With African mango creating a lot of buzz in the Indian market we need to know whether it actually helps in weight loss or just a myth believed by obese people? Studies have proved that African mango is beneficial in weight loss, but things are still not so clear as less research is been done on this latest fruit that has hit the market in recent years.

Scientifically known as Irvingia gabonensis (IG), it is found in the forest of West Africa. History says this rare fruit was discovered in the Cameroon regions of Africa. The seed of the plant is supposed to contain powerful ingredients. The seeds are only powdered and used to prepare the supplements available in the market. The fruit is not new but the weight-loss feature associated with it is definitely new and gaining popularity. Extracts of the fruit are available in the market in the form of supplements capable of weight loss and medicinal benefits.

Studies show people consuming more 150 mg of African mango supplements daily shows significant improvements in weight loss, fat burn, hunger control.

How African Mango Works Exactly In Weight Loss:

Leptin is a hormone found that reduces hunger signals from the brain, thereby suppressing food intake. African mango helps in leptin formation and regulation. Obese or fat people produce a lot of leptin as a result of which it becomes less effective in reducing hunger. African mango also increases Adiponectin, a protein which regulates glucose levels. Adiponectin also helps in a fatty acid breakdown.

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Benefits Of African Mango For Weight Loss

1. It Fights Against The Cravings of Processed and not so Healthy Food:

If you constantly feel the urge to eat outside food and get cravings for your favourite but fattening dishes African mango is the solution. Consumption of African mango results in no cravings of midnight snacks and junk food we indulge in.

2. Keeps Your Stomach Full:

It helps in appetite suppression by keeping your stomach full, hence keeping you away from outside food. Also, it helps in maintaining a healthy diet and suppressing food cravings. It basically increases the body metabolism and helps in controlling hunger.

3. Reduces Cholesterol Level:

Extensive research has proven the fact that African mango reduces cholesterol levels which results in better heart functioning in the long run. A person with higher than average cholesterol should consume it.

4. Increases The Metabolism of Body:

Metabolism is the body’s fat-burning system. When the metabolism is low a person tends to become fatter as the body becomes ineffective in burning calories. African mango increases the metabolism of body resulting in weight loss.

5. It Increases Energy:

As energy increases body works more. It increases the level of energy in a body to do more activities than usual. When we indulge in doing more activities it results in burning of fat.

6. Burns Fat by The Process of Thermogenesis:

African mango burns fat through the process of thermogenesis- A way of increasing the body’s core temperature which results in a large amount of fat being burned without the loss of muscle strength. It is an ideal choice for those people who want to lose fat without having the jittery feeling that is common in fat burning supplements and others.

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One can buy the fruit or supplements are available on various online websites like amazon. One should be very careful while buying supplements as many companies sell cheap products which contain more powder than the actual substance in order to make more money. So before investing in buying a supplement one should research the company properly and then move forward.

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