yourself for an instant mood lift and motivation to lose weight.

10. Give Importance to Wellness, Not Just Weight Loss:

Weight loss is often mistaken for losing weight only, but it is not. It means losing body fat and keeping it off for good. Eat a proper diet to nourish your body. Exercise to stay fit and active, not just to lose weight. Focus on your entire well-being and health and not just on losing weight.

11. Pick a Role Model:

Pick out a role model, not some super skinny actress on TV or a celebrity, but some great person who has gotten to where they are by hard work, their achievements, which is more likely to gives you inspiration for weight loss over a longer period of time. Admiring physical beauty only gives you a moment’s worth of adrenaline surge but fades out quickly.

12. Avoid Comparing with Others:

Never compare yourself with others, be it figure, body type, or weight loss. Each one has their own journey, and though everything looks rosy on the outside, everyone has their own hurdles and setbacks you do not know of. You are unique and special on your own…love thy self first !!

13. Live Like the Person You Wanted to Be:

Everyone has an image in their mind about what they want to become, say 20 years down the lane. If you want to become a healthy person, start by changing your lifestyle and environment accordingly. Clean your fridge of all the unhealthy junk, start walking to the nearest supermarket instead of taking the car, and so on.

14. Maintain Supportive Relationships:

Family and friends can be a powerful motivator and help you reach your dream weight goals. Keep talking to your loved ones and let them know you are serious about this and ask for support and encouragement to reach the weight loss goal.

15. Make a Plan that Fits Your Daily Lifestyle:

Try to chart out a meal plan which you can live with. Plan out your exercise in accordance with your schedule and fits your daily lifestyle. Please do not go overboard with plans as they can be detrimental to your motivation tips to lose weight in the long run.

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16. Avoid Fad Diets and Extreme Weight Loss Plans:

Most of the extreme weight loss, certain drinks, and products promise to deliver are not real and can be achieved only with proper diet and exercise. Celebrity fad diets do not work in the long term, and you will only struggle to stay motivated every time you fail. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

17. Have Social Accountability:

Accountability will drive you faster and is the best way to stay motivated for weight loss. It will give a boost to your will power if you tell a friend about your journey and stay accountable to them. Even better, if you go public on social media, you will have a bunch of loved ones cheering you on.

18. Plan Properly and Allow Some Time for Setbacks and Failures in Your Journey:

You are not a superhero. There will always be setbacks like birthday parties, events, holidays, or stress at work. Do not stress yourself out too much about these failures and refocus again. You can ask for help from a friend or read a motivational book to get back on track. Plan properly to allow for setbacks and give yourself a break from all the pressure.

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19. Be Competitive and Strive Hard:

Competition has driven mankind to stay at the top for ages. A little bit of friendly competition is necessary to keep motivated to lose weight. According to research, there is a 20 % increase in weight loss in competitive groups when compared to their peers.

20. Stay Grounded and Embrace Yourself in the Mirror:

It is essential to stay grounded to keep motivated to lose weight. Always embrace the real you in the mirror. Whenever you ready to call quits, stop, and think about the future and what you want, which will help you find motivation again.

Hope our motivation tips to lose weight smartly and with extreme focus have inspired you to start your weight loss journey. The next time you try to lose weight by following our motivational thoughts for weight loss, do share your experience with us.

Disclaimer: The information written in the article above is for educational purposes only. Kindly consult a professional for medical advice regarding motivational tips for weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does Cold Water Help Burn Fat?

Answer: Drinking cold water might actually burn a few calories, as the body has to maintain its core temperature. However, it is not that significant for weight loss.

2. How to Control Unhealthy Food Cravings?

Answer: Drink sufficient water. Do not go on fad diets; you will overeat afterward and gain more weight. Sleep well, and do not stress. Plan your meals well in advance.

3. How Can I Start Using These Tips to Lose Weight?

Answer: Firstly, start thinking like a thin person would, and get the overweight image out of your mind. Then start following the above tips and lose weight like a pro.


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